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Healthy Cookie Dough Dip... the famous recipe!

Healthy Cookie Dough Dip... the famous recipe!
If you received an email from Pinterest saying I didn’t want you to pin my recipes, this is NOT true! I am so sorry for this and have no idea why they would send such messages out! Please accept my apologies… I’m so honored when people pin things from my site or follow my Chocolate Covered Katie Pinterest Board. Healthy Cookie Dough Dip… it’s like an unbaked form of those popular White Bean Chickpea Blondies. I don’t know about you, but when I make the blondies, quite a bit of the raw dough gets consumed in the process! So I figured, why bother baking them at all? But will “normal” people like it? Often, I’m unsure if a recipe with which I am in love will be a hit with the general population of people who aren’t used to healthy food. The following is directly from my About Chocolate Covered Katie page. I refuse to believe one must give up delicious food in order to be healthy… Healthy food can taste incredible when it’s prepared the right way. Something amazing happened… Ingredients

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- Idag tänkte jag kika in här för att dela med mig av mitt bidrag till vårt påskbord i helgen. Eller alltså, vi har inget påskbord för Viktor måste jobba och det är då inga släktingar som kommit hit för att fira med oss :'( Så att styra upp ett helt bord med mat som tillhör det traditionella påskfirandet känns lite onödigt, men man måste ju ändå få gå loss och äta något riktigt gott tycker jag. I den här lilla familjeduon är det jag som gärna dukar fram fika under alla veckans sju dagar medan Viktor inte alls gillar det lika mycket som jag. Men den här gången blev det lite ombytta roller då jag snubblade över receptet på rawbollar med mango hos Charlotte och blev så sugen på att göra egna. Detta innebär alltså att mitt påskgodis i år består av fem helt naturliga produkter medan Viktor valde något som bland annat innehåller nutella, oreos, daim, twix och chokladägg.

Homemade Peanut Butter Once you make peanut butter at home, it will be very difficult to get excited about storebought peanut butter ever again. Not that eating peanut butter of any kind would ever be a chore because I love it so, but homemade peanut butter is a delicacy. And a nearly effortless delicacy at that. It’s akin to savoring a piece of high-end dark chocolate that’s rich and pure, uncomplicated by fillers, additives, or ingredients that have no place being in chocolate; and then grabbing a milk chocolate bar in the checkout line at the grocery store, which is likely a combination of tasteless, grainy, and waxy. Apples and oranges.

Cake Batter Ice Cream Going back to yesterday… I want to clarify something in: Tips for Food Bloggers . It’s not that anyone else said anything, but when I re-read the post, I felt like one of my messages was unclear. In no way did I mean to suggest you have to fit your blog into a certain theme! Kartoffel Grüne Bohnen Salat The Forest Feast is being featured on Anthology Magazine’s site for the month of September, and the 2nd week’s recipe is this Potato Greenbean Salad. It’s a great mix of roasted and fresh and it’s easy to whip up. For more pictures and the full recipe, check out Anthology. Cheers!

Vegan Sweet Potato, Coconut Milk, & Roasted Chili Ravioli That’s right—ravioli without cheese! You’re skeptical, aren’t you? I understand. (I ♥ cheese too.) When it comes to vegan cooking and baking, cheese substitution is one of those things that gives me a headache. Soba Noodles with Ginger Sweet Scallion Sauce I had such a wonderfully pleasant day, sweetly smooth and incredibly productive. I managed to complete almost everything on my to-do list!!! I spend lot of time reading too, now doesn’t this sound fantastic? And as expected after a long happy day I was hungry… But let me tell you I was not hungry for just anything but I wanted my crazy good Soba Noodles with Sweet Ginger Scallion Sauce!!! Ok let me share with you all one of the world most delicious and easy recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ‘Blizzard’ Growing up, I used to have a thing for Dairy Queen Blizzards. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzards, in particular, were my go-to indulgence during the summer when I needed something cold and creamy, especially after hours of running around at softball practice. It also helped that my sister used to work there and she would give me extra scoops of cookie dough when I came in. ;) Love that. Yesterday, I found myself with an insatiable craving for a cookie dough blizzard. It must have been the tropical weather we were experiencing (11 Celsius and sunny- I’ll take it!) Sky High Lemon Meringue Pie Lemon meringue pie is probably one of my favorite desserts. I just love it! And although it might seem like a spring/summer thing, I totally think a little citrus during these cold months helps keep the winter blues away. But I love the bright, pop of citrus flavor any time of year.

THE SIMPLE VEGANISTA: Almond Chunky Monkey Ice Cream....It's Raw! I was just gifted a new food processor as an early Christmas present. What better way to break it in then by making chunky monkey ice cream using 4 ingredients! I know it's a bit cold out for something frozen, and although this was cold it sure warmed my heart on this chilly day! Needless to say this was delicious and super healthy, much better than the Ben & Jerry's version any day. :) Almond Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Ingredients3 frozen bananas, cut into chunks3 tablespoons almond butter, or any nut butter of choicealmonds, cut in halfdark chocolate, either in chips or bars broken into pieces*

Cupcake Wrappers Made from Doilies: Free Cupcake Wrapper Template Posted on May 24, 2010 by Christina I wish I could say that these cupcake wrappers made from paper doilies were my very own idea. I wish I could say that I was the genius behind this DIY brilliance.