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Newspaper Nails

Newspaper Nails
A few weeks ago I shared in this post that I learned how to do this amazing thing called "newspaper nails." Since I love words, and reading, and books, it has inevitably become my favorite manicure. Want to learn the how-to? First, gather your supplies. You will need white nail polish, newspaper, rubbing alcohol, and clear shiny polish for the top coat. Step one: Grab some newspaper and cut it into pieces big enough to cover your nails. Step two: Paint your nails white. Step three: Dip a piece of newspaper into the rubbing alcohol and saturate them well. Step four: Press the bit of newspaper on your fingernail hard for about three seconds and peel it off. Step five: Top coat time! Now admire your creation; and try not to chip your nails the first day like I all-too-often do.

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Beauty: A Golden Eyes Make-Up Tutorial by Dani Hawley exclusively for Pocketful of Dreams Hello everyone, I am so VERY excited to be able to share today’s post with you. I gave a little teaser yesterday as to what it could be with my Golden Inspiration Board, didn’t give much away though did I? Ombre Nail Tutorial Greetings, Julie Ann Art readers! My name is Emily and I'm visiting from the Anna Delores blog. The amazing (as you already know) Julie Ann agreed to let me share a fun nail trend that is also really, really easy to execute: ombre nails. The ombre manicure made its appearance as a hot trend last summer, and it's back and better than ever for 2012.

25 Fun and Flirty Spring Nails By Jaime Morrison Curtis | Painting my nails has become my go to option for keeping in style without rushing to stay on top of clothing trends. Seriously, it gets exhausting (and expensive) trying to keep up with the new color of the season, pant style, hot new shoe and then there’s accessories on top of it all. The BEST Play-Dough Recipe Have you ever made play dough and it just fell apart?? Well… not this time. This recipe will make play dough that is seriously the closest thing to store-bought you’ll ever make. No falling apart or drying out (as long as stored in a sealed container). It will last up to 6 months.The secret to this recipe?? Two things: First, Cream of Tarter… it’s what helps the dough stay together. and Second, not a lot of salt… all that salt dries out your dough!

How-To: "Stained Glass" Votive Holders By Jenny Ryan Many times when I’m at the grocery or drug store, I can’t resist throwing a few scented votive candles in my cart. When I’m ready to burn them, it’s easy enough to sit one on a cute little vintage china saucer, but I recently decided to try and find a fancier display solution for them. I also wanted the project to be inexpensive, and the materials used to be things I already had on hand. visual_fuckers: FLESH WOUND TUTORIAL 8D - StumbleUpon Ok, so here is the wound tutorial I promised.....about 2 weeks ago. This one just shows how to do gashes, I will do more tutorials like this if you are interested though ^^. WARNING: NOT DIAL UP FRIENDLY. Big pictures.....lots of em >< Ok....lets start with our recipe for fake flesh.This is for a small don't need alot at all, even for big wounds. ingeredients1.

Silver & Gold Glitter Manicure My husband LOVES when my nails are painted and if you’re a long-time reader, you know why so doing them to share here, with you, is just an added bonus. Sometimes I need dual motivation to succeed at certain tasks or it’s just not worth my time. But I’ll admit I’ve been loving all my fun manicures as of late. I wanted something bright and festive and fun for New Year’s Eve and didn’t want to stick to just gold or just silver so I combined the two by painting half of my nail with one and the other half, with the other. Galaxy Nails Tutorial I was really excited to do this galaxy nails tutorial because they are so unique and personal to the artist doing them. There's no right or wrong! So bearing that in mind, this is more just "guidelines" than a tutorial because there is a million and one way to this style of nails! In this tutorial I used Sinful Colors in Ciao Bella (which I seem to use for every look on this site, I love it!) with a coat of Sinful Colors Frenzy over it for the base. I also used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in White On, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Mint Sprint, Beauty UK in Black and Lilac Girl, and for the glittery top coat I used Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Party of Five Glitters.

signature COLORS: VALENTINE'S DAY As a single girl, I look to Valentine's Day this year for a release of "cheesy" energy. Sometimes you just want to be a dork. So... what better way to celebrate than by getting all dressed up in the holiday's signature colors!

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