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Black bean & quinoa soup

Black bean & quinoa soup
January 12, 2015 Isa Live: A Vegan Life In 4 Courses The dates are fast approaching. NYC, Nashville, Chicago (sold out, thank you!) and Napa, I am coming to feed you. Because the NYC February 1st date sold out so quickly, we’ve added a second date on February 2nd. From my early years in Brooklyn just learning how to make my own tamales and create vegan translation of my favorite foods, to my adulthood as a cookbook author taking over the world with cupcakes, and finally, my current life in Omaha, opening a vegan restaurant – Modern Love – in the heart of cattle country, these recipes will tell the story of my life. PS Sorry, there won’t really be any pyrotechnics. The MenuAct ICaesar Salad With Brussels seared brussel sprouts, grilled tofu, tahini caper dressing, toasted pine nuts Act IITamale lentil chorizo, mole rojo, guacamole Act IIIChickpeas & Dumplings creamy chickpea stew, rosemary biscuits Act IVChocolate Mousse Cupcake pistachio dust, coconut whip, raspberry caramel June 6, 2014

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Mahanandi » Recipe Index Mahanandi is easy to navigate, and recipes are archived in four ways. Browse by Ingredients: Ingredients are listed in alphabetical order in category section on the sidebar of Mahanandi. Browse by Date or Month: Recipe name appears by hovering the mouse on the calendar. Clicking on the dates in the calendar will take you to the recipe that is blogged on that day. Or click on the month in archives section and then on the date in calendar.

vegan stuffed shells I swear, no one will know this is vegan. Ok, that was a big statement, let me start over. I’m really pretty sure that this one will win over your pickiest eaters. Easy Chicken Burritos Chicken Burritos I made a roasted chicken over the weekend, and after enjoying it on the first day, I’ve been trying to come up with a more innovative recipe than just a simple sandwich. When I spotted some leftover tortillas in the fridge, I instantly thought of finally making my own homemade burritos. One of my embarrassing, guilty pleasures are those cheap, frozen burritos. I don’t know what it is about them, besides the fact they are loaded with fat, but I have loved them for years.

How to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors To start vegetable seeds indoors, fill small seed trays three-quarters full of potting soil, sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil mixture, and cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. Keep vegetable seeds moist, but not drenched, with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to start vegetable seeds indoors. Now, vegetables are such a joy to grow in the garden, and they save you so much money from buying them at the grocery store. So, I'm sure we'll find in the future too, that growing vegetables isn't just a trend. Thai Basil Eggplant - Recipe Welcome to Herbivoracious! If this is your first visit, please start here. Thai Basil Eggplant The Thai basil situation can be a bit confusing. The herb known specifically as Thai basil, which is what I’ve used in this dish, has purplish stems and green leaves.

How to Make The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich As many of you may know, I am completely obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches! They are so simple and yet so irresistibly good! Over the years I have made countless grilled cheese sandwiches and more recently I have been experimenting with them and sharing my adventures with you. I recently realized that although I have posted a lot of grilled cheese sandwich recipes, I have not written about the basic grilled cheese sandwich or gone into much detail about how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Since I have picked up a few tricks along the way, I thought that it was about time that I shared them with you. At its base a grilled cheese sandwich is pretty simple consisting of bread, butter and cheese.

Chili-Rubbed Portobello Tacos with Cilantro-Jalapeño Crema (Gluten-Free) We used So Delicious Dairy Free’s Plain Greek Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt for the Cilantro-Jalapeño Crema as a dressing for the amazing chili-rubbed portobello tacos with Dr. Don’s homemade Mexican rice and fresh pico de gallo. It’s both VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE. Mexican Green Rice Salad Mexican Green Rice Salad This is just about the easiest little salad ever. I told you earlier in the week how infatuated I was last summer with rice salads, and now that the weather has warmed up, I can’t get them out of my head. I’ve been dreaming about all type of ways to reinvent a rice salad. This was my latest creation I made for Cinco de Mayo. It’s loaded with spinach and cilantro for a brilliant color and unique taste.

We Like It Raw - Raw Food Goodness: Raw Food Recipes These recipes have made it to the top of our list. All we can say is yummm! View all Raw Food Recipes Salsa Finta & Almond Polpetta This raw fiesta finds inspiration from Russell James, raw chef based in the UK. Grilled Zucchini with Herb Marinade Recipe (The Kids Cook Monday) Grilled vegetables have become a favorite at our home, partly because of the flavor and partly because they are often easy to prepare. Our boys help with slicing the vegetables and mixing the marinades, and Michael or I take over at the grill. I’ve tried several different knives with the boys, and our favorite is the Victorinox Wavy Edge Round Tip Steak Knife. The handle is small enough for beginners to hold easily, and the wavy/serrated edge slices neatly through pretty much anything. The rounded tip provides a measure of safety similar to blunt tip scissors, but remember it is a sharp knife, so be sure to teach knife safety and remind your young chefs to keep their fingers back. (See how Hockey Guy needed another reminder in the photo below!)

Reuben Sandwich My absolute favourite thing to do with corned beef leftovers has to be making reuben sandwiches . There is just something magical about the combination of tender corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, creamy Russian dressing and Swiss cheese wrapped in rye! I like to grill my reuben sandwiches to melt the cheese and give the rye a nice and crispy texture a warm buttery flavour. Reuben sandwiches are pretty easy to make though there is one tricky part and that is dealing with all of the liquid in the sandwich from the juicy corned beef, the sauerkraut and the Russian dressing. No one likes a soggy sandwich and luckily there are some easy ways to deal with the problem. First you want to really squeeze the excess liquid from the sauerkraut and if it still has a lot of moisture you can saute it in a pan to get rid of even more of it.

10 Popsicles Made with More Than Just Fruit Fruit pops are the best but the world of dessert can be so much more than just berries and peaches. These 10 popsicles show you just how tasty dessert can be with other ingredients like fresh herbs, veggies and even goat cheese! While here in the states, avocados are mostly limited to Mexican food, this savory fruit is used in many desserts across the globe. These pops will convince you why. Lavender infused cream make these strawberry pops both tasty and elegant. Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry Of all the Americanized Chinese stir fries, beef and broccoli has to be one of the most popular. It’s so simple, and so good. This recipe is an adaptation of my mom’s very Americanized version of the classic stir fry. Her secret ingredient to an irresistible beef and broccoli stir fry is cheddar cheese.

Italian Tofu Frittata I have seen a lot of recipes on TV of Spanish frittata;s which look absolutely yum with those potatoes, cheese, zucchini and loads of egg;s..... wait a min!! eggs!!!Well that's what it is made of.Its a Spanish omelet using lots of veggies cooked on the stove and then baked in the oven to finish it.I have substitute tofu to eggs and the end result pretty amazing :)!To give it a little more special "Me" effect,,i tried to add more of Italian ingredients to it like fresh basil, tomatoes, etc...So here is my version of Frittata!:)This one is for Madhuram 's event!

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