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Piwigo est un logiciel de galerie photo pour le web

Piwigo est un logiciel de galerie photo pour le web

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Packs a punch CHALLENGE: Our client is a growing entrepreneurial agency that specializes in world tour packages. But they can’t compete with the big ad spends of the bigger operators on the circuit. STRATEGY: The promise of ‘pack your bags and prepare to see the wonders of the world with us’ needed to come through impactfuly at the very first contact point. Piwigo - Android Market Enjoy your photos being placed on a world map. PhotoMap is a photo gallery that lets you browse through your geo photos in a fascinating way. It helps you finding and visiting beautiful or important locations again. Relive your vacation by jumping virtually from location to location. PhotoMap presents your pictures where you took them. It also enables you to describe beautiful moments by adding photo captions stored in the photos' metadata.

Shaarli You want to share the links you discover ? Shaarli is a minimalist delicious clone you can install on your own website. It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy. Features Minimalist design (simple is beautiful) FAST Dead-simple installation: Drop the files, open the page. No database required. education - dynamic presentations for the classroom Real-time presentations with dynamic slides. Create a presentation once, and it updates everywhere instantaneously. With Projeqt, students can access, share, create and review their work from anywhere, at anytime. Give comments and feedback and track student progress; your Projeqts live in real-time and can be shared for everyone to see.

Project ROME by Adobe Project ROME is an all-in-one content creation and publishing application that lets virtually anyone at work or home inject the power of graphics, photos, text, video, audio and animation into everyday projects. From printed materials and presentations to digital documents and websites, you can go from start to finish within the simple, creative Project ROME environment. Project ROME is a Software-as-a-Service offering, and works as both an Adobe AIR® desktop application and as a browser-based web application, leveraging the power of Adobe® AIR® and Adobe Flash Player® technology. Although Project ROME has been retired, it will remain free to the public on this blog. No additional Project ROME software updates are planned at this time. Help Topics

Piwigo : Google+ button Direct competitor to Facebook, Google+ is a social media launched in June 2011, only 3 months ago. Subscriptions have been publicly opened for about 1 month. The photographers are very present on Google+. By “circling” a few of them, you get a nice photo stream to browse. Thanks to the Google+1 plugin, available on the [Administration> Plugins> Manage], you can display a dedicated button for Google+ with 2 functions: the first click lets you say publicly that you like a photo or a gallery page (equivalent to the “like” button of Facebook) Google+ : +1 a photo or a page from your Piwigo photo gallerythe second click lets you share the photo as a message in Google+ and all the people who “circles” you will see the photo in their stream, with a link to your Piwigo gallery.

DokuWiki DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database. It is loved by users for its clean and readable syntax. The ease of maintenance, backup and integration makes it an administrator's favorite. Categories Apple (51)Mac OSX, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPadWindows (15)Microsoft, Windows Phone, MetroPSD (392)Adobe Photoshop, PS, LayeredHTML (97)HTML5, Marked up, TemplateCSS (102)Cascade style sheet, CSS3, WebkitjQuery (58)Java script, JS, JSPVector (25)Adobe Illustrator, AI, EPS, SVG, PDF UI Elements Color Themes Dropbox, data ownership, who cares? Dropbox, the famous storage solution in the cloud, has announced this week-end a change in their Terms Of Use. I hope I understood correctly: by signing up on, Dropbox gets the right to use content uploaded by users. Dropbox doesn’t own your files, they just can “use” it. It doesn’t mean that Dropbox will start to sell your photos, videos and confidential documents you have sent on their server, it just means they can “use” them.

Fix Before doing anything : BACKUP YOUR SUBSONIC FOLDER ! This is a custom version so if you don't know what your doing : Stop here. NOTA : I really mean it : DO A BACKUP FIRST ! You'll need it when you'll want to upgrade to the next official version. PhpWebGallery turns Piwigo PhpWebGallery becomes Piwigo. The name of the project is changing. This is not a fork, just a rename. What are the advantages of “Piwigo” over “PhpWebGallery”, or “why did we decide to change?” Album description, fine-tuning Among all features provided by plugin Extended Description, you will find the fine-tuning of the album description. 1. Default display Setting up a Piwigo Photo Gallery Posted on 3 Mar ’12 by Earl The last couple of years I’ve had an account at the Zenfolio. Zenfolio is a competitor to SmugMug and offers most of the same photo hosting/gallery services. To be honest I’ve done a lousy job of uploading and keeping a working gallery on Zenfolio, certainly not Zenfolio’s fault, but since I wasn’t using even a small portion of Zenfolio’s capabilities I decided I’d rather host my own basic gallery and save the small annual fee even if it means more limited capabilities.

Build Your Own Flickr with Piwigo In 2006, the family computer on which our digital photographs were stored had a hard drive failure. Because I'm obsessed with backups, it shouldn't have been a big deal, except that my backups had been silently failing for months. Although I certainly learned a lesson about verifying my backups, I also realized it would be nice to have an off-site storage location for our photos.

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