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Going Beyond Integrative Care to "Functional Medicine" - Lourdes Health System. Pervasive in modern society, stress permeates the human experience.

Going Beyond Integrative Care to "Functional Medicine" - Lourdes Health System

Its complexity mirrors that of the human make-up and of the world around us, explained Ronald P. Ciccone, MD, director of Lourdes Integrative Family Medicine at the fifth annual Explorations in Integrative Medicine symposium, presented by the Lourdes Wellness Center and Lourdes Health System in March 2009. “Stress is everywhere. We can’t get away from it,” said Dr. Ciccone. In his keynote address, “The Full Spectrum of Stress”, Dr. Inclusiveness Essential Using stress as an example of the breadth of interplay of factors and therapies that affect health, Dr. Putting these two schools together to achieve integrative medicine with a functional approach means understanding the likelihood of a given individual developing a particular disease or imbalance in a particular environment.

The Set Up: Genes + Exposures Dr. Dr. The Accidental Psychiatrist Reviewing the complexity of healing, Dr. Articles - Wellness with Elsie. Do You Need a Probiotic?

Articles - Wellness with Elsie

Go With Your Gut! By Rozanne Gelbinovich From the Activia commercials starring Jamie Lee Curtis to the plethora of over-the-counter supplements on the market, probiotics have been infiltrating mainstream consciousness. But what exactly are probiotics? Should you be taking them? Let’s start at the top: What exactly are probiotics? “In my practice, I recommend clients take probiotics following antibiotics,” says Elsie Kerns, a certified energy medicine practitioner and wellness educator based in Marlton. “A lot of times when someone’s gotten antibiotics for, say, a sinus infection, it may change the bacteria they have in their colon and that allows some of the bad bacteria to multiply, and those can cause problems,” says Dr. So probiotics are useful in restoring good bacteria in your system, but if you don’t actually have any GI problems, should you be taking them simply as a matter of course?

According to Carolyn J. However, according to Dr. Dr. According to Dr. Are Alternative Remedies Safe? According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), approximately 12 percent of parents in the U.S. use some form of alternative medicine for their kids — herbal supplements, homeopathy, massage or diet-based therapies.

Are Alternative Remedies Safe?

Despite a lack of research on the effectiveness of these treatments, people continue to use alternatives to prescription drugs in treating numerous ailments and many say they do so with some success. But how can parents know what works and what should not be a substitute for conventional medicine? E-HealthTalk. The use of herbal supplements has increased about 380% over the past 10 years.


People take supplements for many reasons, such as to enhance sleep quality, improve memory, boost energy, and ease anxiety. But researchers say herbs can be dangerous and misleading. Be Careful Out ThereA new study looked at the top 10 most commonly purchased herbal supplements, including echinacea, St. Lourdes Health System: eHealth Talk. You have high blood pressure and develop a cold, so you head to the pharmacy to pick up medicine for your stuffy nose, headache and cough.

Lourdes Health System: eHealth Talk

You may want to think twice about that, experts advise. Millions of Americans are hospitalized each year from dangerous effects of prescription drugs or interactions between drugs. According to a report last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the death rate from accidental drug interactions more than doubled between 1999 and 2006. Unintentional drug posionings accounted for 26,400 deaths in 2006, making the problem the second-leading cause of accidental death in the United States after automobile crashes. "Drug interactions may make your drug less effective, cause unexpected side effects or increase the action of a particular medication," said Ronald Ciccone, MD, medical director of Integrative Family Medicine for Lourdes Health System. Getting Started with MyHealth - Lourdes Health System.

Holistic & Integrative Medicine. Lourdes Health System is committed to bringing patients the best in allopathic (conventional) and complementary medicine.

Holistic & Integrative Medicine

This combination of services is called “integrative medicine,” which has been a tradition at Lourdes since 1979, when the Lourdes Wellness Center opened in Collingswod, New Jersey. This was something that few, if any, health facilities offered at the time, and therefore, Lourdes was well ahead of its peers in the healthcare field in recognizing the importance of preventive health and the benefits of non-traditional forms of therapy.

Lourdes Wellness Center: Integrative Health Care. Mainstream Medicine Meets Alternative/Complementary Healthcare "At Lourdes, we know that health care is a science.

Lourdes Wellness Center: Integrative Health Care

However, we also believe that health care is a work of art. Every science is a compilation of information and every work of art is an integral whole, made up of many parts. Our approach to health care is three dimensional, taking into consideration the depth, length and breadth of the unique human experience. Our tradition challenges us to attend to the dimensions of our patients and clients in body, mind and spirit. "