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A Few Exercises for Beginners to Stay Fit Physically and Mentally. Five Quick and Simple Tips To Get Fit Before Valentine’s Day. Healthy Resolutions For 2020 That Will Change Your Life. Sharing is caring!

Healthy Resolutions For 2020 That Will Change Your Life

A New Year’s resolution is a promise that an individual makes for self-betterment. Resolutions can take many forms. Common resolutions include quitting smoking or drinking, and losing weight. January Observed as National Birth Defects Prevention Month. Sharing is caring!

January Observed as National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Also known as “congenital abnormality”, a birth defect can be defined as a health problem or a physical abnormality, which can be mild or severe. While some birth defects are life-threatening, others can be treated with medications. According to the Boston Children’s Hospital, the most common birth defects are heart defects, cleft lip/palate, Down syndrome and spina bifida. Women who are pregnant or those planning to become pregnant must have a clear understanding regarding birth defects and take steps to prevent these. Awareness about them will help you give your baby a healthy start in life. The National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) created with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1997 observes January as National Birth Defects Prevention Month.

Though all birth defects cannot be prevented, women can increase the chances of having a healthy baby by reducing their risk for getting infections before and during pregnancy. Tips to Prevent Quick Aging of the Skin around Your Eyes. Sharing is caring!

Tips to Prevent Quick Aging of the Skin around Your Eyes

Skin is the largest organ of our body that acts as a barrier against any infections. The skin round the eyes is thinner and more delicate than that in other parts of the body and it can get easily damaged by vigorous rubbing, not moisturizing, and not getting enough sleep. This may lead to wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles that can make you look aged. Today, people spend most of their time on mobiles, TV and other smart devices that can be tiring for the eyes. Similarly, continuous blinking and repeated expressions can also lead to premature aging of the skin around the eyes. AMA’s 10 New Year Resolutions for a Healthier 2020. Sharing is caring!

AMA’s 10 New Year Resolutions for a Healthier 2020

Each year, as the calendar turns to January, millions of people make New Year resolutions mostly centered on popular genres such as health and fitness. However, research shows that while about 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions, only about 8% of us are successful in achieving them ( Regardless of whether they succeeded with their previous resolutions, most people go ahead and make a new set of resolutions-hoping for the best. This year, doctors at the American Medical Association (AMA) have released a list of 10 wellness-focused resolutions for 2020 to “help Americans make the most impactful, long-lasting improvements to their health in 2020 and beyond”. Some Strategies to Cope with and Manage Anxiety. Sharing is caring!

Some Strategies to Cope with and Manage Anxiety

Feeling threatened or under pressure while facing a challenging situation like a job interview, exam, or moving to a new place, is quite normal. Exercising in Winter - What Older Adults need to Know. Sharing is caring!

Exercising in Winter - What Older Adults need to Know

Older adults should remain stay as active as possible, and exercise in a safe and healthy way. Physical activity can strengthen the body, ward off disease, boost mood, improve sleep, and much more. Outdoor activities are a great way for seniors to get some physical exercise. However, the cold and snowy weather can put a damper on outdoor fitness activities. Though winter is a beautiful time of year, snow, ice and cold temperatures can create challenging situations for anyone, especially seniors. National Hand Washing Awareness Week - December 2-8, 2019. Sharing is caring!

National Hand Washing Awareness Week - December 2-8, 2019

Many diseases and infections are spread by not washing hands. That’s why it’s important to make hand hygiene a part of your daily routine. Every year, the first week of December is observed as National Hand Washing Awareness Week. This year, National Hand Washing Awareness Week is from December 2-8. Sponsored by the Henry the Hand Foundation, National Hand Washing Awareness Week was initiated by Dr Will Sawyer, a family physician and infection control specialist. Improve Your Mental Health with Seven Lifestyle Changes. Sharing is caring!

Improve Your Mental Health with Seven Lifestyle Changes

Mental health refers to a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being and it is as important as physical health for living a healthy and balanced life. Being healthy emotionally can promote productivity and effectiveness in personal as well as professional activities. It plays an important part in the health of your relationships, allows you to adapt to changes in your life, and cope with adversity. According to the 2019 State of Mental Health in America report, over 44 million American adults (18.07%), have a mental health condition. The most common types of mental illnesses include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, social withdrawal, feelings of hopelessness, anger and prolonged sadness, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse. Quit drinking: A study published in 2019 that included 10,368 adults found that the men and women who were lifetime abstainers from alcohol had the highest level of mental well-being at the start of the study.

Seven Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe during Winter. Sharing is caring!

Seven Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe during Winter

As we are approaching winter, it’s time to think about staying healthy, fit and safe during this season. With shorter days and colder weather, the winter season can be busy and exciting, with so many events like family dinners, holiday parties, and the preparation and planning for gift giving. All these events can be distractions preventing us from focusing on our health and taking care of ourselves as we would normally. Not taking care of your health and wellness can result in winter blues – laying the foundation for a weakened immune system, and posing a greater risk of developing illness or injury. Take proper care of yourself, understand that your health is important throughout all stages of life and for that get precautions accordingly. Celebrate American Diabetes Month in November. Sharing is caring!

Celebrate American Diabetes Month in November

Diabetes is a serious, sometimes life-threatening disease. It’s one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States, because over time it can affect every body part and may cause kidney damage, nerve damage, amputations and blindness. 10 Easy Workouts to Keep You Fit While You Sit. Sharing is caring! Exercise or physical activity is crucial for strength and flexibility. However, today’s busy lifestyles leave little time for exercise, and we tend to become sedentary. Many Americans drive to work, sit at their desk all day, drive back home, and then sit down to relax after their long day. People who use wheelchairs or who have a limited range of motion due to arthritis, loss of feeling in the feet (often a result of diabetes-related nerve damage), or other chronic conditions also face barriers to exercise.

Six Ideal Weight-Loss Diets in 2020. Sharing is caring! It’s estimated that nearly half of American adults attempt to lose weight each year. Diet and exercise are necessary to improve health and lose weight. There are many types of diets available now and each one has its supporters, who post all over social media about how their particular choice helped them achieve their goals. Experts say that the key to success is to find which diet will help you lose weight and more importantly, help maintain outcomes long-term. Here are six ideal diets for weight-loss diets in 2020: Four Healthy Tips for Women to Improve Quality of Life. October 16 is World Food Day - "Our Actions Are Our Future" Sharing is caring! Though an adequate amount of food is produced to feed everyone on the planet, hunger is on the rise in some parts of the world. According to a new report released by United Nations, even after nearly a decade of progress, the number of people who suffer from hunger has slowly increased over the past three years, with about one in every nine people globally suffering from hunger today.

October 16 is observed as World Food Day to tackle the issue of global hunger. Nine Tips to Keep You Healthy and Active in Autumn. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Celebrate World Heart Day on September 29 – bodySCULPT – Wellness Articles. Dietary Choices that can reduce Risk of Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers found in American women. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimated there would be 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women in the US in 2019.

9 Tips to Keep Aging Eyes Healthy. Role of Essential Oils in Skincare. To have a beautiful-looking, healthy, glowing skin is everyone’s dream. August is National Wellness Month. August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Getting immunized is very important children, adults, and the elderly. Walking Tips for Losing Weight Faster. Simple Exercises for Postpartum Fitness. Tips to Choose the Right Shapewear. Get in Shape with a Summer Nutrition Plan. Tips to Stay Safe during the Fourth of July Celebrations. How to Prepare for a Mammogram. Men's Health Week: June 10 - June 16, 2019. Play it Safe - Avoid Injury during Exercise and Physical Activity.

Emerging Risk Factors for Breast Cancer. Stress Symptoms and How to Manage Them. May Is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Tips for Hair Care in the Spring. Seven Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy. 8 Tips to Get an Attractive Beach-Ready Body. April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Aging Gracefully: Importance of Drinking Lots of Water. World Health Day 2019 - Focus on Universal Health Coverage. April is Alcohol Awareness Month.

7 Easy and Simple Tips for Spring Skin Care. New Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults. 8 Tips for Safe and Effective Stretches. Six Top Diabetic-Friendly Foods. March is National Kidney Month. Adopt a Safe and Healthy Approach to Weight Loss. Sleep Awareness Week: Mar10 - March 16, 2019. 9 Best Foods for Effective Weight Loss. Tips to Improve Your Skin after You Quit Smoking. National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Feb 25 - March 3, 2019. Strengthen Your Feet to Age Gracefully. 8 Tips to Resolve Dry, Chapped Lips. Breast Changes that Occur during Pregnancy. A Healthy Summer Diet to Help Prevent Skin Cancer. Natural Remedies to Resolve Skin Pigmentation and Get Flawless Skin. Clean Eating Strategies to Detox Your Body. Good, Bad, and In-Between Fats – What You Need to Know. 7 Reasons why Spring is the Ideal Time for Running.

Standing Desk Stretches to Relieve Stress. Tips to Care for Naturally Curly Hair. Easy Ways to Lose Water Weight Quickly. Benefits and Potential Risks of Raw Sprouts. Everyday Tips to Achieve and Maintain Beautiful-looking Hands. How to Address Sagging Breasts without Surgery. Cracked Heels – Causes, Remedies, and Prevention Tips. Strategies to Help Seniors Maintain Their Balance. Tips to Lower High Triglyceride Levels. March is Nutrition Month – Make Healthy and Informed Food Choices. The Hunger Scale - Healthy Eating For Weight Loss.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week - Feb 24 to March 4, 2018. Celebrate American Heart Month – Take Control of Your Heart Health. Great Skincare Tips for Men. February 4 is World Cancer Day. Prolonged Sitting cancels out Benefits of Exercise, says Study. Tips to stick to your New Year Resolutions. Beat the Winter Blues by Prioritizing Your Health. Tips to Reduce Stress during the Festive Season. Want Healthy, Youthful Looking Skin? Avoid these Habits! Simple Tips to Cope With Stress. 5 Simple Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Workspace. How to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Beautiful. Keep Off the Weight You Have Lost. Can Fruit be a Part of the Diabetes Diet? Take Steps to Prevent Knee Problems as You Age. Onion Juice- A Magical Remedy for Hair Loss. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Lifestyle Changes to Avoid the Ill Effects of Depression.

September is National Cholesterol Education Month. Tips to Boost Male Health in Later Life. When Should One Avoid or Limit Workouts? Do's and Don'ts to Achieve and Retain Natural Flawless Skin. Natural Remedies for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes. Fad Diets Can Wreak Havoc on Your Health. A Vegetarian Diet Can Help You Shed Pounds. 7 Tips to Address Dull Patchy Skin and Achieve a Healthy Glow. 7 Tasty Foods to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat. Tips to Improve the Immune System and Stay Healthy. Effective Measures to Slow Down Skin Aging.