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Snacks and treats

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Lemon Tofu "Cheesecake" Recipe - Vegetarian Times. Vegan Cherry Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Recipe. In my opinion, these vegan chocolate oatmeal cookies are the perfect cookies.

Vegan Cherry Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Pistachio Cranberry Cookies Recipe. I made a half batch of these cookies, which was clearly a mistake.

Pistachio Cranberry Cookies Recipe

Super Seedy Crackers Recipe. Jack and I spent about a week in Norway on vacation this past summer.

Super Seedy Crackers Recipe

On the first day, we did my #1 favorite travel activity – visiting grocery stores in other countries. I don’t know why, but I’m so fascinated by what other people eat, how things are packaged, how stores are organized… all of it. That day, I picked up a package of crackers that ended up being my favorite snack of the week. They were thick seedy crackers – I smashed avocado on them for breakfast and slathered cheese on them as a snack later in the day. They were hearty and filling, and I felt good that I was getting a little bit of protein and fiber in every bite. Jessica’s Pistachio Oat Squares Recipe. 6-ingredient Pistachio Oat Squares are a lightly sweet healthy snack, breakfast, or dessert!

Jessica’s Pistachio Oat Squares Recipe

Easy to make, vegan, and gluten free. I’m excited to share this recipe today – these Pistachio Oat Squares are SO delicious! It’s spring which means that the best cookbooks are coming out now. You know the ones – they’re brimming with fresh healthy, veggie-ful recipes. This recipe is from Jessica Murnane’s book One Part Plant. Her mission is simple – to inspire people to eat one plant-based meal a day. Coconut mocha vegan protein bars » The First Mess // Vegan Recipes + Photography by Laura Wright.

Dehydrator Recipe: Asian kale chips. Curried Chickpea Salad Sliders Recipe. Three things I am obsessed with: chickpeas, avocado, and all things MINI… mini pizzas, mini tacos, mini pies, mini skillets.

Curried Chickpea Salad Sliders Recipe

I had these cute little pretzel buns last week so that’s how this recipe started. (Although you could use any kind of bun or sliced bread for this recipe). I first thought of making little veggie burgers, but since it’s a whopping 103 degrees(!) Outside, I’ve been trying to use my oven as little as possible. Plus this chickpea salad is fast, easy, and cold, which is everything I want in a summer recipe. Easy Vegan Apple Crisp Recipe. Happy Saturday, friends!

Easy Vegan Apple Crisp Recipe

Fall is in the air, and although it’s not exactly crisp outside here, I’ve made crisp inside to make up for it. Apple crisp is hands down my favorite fall dessert. I love apple pie too, but I love it more when other people make it for me. This crisp recipe is simple and straightforward – you can mix everything together and get these little guys into the oven in no time. (You can even mix the crumble part ahead of time). To make these vegan, I used coconut oil instead of butter and scooped vegan ice cream on top. The Mini Copper Cocottes were kindly provided by Williams Sonoma as part of their founder Chuck Williams’s 100th birthday celebration. Baked Rosemary Beet Chips. I distinctly remember one December in college when my dad took me to his office Christmas party at a dinner theatre.

Baked Rosemary Beet Chips

I hardly remember the show, but I do remember the buffet which seemed to extend into eternity with overcooked vegetables. Among the saddest victims were Brussels sprouts and beets. What is it about these beautiful, delicious veggies that makes people use and abuse them? They are delicious. They are rich with nutrients. Spicy Lemon Herb Popcorn - Dirty Gourmet. My mom and I recently took the kids on a camping trip to Point Mugu State Park, just north of Malibu.

Spicy Lemon Herb Popcorn - Dirty Gourmet

It was my first time there, and it was definitely not my favorite campground. The sites were way too close together, and even though they charge $45 per night(!) There wasn’t toilet paper in the bathrooms (that might sound like a silly complaint for camping, but we were excited about glamping). Our neighbors partied hard late into the night, and the winds were so strong we couldn’t have a fire. Hazelnut Raisin Crisps - Dirty Gourmet. Hazelnut Raisin Crisps 3 Comments » | Posted by aimee on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014.

Hazelnut Raisin Crisps - Dirty Gourmet

Dehydrator Recipe: Kale Chips with garlic and cashews. Dehydrator Recipe: Kale Chips with Cashews & Dried Tomatoes. AVOCADO SANDWICH WITH GREEN HARISSA. "For whatever it's worth: It's never too late to be whoever you want to be.


I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start over. " - Eric Roth, Benjamin Button (a story by F. Chickpea, Beet, and Apple Panini Recipe. Nutritional information Serves 4 30 minutes or fewer Never had raw beet in a sandwich? This panini will have you hooked. 1 ½ cups cooked chickpeas, or 1 15-oz. can chickpeas, rinsed and drained 3 Tbs. vegan mayonnaise 1 Tbs. lemon juice 1 tsp. chopped fresh tarragon 8 slices sesame semolina bread (8 oz.) 1 medium golden beet, peeled and sliced 1 Granny smith apple, thinly sliced ¼ cup broccoli or radish sprouts 4 Tbs. prepared black olive tapenade 1. 2. 3.

July/August 2011 p.36. Sweet curried almonds. As a food blogger, I use my stove nearly every day without thinking much about it. It’s easy to take things like multiple burners and good ventilation for granted. (Well, except when Jack cooks – we have to frantically open every window to keep the fire department from showing up). In other areas of the world, women are cooking over a small fires in enclosed spaces that lack light and ventilation. Their kitchens are filled with smoke, making it difficult (not to mention unsafe) to prepare meals for their families.

Quinoa Coconut Granola Bars. Quinoa! Have you tried it yet? Do your kids like it? Cooked Quinoa definitely has a distinct flavor, but have you ever added uncooked quinoa to things like your granola? It may look like bird seed (according to my husband), but it adds a yummy- nutty flavor to your granola or granola bars!

We used our favorite granola bar recipe, and updated it a bit to include some quinoa. We started by roasting our oats and quinoa in the oven. A separate mixture of peanut butter and honey was warmed up to combine. Why should you even care about Quinoa? This unique combination of anti-inflammatory compounds in quinoa may be the key to understanding preliminary animal studies that show decreased risk of inflammation-related problems (including obesity) when animals are fed quinoa on a daily basis.


Healthy Recipes by Chef Alia Dalal. Spiced Pumpkin Seed and Cashew Crunch. Save to My Recipes For a salty, savory, crunchy boost, sprinkle this on roasted vegetables, soups, and hot cereal. Servings: makes about 1 cup (about 6 ) active: 5 minutes total: 30 minutes Nonstick vegetable oil spray 1 large egg white 1 teaspoon light agave syrup (nectar) ½ teaspoon garam masala or curry powder ½ teaspoon kosher salt ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper ¼ cup raw cashews, coarsely chopped ¼ cup shelled pumpkin seeds (pepitas) ¼ cup shelled sunflower seeds.

Dehydrated camping recipes. Sweet and Spicy Chinese Five Spice Roasted Almonds II Recipe. Dehydrated Kale chips.