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Conversation philosophique sur l'amour Même si on n'est pas né de la dernière pluie et qu'on n'ignore plus rien de la variabilité historique et culturelle des comportements humains, on attend du philosophe qu'il réponde vaillamment :Qu'est ce que l'amour ? Dans les années 60 du XX° siècle une nouvelle morale sexuelle s'est élevée , a triomphé et gagné peu à peu en ampleur. On s'est élevé alors et depuis, contre toutes les formes de répression du désir . Je demanderai donc à mes invités : " Qu'est ce que l'amour ?". Anjna Patient Education Dear CareMessage Friends and Supporters, It is with deep satisfaction and gratitude that I am announcing that CareMessage has graduated from the prestigious Y Combinator incubator program, where we presented to a group of over 500 Silicon Valley thinkers, investors and philanthropists today. In the last two years, CareMessage has gone from being an idea to an organization that is on track to impact tens, if not hundreds, of millions of lives. The innovative solutions we have built and continue to build are addressing pressing challenges in this new era of healthcare. CareMessage uses the one item nearly every family possesses - a mobile phone - to ensure that no one is alone or forgotten with regards to their health.Our platform improves lives while simultaneously cutting costs for health care organizations. Our 65 partner healthcare organizations (and growing every single day) include the St. Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, the venture philanthropy firm that seed funded Kiva and Watsi

The Learning Lab HACIENDO SOCIEDAD EN COLECTIVO Kufunda Learning Village make/use: a modular system for zero-waste fashion Coalition for Independent Living – The Leading Organisation for Accreditation and Training of Support Brokers New York schools enter the iZone 26 October 2011Last updated at 00:34 By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent Uncertain horizons: New York's economic fortunes are now linked to education After the iPhone and the iPad, the iZone is a different kind of design experiment. It's New York's attempt to reinvent an inner-city school. The iZone project - or Innovation Zone - is challenging state schools in New York City to rip up the rule book. They're being told to find new ways to provide a more individualised education, to change the shape of the school day, explore what technology can offer and even ask whether pupils need to be in school at all. "The challenge we face is nothing less than transforming our schools from assembly-line factories into centres of innovation," said the city's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who warns that the US school system is falling behind international rivals. If the state schools are not improved, the fear is that the city will be entering the twilight zone rather than the iZone. Global cities

StartupLabs - Home Home - Living Wholeness Institute open! | Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain ‘…the unfathomable distance between the individual and the geopolitical.’ – Firat Oruc This essay is an exploration of thoughts following an artistic event that happened a year ago, specifically in terms of how it deploys its own forms, intensities and energies that are essentially ungraspable by language. The type of reflection writing enables is therefore specific to its medium. Looking back expands certain insights and diminishes others. Fear of losing the details involved a personal unlearning of Canadian national myths, beginning with finding a copy of the original Treaty No. 13 at the local public library and experiencing a tremor at the realization of its genocidal technocratic power. I always experienced a ‘suburban malaise’ in my North York home. My parents moved to Toronto in the 1970s for academic appointments at the University of Toronto. The vast, multidisciplinary field of contemporary choreography is broadly defined here as the writing of movement through space and time.

RippleZ - A drop of inspiration Mycelium Schol hubraum – Deutsche Telekom Incubator