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Welcome to Dangerous Laboratories!

Welcome to Dangerous Laboratories!
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Make your own biodiesel The first two methods sound easiest, but, as so often in life, it's not quite that simple. Vegetable oil is much more viscous (thicker) than either petro-diesel or biodiesel. The purpose of mixing or blending straight vegetable oil (SVO) with other fuels and solvents is to lower the viscosity to make it thinner, so that it flows more freely through the fuel system into the combustion chamber. If you're mixing SVO with petro-diesel you're still using fossil-fuel -- cleaner than most, but still not clean enough, many would say. Still, for every gallon of SVO you use, that's one gallon of fossil-fuel saved, and that much less climate-changing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. People use various mixes, ranging from 10% SVO and 90% petro-diesel to 90% SVO and 10% petro-diesel. You might get away with it in summer time with something like an older '80s Mercedes 5-cylinder IDI diesel, which is a very tough and tolerant motor -- it won't like it but you probably won't wreck it. To each his own. | News & Opinion | Media: TV, Print, Online, Jobs, Ranking Super Precision Gyroscope (without gimbals) - From The Super Precision Gyroscope has been designed and built to the highest precision from the very start, made from solid brass with a light-weight aluminium frame. Carefully chosen stainless-steel miniature ball bearings allow it to run smoothly and almost silently for an amazingly long time. The gyroscope comes with a number of attachments allowing numerous configurations to perform scientific, educational or simply mesmerising experiments. The gyroscope comes with 2 x 50 mm long stainless steel extension rods, 2 x ball ends, 1 x slotted end. Super FAST 12,000rpm Electric motor start The included electric motor spins the gyroscope effortless up to an impressive 12,000 revolutions per minute. Super SMOOTH computer balanced disk If a spinning object is unbalanced it will vibrate. Super SUSTAINED spin times of up to 25 minutes - NEW for Mar 2014 Click here for VIDEO CLIPS of the gyroscope in action Please be aware the new outer packaging does state “with gimbals”.

Wireless Power A few years ago MIT created a system for transferring power wirelessly. They transmitted power over a two-meter distance, from the coil on the left to the coil on the right, where it powers a 60W light bulb. Back in 2006, this was a pretty cool thing. You can only imagine what the implications of something like this would be. Inductive Coupling uses magnetic fields to transfer power. In my research I found, that to transfer power in very complicated. It all starts with the transmitter. The secondary coil has a 0.02 uF capacitor. The primary coil creates a magnetic field, when another coil is placed near it, energy will be induced into it. Be in mind that i could not get a hold of a 0.02uF capacitor so i used two 0.01uF capacitors connected together.

Whoops - LR4x4 - The Land Rover Forum A bit OT in that it has nowt to do with Land Rovers, but today saw me add some good photos to my collection so I thought I'd post them Crossing a valley close to town this morning to do a 5 minute job, a rather large Hitachi hit a bit of a soft spot Really quite deep now this would normally be quite a good photo for the collection but things were to get worse yet! First attempt to free it using a Cat D5 which just buried it a bit further - the problem being that it was sooo soft that every movement made the Hitachi sink a bit more Having decided that the only way was to dig to hard ground a second (lighter!) Trenching towards hard(er) ground.... By this time the entire machine except for the arm was below ground level and there were some major problems with slop getting into both the cab and the engine compartment and while it had the awesome power to pull itself forwards, rather a lot of goo was starting to build up in front! Gonna be a while before this grasses over again And success

Genneo - Power Through Motion by Blake L Isaacs & Daniel Mota Veiga THANK YOU to everybody who has backed us so far! If you like this project but can't back it, you can still help us out tremendously by sharing this page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Or by talking about it. Genneo has created a revolutionary line of products that capture energy from walking, shaking or moving in other ways and turn it into charge for your phone and other portable electronics. These products are easy to carry and they capture energy as you move normally, storing that energy in their on-board battery. Different from spinning generators or solar generators, the Genneo charges from natural human movement, so it quietly charges up as you walk or run. As full featured auxiliary batteries, they can also be pre-charged using the same wall charger that comes with your mobile phone, but with the added advantage of keeping themselves topped-off as they are carried. Just have it with you and you’ll always have power! Shaking the Genneo accelerates charging.

Einstein-Image and Impact. AIP History Center exhibit. Download this Einstein Web site in PDF format (3.5 MB) Sign up to find out when we put more exhibits online Einstein en Español Brought to you by The Center for History of Physics Copyright © 1996 - 2014 American Institute of Physics Site created Nov. 1996, revised November 2004 Electrostatic Machines Electrostatic machines are electromechanical devices that produce "static electricity", or electricity at continuous (DC) high voltage. They were fundamental in the early studies about electricity, started in the XVII century, in the form of "friction machines", and their development culminated at the end of the XIX century with the development of powerful "influence machines". Today, some specialized uses for them continue to exist, but they are mostly seen as demonstration devices in physics laboratories, with much of their history forgotten. I started experimenting with these machines by 1973, building a first series of machines. Below are pictures and descriptions of my old machines, of machines that I built more recently, of machines built by others, pictures from old books and papers related to electrostatic machines and other high-voltage devices, and also some pictures from museums. Está também disponível uma seção em português. "Ignis ubique latet, naturam amplectitur omnem"

AVR Core :: Overview :: OpenCores Details Name: avr_core Created: Nov 5, 2002 Updated: Feb 4, 2014 SVN Updated: Oct 28, 2012 SVN: Browse Latest version: download Statistics: View Other project properties Category: Processor Language: Development status: Stable Additional info: none WishBone Compliant: No License: Description Microcontroller core compatible with one used in AT mega 103 and written in VHDL. Features • Core features: – 32 x 8 general purpose registers – Twenty three interrupt vectors – Supports up to 128 Kb of program and up to 64 Kb of data memory • Peripheral features: – Programmable UART – Two 8-bit Timer/Counters with separate prescalers and PWM – Eight external interrupt sources – Two parallel ports Status The core was tested with several ASM and C programs.

Engineers Edge - Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Washing Machine Drum as a Firepit With festival season in full swing, we've been spoting lots of inspiring and easy solutions for reusing items. John was recently at Croissant Neuf Summer Party and found this safe and easy way to have a fire. It is especially useful when campfires are not permitted because the ground remains unburnt. A simple solution for camping, festivals or garden parties. Further resources A firepit made from a truck wheel Offgrid handwashing solution How to make an oil drum BBQ Recycled IBC tanks: storing water and growing vegetables Outdoor living: a permaculture guide to food and fresh water Celebrity Gossip, Celeb Photos & News -

Electronics {*style:<b> Get a quick start by scrolling down to the introduction below this menu table. Basic Electronics - Course Table You are at the best, free online "Basic Electronics Course". Just read the brief blocks of text, view the videos, and check out some of the screened internet links. {*style:<b><b>Maybe you already know some basic electronics and want to test yourself to see exactly how much you do know. </b></b>*} {*style:<b>Explanation of AC and DC currents. </b>*} {*style:<b><b><b> P - I*V </b></b></b>*} {*style:<b>Watch the video . If you don't have a clue as to what electrical current and voltage are - read on. DC Theory Part 1 - DC Theory part 2 {*style:<b> </b>*} More book recommendations. There is another (and less expensive and practical) method of learning basic electronics. It is hands-on by doing simple projects. Get the MAKE: Electronics (Learn By Discovery) book below. You will also need some electronic parts available from Radio Shack or a good junk box. <b><b>Black </b></b> </b>*}

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