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Space for Kids - Free Games, Fun Facts, Cool Videos, Science Online

Space for Kids - Free Games, Fun Facts, Cool Videos, Science Online

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Visions of the Future Imagination is our window into the future. At NASA/JPL we strive to be bold in advancing the edge of possibility so that someday, with the help of new generations of innovators and explorers, these visions of the future can become a reality. As you look through these images of imaginative travel destinations, remember that you can be an architect of the future. Kids' Club Skip to main content NASA Kids Club › Text Only Site The Earth and Beyond Welcome to The Earth and Beyond Hello, my name is Tim O'Brien. I'm an astronomer working at The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory. As an astronomer my job is to try and understand how the universe works and my main interest is why some stars explode - more about this later!

The Four Seasons Purpose To understand that it is the tilt of earth’s axis that causes the seasons. Context From their earth studies in grades 3 through 5, students have learned about earth itself and earth in relation to the sun. Students should understand that earth is on an axis and rotates (resulting in night and day) and that earth takes about a year to orbit the sun. The most stunning images of Earth ever taken from the International Space Station Indian Ocean Maldives Pacific Ocean Hawaii Aurora Australis, New Zealand East coast of Spain at Night Living on the moon! 00:00:00:00On-screen animation shows a house on the moon inside a dome with a sign that reads 'Home sweet home'.00:00:02:15On-screen text reads 'Living on the moon'.00:00:04:05Shot of Planet Earth in space covered in skyscrapers and dancing to music.00:00:12:09NARRATOR:We've lived on the Earth for a long time, and we've gotten pretty good at it. In fact, we've gotten so good at it that we've started thinking about living somewhere else.00:00:21:15Shot of Mars in space with a sign that reads 'Mars Realty, 1.56 x 10 to the power of 15 sq ft! Extra spacious. 1-800-555-MARS.'00:00:21:15NARRATOR:Somewhere like... another planet.

Space Hunt is on for new Planet Nine For a planet that hasn’t technically been discovered yet, Planet Nine is generating a lot of buzz. Astronomers have not yet found a new planet orbiting the sun. Yet some remote icy bodies are dropping clues that a giant orb may be lurking on the fringes of the solar system.Six hunks of ice in the debris field beyond Neptune travel on orbits that are aligned with one another. Planetary scientists... 16:40 PM, February 3, 2016 Planets, Mathematics Readability Score: 7.9 Bright night lights, big science In polar regions of the world, a dazzling light show often plays out in the night sky. It's called an aurora. Station Spacewalk Game <center><div class="site_errors"><div class="floatType_site_error_top"></div><div class="floatType_site_error"><table summary="layout table"><tr><td bgcolor="#000000"><font color="#ffffff"><h2><img src="/templateimages/redesign/modules/overlay/site_error.gif" title="Site Error" alt="Site Error"/>There's a problem with your browser or settings. </h2></font><font color="#ffffff"><p>Your browser or your browser's settings are not supported. To get the best experience possible, please download a compatible browser. If you know your browser is up to date, you should check to ensure that javascript is enabled. </p></font><p><a target="_blank" href="/home/How_to_enable_Javascript.html">&rsaquo; Learn How</a></p></td></tr></table></div><div class="floatType_site_error_bottom"></div></div></center> Follow this link to skip to the main content