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Productivity Future Vision

Productivity Future Vision

Why Microsoft's Vision Of The Future Is Dead On Arrival | Co. Design This just in: In the future, everything will be lushly luxurious, gleamingly clean, and digitally magical. Yup, it’s another corporate "the future of . . ." video, this time courtesy of Microsoft Office. This dazzlingly mounted production will spin your head with its vision of "the future of productivity"--the most salient feature of which is that, apparently, nobody uses Microsoft Office anymore. Sounds like a dream: Sorry if that’s harsh, but I’m with John Gruber: These spit-polished masterpieces of magical thinking are the tech-elite version of LOLcat videos. I’m going to get a bit more meta: I’m actually fine with corporations pouring scads of money into producing futurist concept videos (sidebar: I’m available!) This is the world that 99% of the users of Microsoft Office actually inhabit now, and it won’t be any different in a decade. What "future of" tech/design videos need is a little less Minority Report and a little more Alien.

Product Reviews - HTC One (M8) Dot View Cover Review When HTC introduced its brand new HTC One (M8) smartphone, it also debuted a brand new, and very unique, accessory for the device. It's called the Dot View cover, and it basically allows you to see alerts, answer incoming calls, view the time and weather, and more, all without ever opening the cover or turning on your phone. The device will soon be available in several colors for $49.99, but we had a gray unit that we tested with our HTC One (M8), and wanted to bring you a quick review. Techno Buffalo04/02/2014 529 Views A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design So, here's a Vision Of The Future that's popular right now. It's a lot of this sort of thing. As it happens, designing Future Interfaces For The Future used to be my line of work. My problem is the opposite, really — this vision, from an interaction perspective, is not visionary. This matters, because visions matter. This little rant isn't going to lay out any grand vision or anything. Before we think about how we should interact with our Tools Of The Future, let's consider what a tool is in the first place. I like this definition: A tool addresses human needs by amplifying human capabilities. That is, a tool converts what we can do into what we want to do. In this rant, I'm not going to talk about human needs. And I'm not going to talk about technology. I'm going to talk about that neglected third factor, human capabilities. Take another look at what our Future People are using to interact with their Future Technology: Do you see what everyone is interacting with? That's right! So then.

江本勝 江本勝(1943年7月22日-)是一位日本作家、商人,发表过有關水能够根据外界的信息辨别美丑善恶影響水分子結晶的爭議性说法。他根据他挑出来的一些照片中,认为水結晶的美醜與水“听到的”的词语、音乐有关。 著作[编辑] 於1999年開始,江本勝出版了一系列相關著作。 相关论文[编辑] 2009年Dean Radin博士与江本胜博士合作在更精确的条件下重新进行了水结晶实验(双盲、三盲)证明了意念对水结晶的影响:[1] Double-Blind Test of the Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation,[2][3]Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation: A Triple-Blind Replication,[4] 批评与反对意见[编辑] 2006年4月美国《新科学家》(New Scientist)杂志上罗伯特·马修的文章指出江本勝是在数百张结晶照片中专门挑出美丽的或者丑陋的结晶,来证明自己的观点,即用选择验证结果。 现代科学认为,温度和湿度是决定水结晶形态和形状的最重要的两个因素。 日本女子大学现代社会学部教授与法政大学生命科学部环境应用化学科教授左卷健男2007年出版《水什么也不知道》(水はなんにも知らないよ)认为江本胜是在宣传伪科学。 單著[编辑] 波動時代への序幕 秘められた数値への挑戦 1992年。 合著[编辑] 菅原明子『波動の食品学』1995年。 商业活动[编辑] 江本勝拥有一家生产净水器产品的公司,其产品瓶装水 Indigo water 售价8盎司(大约四分之一千克)一瓶35美元。 江本勝还是日本IHM集团(IHMグループ)创始人,该集团的产品是基于“波动理论”的仪器。 延伸閱讀[编辑] Sheridan, Patricia. 参考文献[编辑] ^ [1]Dean Radin博士与江本博士进行了双盲、三盲水结晶实验证明意念对水结晶的影响^ [2]《双盲试验:远距离意念对水结晶的影响》^ [3]^ [4]《三盲实验:远距离意念对水结晶的影响》 外部連結[编辑]

How It Would Work: Creating a Quantum Computer Silicon semiconductors have taken us a dazzling distance along the computing road. But even if they continue unabated to get faster and more powerful (and it's growing more difficult to make that happen) there's a limit to what classical computing can do. The next real game-change in computing is quantum--tapping the quantum mechanical properties of materials to process information in ways that will make today's biggest and baddest super computers look like pocket calculators. And for the first time scientists, at places like IBM, are moving beyond just theorizing about them to actually envisioning how a finished quantum computer would work. In labs across the globe, the first building blocks of the first quantum computers are slowly becoming real. That's huge considering a working quantum computer would be the kind of thing that truly moves the ground beneath our feet. But first they have to build one. Like their classical cousins, quantum computers rely on units of information.

On Glass & Mud: A Critique of (Bad) Corporate Design Fiction Socially awkward futures videos Asperger’s Design Fiction I’m a fan of design-based futures work (a.k.a. “design fiction“). Videos, in particular, can be a very effective way of engaging people in complex, subtle and nuanced explorations of the future. I always applaud companies that give it a shot, especially when it represents a big step away from “business as usual” for them. Take the enormously popular “A Day Made of Glass“. Reactions to the video varied. Love this! But not everyone was so positive. Remember those “house of the future” videos from the 60’s, 70’s, etc. and how stupid they look now either because the ideas were eclipsed by modern technology… or just because fashions simply changed? Fortunately, we don’t have to wait 20 or 30 years to see their reactions. A Thin View of the Future… Are these users (and this post) just being mean-spirited? Therein lies the challenge of consumer-oriented design fiction (and futures work in general). …That No One Buys

Litfy - All the free e-books you can muster Animated Short Movies » Life-Changing Arts Movie shorts, or short animations are a unique form of art, which can inspire and enlighten just like any other art form. Sometimes even more so. Here is a selection of inspiring, or for some reason animated short movies, here shown in their original full length. Thanks to all the visitors who have contributed with their detailed suggestions! That is why there are now two pages of great animated shorts! If you think there is a short animated movie that should be added, let us know which, and why. The below movies are not sorted in any particular order. French Toast Written and directed by Fabrice O. The Lady and the Reaper Written and directed by Javier Recio Gracia Get Out By Charlotte Boisson, Julien Fourvel, Pascal Han-Kwan, Tristan Reinarz and Fanny Roche Granny O'Grimm Directed by Nicky Phelan, produced by Brown Bag Films Oktapodi By Julien Bocabeille, Francois-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier and Emud Mokhberi Big Buck Bunny Life Line Created by Tomek Ducki

雙盲 雙盲是科學方法的一種,目的是避免研究結果受安慰劑效應或觀察者偏向所影響。在各種科學研究領域中,從醫學、食品、心理到社會科學及法證都有使用雙盲方法進行實驗。 單盲試驗[编辑] 單盲(en:Single Blinding)是一種簡單實驗方法,通過對試驗對象保密,避免有意或無意在實驗中造成偏頗。例如,在口味測試中,如果消費者事先知道測試的產品,他們通常都會稱常用的知名品牌較佳。 單盲試驗中,由於試驗對象會與研究人員接觸,因而受其影響。 雙盲試驗[编辑] 雙盲試驗通常在試驗對象為人類時使用,目的是避免試驗的對象或進行試驗的人員的主觀偏向影響實驗的結果,通常雙盲試驗得出的結果會更為嚴謹。 在雙盲試驗中,受試驗的對象及研究人員並不知道哪些對象屬於對照組,哪些屬於實驗組。 在藥物測試中經常使用雙盲測試。 如果解釋研究結果的統計學家同樣不知道哪組資料屬於對照組,哪組屬於測試組,這種測試被稱為三盲測試。 由於警察可能會對證人作出有意或無意的影響,不少在法證中,警察局內的認人手續基本上是一個對證人記憶的單盲測試。 Scientists Develop Affordable Solar Panels That Work In The Dark It's about damn time, don't you think? Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced Wednesday that they have been able to confirm a new high-efficiency solar cell design that utilizes nearly the entire solar spectrum. Translation: They figured out a way to make solar panels generate electricity in the dark. CleanTechnica says , In earlier trials, the researchers used different alloys that achieved full spectrum responses but involved very high production costs. The advantage of gallium arsenide nitride is that it is very similar to a conventional semiconductor, gallium arsenide, and it can be produced with a commonly used fabrication method involving chemical vapor deposition. The Lawrence Berkeley breakthrough represents just one path to increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of solar cells. In the meantime, you could just turn any metal surface into solar panels with photovoltaic spray paint . [Photo: Norby /Flickr]

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