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Future Vision (2011)

Future Vision (2011)

1st ever Augmented Reality linking to Wikipedia in a museum Mar de Fons is the title of an art exhibition that is taking place in the Mataró Museum, a local museum not faraway from Barcelona. One of its peculiarities is that you can find more information about the paintings with any mobile devices, thanks to image recognition with augmented reality (AR) that links to Catalan Wikipedia articles. The exhibition - mainly about sea paintings, with an important role of local artists- was inaugurated on March 30, 2012 and will be open until September 29, 2013. How it works Visitors can interact with the artworks focusing them with their smart phone.

Documentales y películas sobre hacktivismo. En los últimos días hemos cubierto muchas noticias relacionadas con Wikileaks, Edward Snowden y Pirate Bay. A la vez que estos hechos están sucediendo en el presente, existen algunos documentales y películas sobre hacktivismo que pueden ayudarte a tener una visión más global de cómo han ido sucediendo los acontecimientos. Debido a los últimos acontecimientos de Wikileaks y Pirate Bay, os presento una lista con algunos de los documentales y películas más destacados de ambas organizaciones. Wikileaks » Napster, Udacity, and the Academy Clay Shirky Fifteen years ago, a research group called The Fraunhofer Institute announced a new digital format for compressing movie files. This wasn’t a terribly momentous invention, but it did have one interesting side effect: Fraunhofer also had to figure out how to compress the soundtrack. The result was the Motion Picture Experts Group Format 1, Audio Layer III, a format you know and love, though only by its acronym, MP3. The recording industry concluded this new audio format would be no threat, because quality mattered most.

Transhumanisme H+, un symbole du transhumanisme. Le transhumanisme est un mouvement culturel et intellectuel international prônant l'usage des sciences et des techniques afin d'améliorer la condition humaine notamment par l'augmentation des capacités physiques et mentales des êtres humains. Les transhumanistes considèrent certains aspects de la condition humaine tels que le handicap, la souffrance, la maladie, le vieillissement ou la mort subis comme indésirables.

Qualcomm Extends Vuforia Augmented Reality Platform To The Cloud (Video) Qualcomm announced an upgrade to their Vuforia Augmented Reality platform on Wednesday. Vuforia is a platform that focuses on using images as the “targets” to launch an AR experience, rather than requiring consumers to scan QR codes or other glyphs. So instead of scanning a barcode, you just scan a specific picture to start the AR experience on your mobile phone or tablet (it could launch a video, or a 3D model, etc.) There are many AR companies that employ this method of recognizing images.

Essay critiques the ideas of Clay Shirky and others advocating higher ed disruption Clay Shirky is a big thinker, and I read him because he’s consistently worth reading. But he’s not always right – and his thinking (and the flaws in it) is typical of the unquestioning enthusiasm of many thinkers today about technology and higher education. In his recent piece on "Napster, Udacity, and the Academy," for example, Shirky is not only guardedly optimistic about the ways that MOOCs and online education will transform higher education, but he takes for granted that they will, that there is no alternative. Just as inevitably as digital sharing turned the music industry on its head, he pronounces, so it is and will be with digital teaching. And as predictably as rain, he anticipates that "we" in academe will stick our heads in the sand, will deny the inevitable -- as the music industry did with Napster -- and will "screw this up as badly as the music people did." His views are shared by many in the "disruption" school of thought about higher education.

一鏡到底看法國郵政的模擬城市動畫 By EDOUARD SALIER 「12號掛號~~~~」對著門口大喊幾號住家有掛號、包裹,是我小時候對郵差先生的第二印象。因為台中的房子有許多都是透天厝,因此郵差先生真的是騎著摩托車家家戶戶連續的送信。跟在台北,郵差都是放在大樓信箱的感覺很不一樣。以前一聽到摩托車的聲音,就知道郵差來了!若是封掛號信,郵差先生就會對著門口大喊「掛號~~~』。而對郵差的第一印象應該跟大家一樣,那就是全身綠的裝扮。 Qualcomm extends Vuforia augmented reality to the cloud Remember Vuforia? Qualcomm’s augmented reality platform allows you to scan real world objects and create “interactive experiences” on your smartphone or tablet. The technology had its limitation though, only scanning photos against a local database of 80 images. Now Qualcomm has announced that by adding the cloud into the mix, so the platform can perform image recognition against over one million images. That will make it much easier for developers and partners to use the platform, with American Apparal fully onboard with the program.

The Ecologies of Yearning #opened12 (with image, tweets) · audreywatters Ecology of ideas -- Bateson Bateson's Hierarchy of Learning Zero learning: "receipt of signal." No error possible Total Immersion Develops First Ipad 2 Augmented Reality Application Posted on March 14, 2011 by Total Immersion Front and Rear-Facing Camera Features Enable A Whole New Level of Interactivity LOS ANGELES, CA (March 14, 2011) –Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality, revealed today the first augmented reality application developed for the iPad 2. This playful application titled, “AR Magic Mirror” gives users a selection of wacky virtual hairstyles, glasses and accessories to try on, or to try on their friends.

Openness, the double bind, and ecologies of yearning. » EdTech@VCCS I’ve seen my share of conference keynotes, some tedious, some exhilarating, many forgettable. But I have never seen a keynote quite like the one delivered by Gardner Campbell on the morning of the first day of the OpenEd Conference. In fact, calling it a keynote is a disservice. Elite education for the masses They included Patrycja Jablonska in Poland, Ephraim Baron in California, Mohammad Hijazi in Lebanon and many others far from Baltimore who ordinarily would not have a chance to study at the elite Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. They logged on to a Web site called Coursera and signed up. They paid nothing for it. These students, a sliver of the more than 1.7 million who have registered with Coursera since April, reflect a surge of interest this year in free online learning that could reshape higher education. The phenomenon puts big issues on the table: the growth of tuition, the role of a professor, the definition of a student, the value of a degree and even the mission of universities.

The Crisis in Higher Education A hundred years ago, higher education seemed on the verge of a technological revolution. The spread of a powerful new communication network—the modern postal system—had made it possible for universities to distribute their lessons beyond the bounds of their campuses. Anyone with a mailbox could enroll in a class. Frederick Jackson Turner, the famed University of Wisconsin historian, wrote that the “machinery” of distance learning would carry “irrigating streams of education into the arid regions” of the country. Sensing a historic opportunity to reach new students and garner new revenues, schools rushed to set up correspondence divisions.

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