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22 Of The Best Short Animated Films

22 Of The Best Short Animated Films
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The Monk & The Monkey - A Superb Animated Short Film In Animation By Daniel on August 30, 2010 The Monk & The Monkey is an animated moral fable, that has something for both casual viewers as well as hardcore animation fans. The film is a visually arresting piece, with its bright, pleasing colors, and terrific animation. The story of the film is quite simple. Ragu, an excitable, but determined lad, is on a quest to become a monk. His final task given to him by his master, though seemingly trivial at first, soon puts him at his wit’s end. Watch the film after the jump. The film was made by Brendan Carroll and Francesco Giroldini, two students of the Ringling College of Art and Design, in Sarasota, Florida. Watch The Monk & The Monkey from Brendan Carroll on Vimeo. More posts about: Animated Short, Animation, Short Film

Keith Lango Tutorials Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery Snow Art in ColourSend Calvin and Hobbes Postcards Online! Calvin and Hobbes Fan Page Email: Pixar Short Films Collection 1 (Video 2007) Animated Shorts: Top 10 Must Watch Animated Movies that make you grin Animated films are so precisely engineered – right down to forming lines of dialogue with words pulled from several different takes – how do you translate that spontaneity from the live-action to the digital realm? Animated shorts or Animated movies or Cartoon films they are called up with different category names. But, whatever you’re going to call them that doesn’t matters what matters is that they all are labeled as alarming, astonishing, breathtaking. Mac ‘n’ Cheese When you find yourself running scared and running out of energy, there’s only a few options left to outrun your opponent through the southern desert. The Last Train ‘The Last Train’ is an animated short movie that was made as part of The Animation Hub, a collaboration between staff and students of the Irish School of Animation (ISA) at Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE). Matter Fisher A serendipitous journey in which a lone fisher is united with a form of estranged matter. The Tale Of Mr. Holy Sheep Danger Planet

CodeSprint Fall 2011 - InterviewStreet Hiring For: PHP developer/designer Company Description: is bringing to India what TaskRabbit is bringing to the US. Who are the users / clients? is revolutionizing India's incredibly disorganized labor market. How does the company make money? We make money from our consumer customers through a simple brokerage model. What’s the biggest misconception about the company? That we're a job agency. How many people work in the company? We 6: We have two founders (who handle tech and non-tech), two call center employees, one head of Operations, and one head of PR. Animated short films you should (re) watch

Импрессионисты Экранизации от BBC в моем сознании нажили себе добрую славу, и это стало одним из главных факторов в пользу просмотра фильма «Импрессионисты». Только потом понял: то были экранизации литературных произведений, где ребятам из телекомпании не надо было изобретать колесо — требовалось просто достойно и скрупулезно визуализировать текст. Здесь же, хотя сюжет основан на реальных событиях, и в качестве источников использовались дневники и письма художников, сценарий им пришлось писать самим. И шапка, увы, оказалась не по Сеньке. Режиссер Тим Данн применил тривиальнейший прием: журналист приходит к почтенному старцу, и тот проводит «обзорную экскурсию» по своей молодости. В итоге получился не столько художественный фильм, сколько разыгранный по ролям документальный (вроде тех, какие делает Леонид Парфенов). Данный фильм — отличное приложение к сделанной тоже в BBC серии познавательных передач про импрессионистов с ведущим Тимом Марлоу. П. 6 из 10