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Avocado Egg Salad Roll Ups - Chocolate Dessert Recipes - OMG Chocolate Desserts. Sweet and Spicy Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Lemon Caper Egg Salad Recipe - Bright and Crunchy ~ Macheesmo. Normal deli-style egg salad is about the least sexy food I can think of.

Lemon Caper Egg Salad Recipe - Bright and Crunchy ~ Macheesmo

It’s usually beyond bland, over-mayonnaised, and without any sort of texture at all. Mushy eggs and mayo? SIGN ME UP! Egg salad has potential though. The fattiness and richness of the eggs can work but you need to add big flavors to it to balance out the fat. I must say I think I’ve pretty much perfected the formula for a good homemade egg salad and once you have it down, the variations are limitless.

Directions 1) Add eggs to a pot and cover by at least an inch of cold water. 2) Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and transfer to an ice water bath to cool. 3) In a medium bowl, add diced celery, radishes, scallion, mayo, lemon zest and juice, capers, and a pinch of salt and pepper. 4) Add eggs and use a potato masher to gently mash salad together. Serve egg salad with fresh baby arugula on toast. Lemon Caper Egg Salad Before we talk eggs, let’s talk add-ins. The good parts. A nice dice.

Green Goddess Egg Salad — The Whole Bite. And that is exactly what we have going on here.

Green Goddess Egg Salad — The Whole Bite

Egg salad all grown up, not really even close to what you remember from school. I think egg salads main problem is that it's only flavor is eggs, eggs and more eggs. Hard boiled eggs, covered in mayo (made from eggs) and that's it. Where are the herbs? The Sweetest Way to Eat Your Veggies — Red Velvet Beet Cupcakes Recipe! Valentine’s Day isn’t too far off, and what sweeter way to celebrate than with adorable cookies paired with puns.

The Sweetest Way to Eat Your Veggies — Red Velvet Beet Cupcakes Recipe!

If you’ve never iced sugar cookies before, don’t worry — you still have a few weeks to practice! These cheeky burgers will definitely be worth the effort, and put a smile on anyone’s face. Now what are you waiting for? Lettuce get started! Ingredients: EASY Pancake Recipe. {Pressure Cooker} Haddock with Potatoes & Kale. Pressure Cooker Green Chile Pork Carnitas - Kitschen Cat. Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup - Taste Love and Nourish. I love the flavors of Thai cooking.

Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup - Taste Love and Nourish

The contrasts between sweet, sour, salty and spicy are intriguing and unique. This soup, with flavors of creamy coconut, spicy red chilis and a bit of curry, finds balance with citrusy lemongrass and lime. 18 Reasons to Make Pork Chops Your New Fave Weeknight Meal. The search for compelling weeknight dinner recipes is always ongoing.

18 Reasons to Make Pork Chops Your New Fave Weeknight Meal

Just when you think you’re set with slow cooker chicken recipes, you realize that you need more than poultry in your life. You include healthy salmon into your routine and vegetarian tacos for meatless Monday, but there’s still something that you’re missing — pork chops. They’re a great alternative to chicken that doesn’t get enough love.

If you’re stuck in a dinner rut, scroll down to discover 18 delicious reasons why pork chops should be your new favorite *easy* weeknight protein. Lemon Basil Risotto with Burrata - Just a Little Bit of Bacon. Lemon basil risotto is a GREAT vegetarian main course!

Lemon Basil Risotto with Burrata - Just a Little Bit of Bacon

I’ve pumped up the lemon flavor with fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. Added some zip to the basil by making it into a spinach basil pesto. (Yum!) ASPARAGUS LEMON RISOTTO. Coconut Lime Chicken - A Saucy Kitchen. Sweet and Tangy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette. Sweet and Tangy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette This Sweet and Tangy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette has become my go-to salad dressing.

Sweet and Tangy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

It comes together quickly with household staples and is a major crowd-pleaser! Salads are my go-to lunch. I often have lunch with my neighbor, Julie. MiniMins - Weight Loss Community. Slow Cooker Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken - Chef in Training. A delicious and creamy chicken recipe that is loaded with amazing flavor!

Slow Cooker Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken - Chef in Training

The sun dried tomatoes and basil truly make this meal outstanding! I absolutely ADORE my slow cooker! This past week has been absolutely crazy! We just got back from vacation a week ago from Disneyland. Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken - Creme De La Crumb. Easy Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Recipe. Easy Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken – Loaded with salsa verde (green sauce) and delicious chopped tomatoes, this healthy crock pot chicken is incredibly flavorful and extremely easy to make.

Easy Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Recipe

Just place it all in the crock pot and walk away. I should’ve called it the “Dump & Go” chicken dinner. Sidenote: Don’t you HATE IT when people say “should OF”, when they really mean to say “should’ve”? Like, should HAVE. Grammar mistakes kinda irk me… a lot. Anywho. Slow Cooker Creamy Cilantro Lime Chicken. Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo. Chicken slowly braised in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and bay leaves until fall-off-the-bone tender and DELICIOUS.

Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo

This classic dish can be made a day ahead and tastes even better the next day! Life does get in the way sometimes. :) I intended to post this well-clamored for recipe last week but alas my migraine headache for 3 days in a row totally prevented me from doing so. So, I apologize to those who were normally awaiting another recipe last week. Things were certainly beyond my control. White Chicken Chili. 5 stars based on 96 votes Share on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Pinterest I have tried countless recipes for White Chicken Chili over the years, from this popular “dump it all in a pot” recipe to more authentic versions made with a wide array of chili peppers and hominy. All were fine, but not what I was looking for. Finally, I came upon this easy 5-star recipe by the Neelys; with over 150 favorable reviews — some even claiming to have won chili contests with it — I was hopeful. I made the recipe as written and it was delicious but since I’m not one to leave well enough alone, I read through each and every review, took into account all of the suggestions and then came up with this modestly adapted (and, dare I say, slightly improved) version.

As you can see, the chili is made with a store bought rotisserie chicken, which makes it easy. Begin by combining half of the white beans in a food processor with one cup of the chicken broth. Process until you have a smooth purée. Breakfast recipe. I don’t know what it is about breakfast, but I love it. Well, let me rephrase that. I love breakfast foods. I actually don’t have a very big appetite in the morning, but I love breakfast foods in general and can really eat it anytime of the day. There’s something so comforting about pancakes, waffles, bacon (duh), eggs, pastries, fruit and yogurt, oatmeal (well not really, I hate oatmeal…sorry, I know a lot of you are probably disgusted with me right now and I apologize…but the stuff’s like glue to me…I’ll take warm buttered grits over oatmeal any day).

Roasted Butternut Squash Fettuccine - The Lemon Press. Chicken Penne Casserole with Corn and Zucchini - The Seasoned Mom. Hatch Green Chile and Tomato Egg Casserole {Gluten Free} Slow Cooker Cobbler with ALL the Berries. Slow Cooker Cobbler, you ask? Slow Cooker Basil Chicken in Coconut Curry Sauce - The Food Charlatan. Slow cook your way to one of the best chicken curries I’ve ever had! The sauce has coconut milk, jalapeno, and red onion. Thai Chicken with Spicy “Peanut” Sauce. Thai chicken with spicy “peanut” sauce without the peanuts. Your entire family with love this one pan meal. This is one of those wonder meals you can put together in about 30 minutes, use just one pan, is chuck full of vegetables, contains just the right amount of healthy fats, and your entire family will love it. I think that’s called a win, win, win, win, win. It’s like a woman’s dream come true.

I love these kind of meals. I have seen several drool worthy pictures floating around of Thai peanut sauce and this is my take on a peanut free version (hence the “peanut” in quotes) which tastes pretty dang close. Baked Ham and Cheese Rollups. Thank you Boar's Head for sponsoring this post. Creamy Lemon Spinach One-Pot Pasta. Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna. This is sure to become a family favorite. Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter HERE so you never miss a new recipe! Deviled Egg Salad Recipe. Is it really almost Labor Day? Whatever happened to the summer? When I was a kid, summers seemed to stretch on forever. Days were spent lollygagging along the river, trying to catch minnows, dipping in here and there to stay cool. Summer meant pick-up games of “pickle” on the quiet street in front of our house, stealing bases, and hoping the kid with the ball would overshoot.

Best Eggs Benedict Casserole - How to Make Eggs Benedict Casserole. Watermelon Mint Salad. Watermelon mint salad is a refreshing and delicious summer side dish that can be ready in just 5 minutes. Tomato Avocado Salad - COOKTORIA. Creamy Dill Cucumber Salad - The Healthy Foodie. Pepper Jack and Bacon Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes.

This easy pepper jack and bacon stuffed tomato recipe is cute, festive, the perfect party appetizer! Guys, today is a big day! Aww, Sam: DIY Pop Rocks Candy Recipe. Shrimp Boil Foil Packets. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Macaroni - Healthy Slow Cooking. Photos by Kate Lewis, Copyrighted by Fair Winds Press. Haute & Healthy Living Roasted Garlic & Feta Chicken Burgers. There’s something about the smell of garlic roasting in the oven that just makes me so hungry! Slow Cooker Poached Salmon with Lemons & Fresh Herbs. Caprese Quesadilla. How to Make Crockpot Dulce de Leche Using ONE Ingredient.

Tequila Lime Chicken Kabobs. Coconut & squash dhansak. ONE PAN Chicken and Spinach Gnocchi (VIDEO) Copy Cat Trader Joe's Chili Lime Chicken Burgers. Thai Curried Pumpkin Soup. Spicy Thai Curry Noodle Soup - Spicy Sriracha Lime Chicken Zoodle Soup. Croque Madame Toastie Cups (Ham, Egg & Cheese Sauce Muffins) Creamy Portobella Mushroom Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup. Gingerbread Latte. Jamie Oliver - Magazine. Chai Tea Kit (Caffeinated) Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows - Mom 4 Real. Vegan Porcini Mushroom Gravy. Rosemary Spiced Mixed Nuts 2014. Wild Mushroom Gravy Recipe. Smoked Cheddar and Cranberry Dip - don't push meow. Marshmallow Truffel · How To Make A Truffle · Recipes on Cut Out.

A Warm Goat Cheese Dip with Lemon and Basil for a Romantic Dinner. Blue Cheese Fondue - Chattavore. Blood Orange Marmalade, Three Ways. Tequila Truffles · How To Make A Truffle · Recipes on Cut Out. 18 Taco Recipes to Celebrate National Taco Day. Dinner or dessert: egg boats. Cookies and Cups Microwave Caramel Sauce. 2-Minute French Toast in A Cup. 3 No-Cooking-Required Snacks That Look Fancier Than They Are.

Real Mac 'n' Cheese in a Mug. Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Wedges Recipe. How to Make Perfect Pancakes with Only 2 Ingredients. Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles. Easter Carrot Napkin Bundles - Our Best Bites.


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