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Drink Can Tinwork

Drink Can Tinwork

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Alice's Soda Can Bookmarks What does Wonderland's Alice have to do with Christmas? Absolutely nothing. Except that the same procedure with which I made her 'Drink me' bookmark I employed to make a more Christmas-y version. Whimsical Dreamcatcher Tutorial This weeks Iron Craft challenge is to create something based on your family heritage. I chose to highlight my Native American side. Really though I just consider myself American. I’m such a mutt that it’s hard to say exactly what’s most prominent. Basically I’m 12 different kinds of things, 10 European and 2 tribes and that’s about as much as there is to know. The real thing that made my choice for me was that Geekette has been having trouble sleeping lately.

Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans November 1st, 2011 I’m preparing for a couple of craft fairs (details coming soon) at the moment and decided to have a go at making some Festive decorations by recycling some drinks cans I’ve been collecting. I found this tutorial the other day and thought I could adapt it to me own needs. Crissy's Crafts: Metal Flowers Picture Tutorial I am just in love with my metal flowers!! Love making them in all different sizes and shapes. Getting better at each time! Craft: Recycled Pop Can Garland You have probably seen soda can crafts in your neighbor's garden, at craft fairs, and on craft web sites. This is a guide about crafts using soda cans. Solutions: Crafts Using Soda Cans

More Drink Can Tinwork - Hexagonal Snowflake Box Tinwork Embossed tinwork is sometimes used to decorate rustic style photo or mirror frames, or just to make decorative items such as Christmas tree decorations. The metal used is usually thicker (tinplate) and is normally worked with hammered tools - I wanted to try to get a similar effect, but with a bit less effort. Free Downloadable Template If you want to try this for yourself, I've created this PDF template with patterns for both base and lid. When printed on A4 paper, the designs should be the right size to work with metal cut from a 440ml can or larger.

How To Make A Punched Tin Dragonfly Several requests have arrived from the blogiverse for a tutorial for making a punched tin and bead dragonfly. So here it is! NOTES before we start: recycle Old Tin Cans into Functional Furnishings Tin cans are the subjects of many arts & crafts projects, frequently reused as the bodies of little tin robot soldiers or other kitschy knickknacks. This designer has taken the same classic object but added a useful and more minimalist twist – a set of simple plastic lids that make an old tin can able to serve a new function. From tea, coffee, sugar and other kitchen storage containers to soap dispensers and pen holders, these designs by Jack Bresnahan bring out the remarkable elegance of what one might previously consider a purely functional form.

Recycled Aluminum Flowers Materials and Tools: utility scissors or tin snips colorful aluminum beverage cans envelope claspsawlhammer metal rods or small wooden dowelsnon-permenant markersteel woolhot glue gunthin-guage wire Steps: 1. Wash empty cans and allow them to dry. Use utility scissors or tin snips to remove top and bottom of cans to create a rectangular sheet of aluminum.

Free Tatting Patterns » earrings © If you use the pattern, you should refer to this site. Copy this link to your site: “Free tatting patterns” These ear-rings look like this necklace >> Materials: a cotton thread and a bead. All rings: 2, picot, 2, picot, 2, picot, 2, picot, 2, picot, 2 All chains: 4 knots How To Make Punched "Tin" Butterflies Punched "tin" butterflies are almost always fluttering about somewhere in my home or garden! I never tire of making them and my enthusiasm has resulted in a rather large collection. (Huge - actually!) So consider this fair warning - they are addictive! In addition to the instructions below, it may be helpful to review the tutorial for making Punched "Tin" Light shields posted last November as the techniques are quite similar.

Free Plans: TIE Fighter From Aluminum Cans So you want to make an airplane out of Beer Cans & Pop Cans? Well you've come to the right place! I'm so sure that you're going to enjoy making these planes that I'm going to GIVE you your first How-To Booklet absolutely FREE. NO COST OR OBLIGATION. Easter Cross Made From Recycled Soda Cans Michele Made Me ... do it! To be honest, I had pretty much given up on the idea of doing any more "recycled/reuse" crafting. And then I began following Michele, the brilliant mind behind the Michele Made Me Blog and the Tute 'n Pattern Shop. (I share more of her story here.)

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