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Homemade ice cream. By Lisa on .

homemade ice cream

We headed out of town this weekend on a two day camping trip and it was just what I needed to get away and have fun with my family without any distractions! My hubs lamented before going that we couldn’t take ice cream with us because we couldn’t keep it cold long enough. I don’t like to disappoint so I decided to try to baggie ice cream at the campground. It was a hit and so easy to do! What you need: Half and Half (we used a little whipping cream too because we wanted it extra creamy)SugarVanillagallon Ziploc baggiesquart Ziploc baggiesIceRock salt For each serving you need 1 cup of half and half, 2 Tbsp. sugar, and 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Peanut Butter Banana Quesadillas. I love single serving desserts.

Peanut Butter Banana Quesadillas

They keep you from over indulging because there are no leftovers and they can be whipped up on the fly. I also love quesadillas, with their crispy outside and gooey filling… Mmmm… So, I combined the two. These peanut butter banana quesadillas are perfect. Not only does the peanut butter get all warm and gooey, but the bananas and chocolate chips get all gooey, too. I threw the chocolate chips in there because I had some left over from my Funky Monkey Baked Oatmeal, but you could also try things like a drizzle of honey, or a sprinkle of flaked coconut.

Peanut Butter Banana Quesadillas. Berry Pops » Muy Delish. Let’s celebrate today’s 115 degree weather with a popsicle recipe shall we?

Berry Pops » Muy Delish

Yep, you heard that right, today we reached that and probably more in some areas of the valley. While some people in other parts of the country have started commenting how they feel the weather changing from summer to fall, we still have sizzling hot weather in Phoenix. Hopefully this heat wave will end soon or I will melt! I have so many recipes I want to make but most of them involve the oven one way or another. Easiest 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies. Welcome to the original recipe for 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies!

Easiest 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

I’m thrilled to see how this recipe has spread over the internet. I came up with this recipe in my kitchen one day after several trials and it’s still one of my favorite recipes to date. It’s just so easy to make, with just 3 ingredients, 5 minutes of prep, and 15 minutes baking time. Easy Jell-O Popsicles - One Sweet Appetite. Healthy bite recipe toddlers can make! No-Bake Chewy Cookies and Cream Bars. Oh how I love a treat that can be whipped up in about 15 minutes.

No-Bake Chewy Cookies and Cream Bars

My boys and their buddies couldn’t get enough of these Chewy Oreo Bars we had as an after school snack this week. Sometimes my spontaneous recipe creations turn out to be the most fun, lol! Yes you use an entire package of Oreo Cookies, but what you get in return is a marshmallow-y Oreo treat that is worth every bite Surprise the kids (and yourself) with this one, they’ll be all smiles, Enjoy! 3 whole ingredients. Break out your Cookies! Place them all in the food processor or blender and mix until ground. Like so. Melt the butter and marshmallows into a large bowl until puffed. You’ll get a little something like this Working quickly, pour in your ground cookies. Mix, mix and mix. Honey Bread Recipe - Food Fun Friday.

I was searching for a bread recipe to make with the kids.

Honey Bread Recipe - Food Fun Friday

Baking bread is such a fun activity to do with kids. Measuring, scooping and kneading provides so many wonderful sensory and fine motor opportunities. Besides, who can resist a house that smells like baking bread. Yum! I found an simple bread recipe with a twist - the addition of honey! You will need:1 package of active dry yeast1 1/4 cup of warm milk (110 to 115 degrees)1/4 cup of honey1/8 cup of melted butter1 teaspoon of salt4 cups of all purpose flour Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Add 3 cups of flour and mix with hands until a soft dough forms. Place the dough on a floured surface and begin kneading for about 10 minutes. When you are done kneading, place the dough in a greased bowl and cover it. Next, punch down the dough and place it in a greased loaf pan. Bake for 30-35 minutes at 375 degrees. No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars. Growing up, Honey Nut Cheerios were a pantry and breakfast table staple.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars

I recently bought an economy-sized box that was on sale and needed to make something with them or else we were going to be eating them until Christmas. These fast, easy, bars cost just a fraction of storebought bars to make, they’re healthier, and they’ve got fun, bright colors. In the past I’ve used Golden Grahams, Special K, Chex, Rice Krispies and many others in recipes, but never the classic O’s until these. Kids Can Make: Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie Recipe. Kids Can Make: Puffed Rice Snowballs Recipe.