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Droit aux buttes

Droit aux buttes

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Permaculture Gardens - Benefits Of Permaculture Gardening By Nikki Phipps (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden) Permaculture gardens use techniques and practices that combine the best of wildlife gardening, edible landscaping, and native-plant cultivation into one low-maintenance, self-contained and productive ecosystem. Let’s learn more about the essence of permaculture gardening. Why Use Permaculture? Permaculture gardens serve many functions. Rather than limit the garden to only one use, permaculture gardens employ a variety of uses. Vegetables to grow in winter: a how-to guide With the help of a bit of cover, and carefully selected varieties of seeds, it is possible to grow vegetables and herbs all year round in the United Kingdom, and presumably therefore in other temperate countries that have frosty winters.In my corner of Scotland, away from the sea and up in the hills, there is only one month of the year that can be guaranteed to be frost free and that is July. Most years we cannot grow courgettes or runner beans outside without cover. In our case, experimenting has paid off and we often have more produce in winter than in summer.

How to Plant Efficiently With Permaculture Principles The term permaculture is being passed around fairly frequently in agricultural circles these days. To make a complex idea quite simple, when it comes to growing things, permaculture seeks to do it as efficiently and low-impact as possible. Where organic gardening could still be cultivating rows of single crops, permaculture looks for ways of mixing useful plants to create beneficial relationships that craftily replicate nature. Permaculture Guilds Permaculture is based on natural systems like those that we see in forests. In a forest system, there are mulitple layers of vegetation growing together in a very diverse setting. We see many types of trees, shrubs, plants, insects, animals, and various other things all living together in a system that continually strengthens itself. All of these components of a natural ecosystem serve a function (or several functions) that support each other like the strands of a web.

DIY Spiral Herb Garden - The DIY Spiral Herb Garden is a small space garden method that is not new but there are plenty of twists on it (twists…snicker). I’ve seen them made with all manners of materials such as garden stones, bricks, bamboo stakes etc. I decided that I wanted to use recycled materials and make this as EASY as possible. A new twist to a key hole/circle garden – mini worm farm Using an empty 2 Lt bottle, cut off the bottom. Fill with worm castings and worms leaving space for some raw organic vegetable waste. Plant the bottle in the middle of a large container, leaving a small amount exposed at the top. Cover with a pot. Plant your desired vegetables in the container.

How to Build a Worm Tower A few years back we put this short video clip up on YouTube with Permaculture Schools Gardening expert Leonie Shanahan talking about her worm tower. Well the idea seems to have caught on as little colourful worm towers are now springing up everywhere in the Permaculture landscape. While filming a segment with Geoff Lawton recently in his “Soils” DVD we saw an interesting variation that was built into a tank garden laden with vegetables. Piecing Together a Guild of Your Own Photo: Panorama (Courtesy of hardworkinghippy) In the scheme of permaculture food production, harnessing the most out of nature whilst using its own attributes, creating plant guilds ranks pretty high up there. Most of us know them in simplified forms such as the three sisters—corn, beans and squash—or companion plantings like carrots and onions or tomatoes and basil. While these combinations are great things to be familiar with, the larger lesson is learning to create more systemic guilds on our own. Obviously, it is much more beneficial to us, as growers of food and designers of edible landscapes, to recognize the pattern of plants that group together nicely as opposed to learning a few complimentary sets.

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