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Bonbons, snacks

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CHOCOLATE CARAMELS. I love homemade caramels and make them every year, but I recently found this recipe and was excited to see if this variation was equally delicious.


It is! These caramels are soft and chewy and taste like caramel, but with the added yumminess of chocolate too! Chocolate Caramels 1 cup sugar 3/4 cup light corn syrup 2 ounces unsweetened chocolate, broken into small pieces 1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream, divided Line an 8X8 pan with foil and grease the foil with butter. Tire d'érable. Faire de la tire d'érable maison. Bonbon au caramel et chocolat {cadeau gourmand} - la gourmandise est un joli défaut. On fini la semaine avec des petit bonbons au caramel et chocolat que j'ai offert à ma soeur et quelle a kiffé grave comme on dit!!!

Bonbon au caramel et chocolat {cadeau gourmand} - la gourmandise est un joli défaut

Comme souvent je m'en faisait tout une montagne mais, grâce à Christophe Felder et à sa bible, j'y suis arrivée les doigts dans le nez, trop facile et trop trop gourmand, allez on s'y met!! Sucettes à l’érable Louis XIV. Homemade fruit leather. Today’s post from Rachel just screams back to school to me.

Homemade fruit leather

Fruit roll ups were one of the few “normal” kid snacks my mom actually bought for us. I might’ve been that kid with whole wheat sandwiches, fruit as “dessert” and carrot sticks on the side but occasionally, I did get fruit roll ups. Those were the days I didn’t have to hide my totally uncool lunch from friends and sit in the corner. Ok, slight exaggeration but carrot sticks were embarrassing. Seriously. Rachel is a mom of three and her oldest just started kindergarten this year. Two Ingredient Nutella Banana Fruit Leather. If you have never sampled Nutella and banana together, skip this Nutella banana fruit leather, go make a Nutella banana sandwich, understand the beauty behind this duo, and then come back and continue reading.

Two Ingredient Nutella Banana Fruit Leather

Nutella banana fruit leather is a chewy on-the-go version of banana and Nutella that you will want to take everywhere! Going hiking? Grab some Nutella banana fruit leather! Taking a family road trip? Don’t forget the Nutella banana fruit leather. What You Don’t Need to Make Nutella Banana Fruit Leather Ripe bananas. Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, Black "Eek...I don't have a dehydrator, can I still make these? " Recette : Des chips maison dans votre four à micro-ondes ! – Le Blog Cuisine. Que ce soit seul devant la télé, pour un apéritif entre amis, un pique-nique ou finalement, à n’importe quel moment de la journée, nous pouvons avoir envie / besoin de chips.

Recette : Des chips maison dans votre four à micro-ondes ! – Le Blog Cuisine

Mais… les chips que l’on peut trouver dans les rayons de nos supermarchés ne sont pas forcément les meilleures (trop d’huile, trop de sel), autant les faire à la maison ! En plus d’avoir de bonnes chips faites maison (c’est la classe de dire aux amis « c’est moi qui l’ai fait! » pendant l’apéro), elles seront bien moins grasses, moins salées, et elles seront moins chères qu’en magasin. C’est donc du 100% gagnant pour vous (et pour vos invités). Ingrédients : Des pommes de terre (bio si possible, vous pourrez garder la peau)De l’huileDes épices Matériel : Une rape OU un économe OU une mandolineUn saladierUn four à micro-ondesUne assiette qui passe au four à micro-ondes C’est très très simple.

Lavez vos pommes de terre. De mon côté, je la garde, elle donne un côté plus rustique aux chips. Simple, rapide et efficace. Rainbow JELL-O Cubes Recipe. Joy of Jello » Blog Archive » Gelatin Pinwheels or Fruity Roll-Ups. Celebrate Jello Week with these yummy treats! What kid could resist them? So cute! How fun would they be in a lunch box or for a holiday or party treat! You can do them in any color for any theme: red for Valentines, red and green for Christmas, orange for Halloween, green for St. Patricks, red and blue for 4th of July etc.

My kids were not in agreement as to the name of these treats. Gelatin Pinwheel/ Fruity Roll-Ups 1 (3 oz.) pkg. jello 1/2 cup water 1 1/2 cups miniature marshmallows Lightly spray an 8 or 9 inch pan square pan with non-stick cooking spray and make sure it is spread well. Stir together water and jello powder in a glass bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Add marshmallows and return to microwave for 20-40 seconds or until marshmallows have just begun to puff. Whisk quickly until marshmallows are dissolved. Pour quickly into prepared pan and chill in fridge for 45 minutes or until well set. Remove the pan from fridge. Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve. Food Librarian. Happy St.

Food Librarian

Patrick's Day! Ice Cream Jello Mix together to dissolve:2 large packages (6 oz each) of green Jello (or any flavor)1 packet of unflavored gelatin4 cups boiling water Add:1 quart vanilla ice cream (I would use less ice cream next time)Stir til dissolved Pour:9 x 13 glass dish Refrigerate overnight, cut and serve! Happy St.