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Celebrate Strawberry Season Turns out it's possible to improve upon classic tiramisu -- just add strawberries! 3 Reclips 0 Likes Once I tried to make strawberry jam and burned it. This time I'm going to be more diligent, because it was otherwise really easy. Late summer in a glass: Strawberry-peach sangria. 20 Reclips 0 Likes

Add Some Charisma to Your Corn! Who doesn’t think about summer without firm, sweet, iconic American corn on the cob! Wrapped in foil and roasted on the grill with butter and herbs, or toasted to plump perfection over an open campfire, a day at the beach or park isn’t quite the same without it. But did you know the common corn we all know and love can be used to pique our palettes in many sweet and savory dishes? Domesticated and grown since prehistoric times by natives of Mesoamerica (the region from central Mexico to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica), corn was also reportedly discovered in Cuban fields in 1492 by none other than Christopher Columbus. Its growing methods and culinary applications shared by Indians and pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation, Indian corn was different from the sweet yellow corn that we eat today.

Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes “Scalloped” is an attractive word, isn’t it? When I hear it I think of several things: first, there’s scallops, as in the seafood—totally delicious. Then there’s the scalloped shape that can live on the edge of a pair of shorts or on the collar of a woman’s blouse—always pretty and dainty. Web’s Tastiest: Dessert on a Stick We can blame lollipops for the undeniable appeal of enjoying a treat on a stick. Then came corndogs and popsicles, and the rest is history. Now delectable foods of many varieties are popping up on cute wooden sticks. When it comes to little hands and messy eating habits, the help of a stick will make sweet treats a bit easier to enjoy. These 16 recipes beg you to think beyond the hugely popular cake pops, to create the Web’s Tastiest: Dessert on a Stick. Pop Tarts on a Stick

Coconut Lime Noodle Soup Even though Southern California enjoys warmth and eternal sunshine most of the year, it’s beginning to get colder, especially in the mornings and nights. In colder days, I love preparing myself a piping hot noodle soup or rice dishes. The warmth from cooking in the kitchen and the noodles or rice never fail to warm me up. Top 10 Recipes of 2010 Last year I did a round up of the 10 most visited posts of 2009 on this blog. I was surprised to see that this year several posts from last year are still in the top 10! I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that read Amanda’s Cookin’, those of you that share my posts with your friends and family, and those that make my recipes and come back to tell me. Your feedback is invaluable to me, not to mention a fun ego boost. Beyond Zucchini Bread: 15 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Green Monster Squash Previous image Next image "If you want zucchini" says Garrison Keillor, in his drawling reminiscence of Lake Wobegon, the quintessential Midwest town too real to be real, "just go to church on Sunday. You'll have all you can handle." People in garden-minded towns should lock their car doors, this time of year, or else they may find a large, moist sack of green monsters on their back seat. Do you have a sack of zucchini sitting on the front seat of your car, or on your kitchen counter?

Nutella Cupcakes With Philly Cream Cheese Nutella Frosting! My daughter is a Nutella freak and just loves the creamy chocolaty spread! She would take a jar of it to school and her classmates would pass it around during lunch and eat it straight from the container. Probably not the most sanitary thing to do, but teens live for the moment and don’t put much thought into that kind of stuff. I wanted to bake my daughter something special, so I decided to search for recipes using Nutella and found Self Frosting Nutella Cupcakes at Baking Bites.

2-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie For One This is one of those ‘I-need-a-cookie-right-now-or-I-die’ recipes that can be prepared in almost no time.We all know that kind of situation, don’t we? I definitely do, I confess.And you know what? This impressive cookie not only takes less than 5 minutes to prepare, it tastes really delicious. Just like a good chocolate chip cookie.The preparation is beyond easy… just have a look… Roasted Broccoli Recipe Kids don’t usually beg for broccoli, at least not the kids I know. So I was quite pleasantly surprised when my goddaughter Piper and her sisters Alden and Reilly not only raved about roasted broccoli, but insisted on making a batch for me during a recent visit. We sort of threw it together and the oven wasn’t working very well, so that particular incarnation of roasted broccoli wasn’t a raging success, but it was eaten with great enthusiasm nonetheless.

Bake or Break  <div class="no-js-alert"> Please enable JavaScript to view this website. </div> Subscribe Search Buffalo Chicken Rolls I’m thinking we’re very comfortable together at this point, me and you. You and me. At best, we’re virtual soul mates bonded through food and cooking. At worst, we’re in a one-sided pen pal relationship and you’re not keeping up your end of the bargain. Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls A few weeks ago I shared my recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pulls, a sweet pull apart bread. In the post I mentioned a savory cheesy version. I had several requests for the cheesy bread recipe. Stumblers Who Like 50 of the World's Best Breakfasts – Written by Victoria Philpott Not quite had your fill of breakfasts just yet? Check out our beautifully visual list of the 30 best breakfasts from around the world.

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