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British Association for Japanese Studies. Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe e.V.

British Association for Japanese Studies

(AJE) Web: British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ) c/o Ms Yuka Oeda School of Languages, Cultures and Societies University of Leeds Leeds LS2 9JT Tel: 0113 343 6870 E-mail: Web: Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation 13/14 Cornwall Terrace London NW1 4QP Tel +44 20 7486 4348 Fax +44 20 7486 2914 Email: Web: 12月アクラス研修のご報告「音声学習は楽しい!~自分に合った学習方法や指導方法を見つけよう」(講師:中川知恵子さん.



~自分に合った学習方法や指導方法を見つけよう~」でした。 講師の中川千恵子さん 音声指導に関心の高い先生方が多く、当日は活発に質問が出たり、意見を交換したりと、有意義な時間でした。 今回の報告レポートは、早稲田大学日本語教育研究センターの鈴木修子さんが作成してくださいました。 まず、講師から掲載OKとのことで、送って頂いた資料をご紹介します。 ・当日使用したパワーポイント. Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship. Applications now being accepted for the 12th Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship Application period:June 10-October 31, 2016 ※For details, please see the Application Guide.

Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship

Nishiogiology: Tokyo urban foodways research. Polskie Stowarzyszenie Badań Japonistycznych. Joint East Asian Studies Conference (JEAS) 2016. Date: 7 September 2016Time: 9:00 AM Finishes: 9 September 2016Time: 5:00 PM Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Type of Event: Conference The Joint East Asian Studies (JEAS) conference is a triennial meeting held by the three academic associations representing East Asian Studies in the UK: This conference provides a major venue for the dissemination of research on East Asian Studies in various disciplines for academics from both the UK and abroad.

Joint East Asian Studies Conference (JEAS) 2016

Important dates Registration. Watch / The Tale of Genji / Invitation to World Literature. Invitation to World Literature: The Tale of Genji Video Transcript Smiley: How do you be a good man in the world that you live in...and still get laid a lot?

Watch / The Tale of Genji / Invitation to World Literature

That's essentially what Genji is about. Bryan: The main character is male, but it was absolutely written to be read by women. Collis: It almost feels like a fantasy novel in some ways, right from the very beginning; that makes it I think quite engaging. くろしお出版WEB - 日本語学の教え方 - 教育の意義と実践. Dossier « Apprendre le japonais » — prologue. Depuis quelques années, un nombre croissant de personnes apprennent le japonais.

Dossier « Apprendre le japonais » — prologue

Aujourd’hui, dans « en profondeur », zoome sur ces étudiants et leurs motivations. L’apprentissage du japonais en hausse Dans le monde entier, de plus en plus de gens apprennent le japonais. D’après une enquête menée en 2009 par la Fondation du Japon sur les établissements d’enseignement du japonais à l’étranger, 3,65 millions de personnes apprenaient cette langue tandis que 49 000 autres l’enseignaient. The Japan Foundation, London - Japanese Studies - Survey. In 2015, the Japan Foundation London carried out a survey of Japanese Studies at university level in the UK.

The Japan Foundation, London - Japanese Studies - Survey

This survey was an update of a previous survey carried out by the Japan Foundation in 2010. The Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal organisation for promoting international cultural exchange worldwide and through our funding programmes we offer support to organisations and individuals working in the field of Japanese Studies. Free Newsletter - Japanese Buddhist Artwork & Buddha Statues Email Newsletter. 国立国語研究所. 日本語と外国語との対照研究 - 国立国語研究所 刊行物データベース. Korneliusz BanachHistoria stosunków polsko-japońskich (do 1957 r.) - Znaczenia – elektroniczna wersja czasopisma. Pierwsze spotkanie przedstawicieli dwóch kultur Wedle dotychczasowych przekazów uważało się, że o Japonii Polacy usłyszeli po raz pierwszy z Opisania świata Marco Polo.

Korneliusz BanachHistoria stosunków polsko-japońskich (do 1957 r.) - Znaczenia – elektroniczna wersja czasopisma

Pierwsze polskie wzmianki o tym kraju odnaleźć można dopiero w żywotach świętych oraz Kazaniach sejmowych Piotra Skargi-Powęskiego. Do tego czasu sądzono, iż pierwszy bliższy kontakt nastąpił dopiero w XVII wieku i miał charakter niefortunny, kiedy to w 1643 roku na ziemi japońskiej zginął śmiercią męczeńską jezuita Wojciech Męciński. Ludmiła Jermakowa z Kobe Institute of Foreign Languages odkryła jednak, że już około 80 lat wcześniej, w roku 1585, nastąpiło bardzo ważne bezpośrednie spotkanie między przedstawicielami obu kultur. We wspomnianym roku, w marcu, dotarła do Watykanu pierwsza w historii zagraniczna misja dyplomatyczna Japonii, tak zwana „Misja Tensho” (od tradycyjnej nazwy ery, obejmującej lata 1573–1592)[1].

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CJS Publications. NIHU - National Institutes for the Humanities [NIHU] Japan’s four inter-university research institute corporations make available—to researchers at public and private universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas—large-scale facilities and repositories of materials and information that would be difficult for individual universities and research organizations to maintain. Serving as “centers of excellence” (COEs) in their respective areas of scholarly research, they are in a position to facilitate effective collaborative research. The National Institutes for the Humanities is one of these corporations. 大学共同利用機関法人 人間文化研究機構. Inter-University Research Institute Corporation 大学共同利用機関法人 人間文化研究機構. National Museum of Japanese History. 国立歴史民俗博物館. National Institute of Japanese Literature. The National Institute of Japanese Literature (NJIL) was established in 1972. We are proud to say that our projects and research setup in Tachikawa remain on track since transferring from Togoshi, Shinagawa seven years ago.

The survey and acquisition work conducted since our establishment has continued smoothly, and with the improved equipment in Tachikawa, we have also regularly held exhibitions. Our collaborative research projects with external researchers, as well as our other research projects, have been executed efficiently. Customary exhibitions centered on Japanese literary works preserved in our institute form the core of our displays, and we also focus on exhibitions that present our projects and research. By doing so we have greatly reduced the period of time that our exhibition rooms need to be closed due to the changing of special exhibitions, which are held several times a year, aiming to efficiently utilize the exhibit rooms and reduce costs.

国文学研究資料館. NINJAL - National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics. Important Information Due to maintenance of network server "", a part of "Research on Japanese as a Second Language" service is stopped. 国立国語研究所. International Research Center for Japanese Studies.

国際日本文化研究センター. National Museum of Ethnology. 国立民族学博物館. 総合地球環境学研究所. The United Associations of Language Studies. 言語系学会連合. 映画英語教育学会 (ATEM) 北海道支部 月例研究会 日時: ① 2015年11月16日 (月) 19時~ / ② 2015年12月16日 (水) 18時半~ [Nov. 16th, 2015 from 7:00pm and Dec. 16th from 6:30pm] 会場: JR札幌駅西口前 sapporo55ビル3階 小樽商大札幌サテライト [Otaru University of Commerce Sapporo Satellite (3F, Sapporo 55 Building, the West Exit, JR Sapporo Station, above Kinokuniya Bookstore)] JSLS - Japanese Society for Language Sciences 言語科学会.

The purposes of this society shall be to stimulate research in the language sciences based on natural language data, in areas such as language acquisition, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics, and to support the development of the language sciences through exchange between researchers. What’s New. JSLS - 言語科学会. Japanese Teacher Training ARC 日本語教師養成講座・資格取得ならアークアカデミー. 日本語教師のページ インデックス.

国際日本語研修協会 IJEC.