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Vector logos and Logotypes free download -

Vector logos and Logotypes free download -
If Premier League Team Names Were Based On Their Logos If Premier League Team Names Were Based On Their Logos. sports, arsenal, chelsea, Football, manchester united, premier league 2013, soccer, tottenham, uk, West Ham The Awesome Mashup All Fashion Fans Should See A new collection by Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo twists fashion founders into the logos that made them famous. .. 25 Of The Worst Food Name Fails Ever You'd think that a food company would want to do some research to make sure that their food isn't ridiculed or doesn't seem repulsive, but some of these guys don't seem to have gotten that memo.

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Create a Cube with Embossed Letters on Each Side Hi there. In this week’s tutorial I will show you how to create a nice cube with some embossed letters on each side. First, you’ll learn to create some simple symbols then using the 3D Extrude&Bevel effect you’ll create the rough cube shape. Next, using basic tools, effect and options you will reach the final result. Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour 45 minutes Number of Steps: 36 The Loom The Science Tattoo Emporium continues to thrive, long after I first wondered aloud in August 2007 whether scientists had any cool tattoos of their research hidden under their lab coats. I continue to get photos at a regular rate, and as I post new ones, they continue to get noticed anew by places like Digg and Boing Boing. Initially, I was so stunned by the influx of photos that I posted just about anything that came my way. But as the emporium has grown, I’ve become choosier about which ones I post. So if you are considering sending in your own scientific ink, please read these guidelines:

Free Vector Logo logos archive, download Free Vector Logo vector Logo EPS Recommend: Social Media Icon Vector RSS Feed Logo EPS » All Free Vector Logo All Free Vector Logo - How to Simulate Fractals in Photoshop Have you ever seen those outstanding fractal images with a lot of swirls and colors? Some of those were build simulating fractals or repeating shapes, where each shape is a reduced part of the whole, others were build mathematically. In this tutorial, we'll create a stylized fractal design using only Photoshop. Let's take a look at the image we'll be creating. You can view the final image preview below or view a larger version here. Our video editor Gavin Steele has created this series of video tutorials to compliment this text + image tutorial.

How to Get Pixel-Perfect Designs in Adobe Illustrator Pixels are not what most designers are thinking about when they launch Adobe Illustrator, but there are some pretty awesome things Illustrator can do with them. By default Illustrator is set up to be a resolution independent vector drawing and print layout tool -- in short, not for pixels -- but in this tutorial we will go over a few techniques which can add pixel-perfect design to it's list of uses. As regular MediaLoot visitors will know I have previously posted a few articles discussing the advantages of using Fireworks instead of Photoshop for certain design tasks, this tutorial will hopefully do something similar for Illustrator by demonstrating it’s widely unknown ability to work well with pixels. Background The inspiration for this post came to me very recently whilst working on a premium icon pack called Vector Application Icons, my aim for this set of icons was to create a collection of monochrome icons for web applications and other uses such as toolbar icons in iOS apps. Step 1

25 Creative and Challenging Vector Poster Design Tutorials Jump into this roundup of some of the most creative and challenging vector poster design tutorials on the web. There is a large assortment of styles and approaches here to review, from spacey psychedelic poster design, to geometrically influenced poster design, to robotic stomping power, to retro aesthetics and more. Check out these inspiring poster design tutorials. How to Create Game Elements with Graphic Styles – Tuts+ Premium In today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to prepare and create a variety of Graphic Styles in Adobe Illustrator CS6 to then use within a game. The benefits of using Graphic Styles is that you can then go on to apply them to a multitude of shapes without needing to recreate each look. So let's jump into this fun tutorial! Step 1

30 Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism I am sure every panda enjoyed laughing at Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS ever but let’s be fair here, and look at some of the best logo design examples. To be more specific, let’s have a look at creative Logos With Hidden Messages. As we wrote earlier, the first feature of a good and effective logo is that it can immediately “grab” viewer’s attention. A good way to do so is by giving viewers a little puzzle to solve. Everyone likes puzzles, right?

How to Create a Hollow Die in Adobe Illustrator In this tutorial we will be learning how to create a stylized hollow 3D die. Instead of having usual dots on its surface we will create holes. Well not actual holes, but we will certainly make them look like holes. In the whole creating process there is something we shouldn't forget - perspective. Perspective is one of the most important things we have to be aware of when we are creating a 3D object. If we leave out the perspective we will end up with distorted object.

DESIGN MICROMAX LOGO 1) Upload jpeg samples of your design entries; submit minimum 1 design and maximum 3 designs in JPG. format ,up to 5MB per image. (Upload only one design per attachment) 2) The design must be original