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Woody Norris invents amazing things

Woody Norris invents amazing things

Decibel Equivalent Table (whats how loud) | Decibel Car Audio the SPL... 10dB Absolute silence 13dB Incandescent light bulb hum 15dB Pin drop from a height of 1 centimetre heard at a distance of 1 meter 30dB Totally quiet night time in desert 40dB Whispering 60dB Normal conversation 85dB Beginning of hearing damage range, earplugs should be worn 100dB Normal average car or house stereo at maximum volume 110dB Car stereo with two 6 x 9” speakers and 100 watts 116dB Human body begins to perceive vibration from low frequencies 120dB Front row at a rock concert 125dB Drums, at the moment of striking 130dB Typical professional DJ system 127dB Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) begins. 128dB Loudest human scream 130dB Marching band of 200 members 132dB Eardrum vibration noticeable 133dB Gunshot 135dB “Very loud” street car stereo. 140dB Threshold of pain, all frequencies 140dB Hearing protection required (definite long term damage) 140dB human throat and vocal cord resonance occurs 141dB Nausea felt after a few minutes 144dB Nose itches due to hair vibrations 180dB 1 pound TNT at 15 feet

Whats That Sound? The Rhythm That Ruled 2011 There's one sound that pretty much dominated pop music this year. Monster hits by LMFAO, Adele, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and more all relied on the hammering beat known as "four-on-the-floor." "You feel it in your whole body, just on every beat: boom, boom, boom, boom," says Jordan Roseman. "It's so easy to understand, it's almost hard not to move to it." Roseman, better known as DJ Earworm, is intimately familiar with these songs and their matching beats. He mixed them all together in his annual mashup of the year's biggest pop hits, a series he calls "The United State of Pop." "It goes back to disco. You can download Roseman's 2011 mashup, "World Go Boom," at the DJ Earworm website.

The Year In Hipstep (Or Dubhop?) hide captionOne of the premier American dubstep DJs, Pretty Lights is renowned for his dazzling light shows. One of the premier American dubstep DJs, Pretty Lights is renowned for his dazzling light shows. Dubstep. Despite roots that date back to the late '90s, dubstep in the U.S. gets mostly relegated to the fringes of popular music. Recently it's been slipping into more mainstream arenas like hip-hop and pop. What started with dubstep DJs experimenting with hip-hop remixes has progressed into the mainstream, with hip-hop artists now seeking out these DJs to incorporate dubstep beats into their songs.

The scientific formula for predicting a hit song You hear a new song. Will it be a hit or a flop? Researchers from Bristol University in the U.K. say they can now tell you - well, sort of. After studying the Top 40 singles charts over the last 50 years and examining the audio characteristics for hits and flops, the team has come up with a formula as to what makes for a successful song and used it to devise software that "predicts" hits. The next step is a web app to allow budding musicians to score their own songs. The prediction characteristics include musical features such as time signature, tempo, beat-variation, "danceability," as well as the harmonic simplicity of the songs and how noisy/loud they are. As Dr. In the 80s, when slower musical styles (tempo 70-89 beats per minute) were more likely to become a hit, Simply Red's version of If You Don't Know Me By Now, with its mix of slow tempo, harmonic simplicity, and sing-along chorus ticked many of the boxes for success - even before it was released.

Black Mirror / rorriM kcalB - StumbleUpon 12 low cost promotional ideas for musicians & Live Unsigned Blog Times are hard for everyone at the moment, especially musicians. Unfortunately you can spend a lot of time signing up for free promotional sites online that will do nothing to raise their profile. Your time is limited, as are your funds so you need to focus on the free and low cost promotional opportunities that will really deliver. Marketing people say that you need to see the name of a brand between seven and nine times before you pay attention to it, so each of the below is another chance to get your name out there. Here are our recommendations for ways to promote your music for very little money: Get Internet radio play – It costs nothing to send a link for a free download of music to an internet radio station. You can do a lot without spending much money although unfortunately it can be slow going.

Invention produces sound at the ear instead of at the speaker. by docein Apr 3