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Space for Kids - Free Games, Fun Facts, Cool Videos, Science Online

Space for Kids - Free Games, Fun Facts, Cool Videos, Science Online

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Herramientas para crear líneas de tiempo en el aula Puedes coger papel y lápiz y crear la tuya manualmente. O puedes aprovechar el potencial de las nuevas tecnologías y recurrir a cualquiera de las siguientes propuestas. ¿Te animas con una línea del tiempo interactiva o en 3D? The Earth and Beyond Welcome to The Earth and Beyond Hello, my name is Tim O'Brien. I'm an astronomer working at The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory. As an astronomer my job is to try and understand how the universe works and my main interest is why some stars explode - more about this later!

Pluto’s Secret 7 Great Tools for Creating Flipped Lessons from Existing Videos When they are used in the right context flipped lessons can be a good complement to classroom instruction. Not everyone has the time or skill to make effective instructional videos for their students. In those cases you can take advantage of the millions of hours of instructional videos found on YouTube and other video sharing sites. But don't just have your students watch the videos then come back to your classroom.

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Biology for Kids Ewww!! What is that? I couldn’t believe the amount of mold that I found on a loaf of bread that had fallen behind the toaster. Ever done that? Find some random container of leftovers in the fridge, dared to open it and been amazed? Climate Change and Game-Based Learning Teaching about complex interconnected systems like global climate change can be difficult. There are many unseen pieces affecting the greater whole that young people (and many adults) might not understand. One approach to lifting this conceptual curtain for students is assigning the BrainPOP video on the topic prior to class, flipping the instruction. Try BrainPOP's Make-a-Map tool, which is an open-ended concept map, a playful assessment, to have students demonstrate interconnections. Making Climate Change Games

200th Activity Book For 200 years, NOAA has been focused on delivering "science, service, and stewardship." Making this happen leads the people of NOAA from the edge of space to the bottom of the ocean. To help you learn more about your world and how NOAA helps you explore, understand, and protect our Earth, we've put together this book with 43 different activities. Download the full activity book or individual activities. Activity Book (121MB, pdf)

-This game is great for learning about the earth, sun, and moon's orbits. -It allows students to experiment with different dates and times and how that affects the orbits. It dives into the numbers of hours, and seasons and how that relates to our calendar -This game also talks about the size of the planets and moons and their speeds, lots of fun facts that match the standards to learn! -You can bring all students to the carpet or have them stay at their desks. Then create two teams and have Popsicle sticks to draw random names for whose turn it is to come to the smart board. After each game, teams can win points from their representative playing the game. by ajosephik Apr 26