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Veggie.num.num — delicious vegetarian cooking

Veggie.num.num — delicious vegetarian cooking
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Vegan MoFo Headquarters International The healthy vegetarian recipe blog Guest Post: Spicy Lentil Tart with Pomegranate and Mint Those of you who've been reading my blog for some time will know that I eat a mostly vegetarian diet (plus occasional seafood) and am a BIG fan of vegetarian and vegan cooking. One of my long-time favorite blogs has been Veggie num num, written by the wonderful Trudy from Australia. Not only does she take gorgeous photos, she also creates the most creative vegetarian recipes. I have to say I am a little excited to be here! I am constantly blown away with Xiaolu’s clever and amazingly scrumptious looking recipes. Being a vegetarian it can be hard to convince people that you eat interesting, varied and delicious foods. There is nothing I love more than turning this idea on its head and providing vegetarian recipes that I really hope everyone finds delicious and appealing!! I had been meaning to experiment with a vegetarian version of a Lebanese tart for some time and thought this post would be the perfect opportunity to do just that. Preheat the oven to 180°C/356°F.

The Vegan Mouse The 10 Cheapest, Healthiest Foods Money Can Buy Whether you’re broke and waiting for the next paycheck, or simply trying to cut back on your grocery bill, it’s vital to choose foods that give you the healthiest bang for your hard-earned buck. These ten foods do just that. They’re nutritional powerhouses for pennies on the dollar. Many could be considered superfoods, and have long been staples of frugal households. I included almost all of them (sorry, lentils) for CHG's $25 Challenge, and you’ll see that Hillbilly Housewife uses quite a few in her famous $45 Emergency Menu, as well. To compile the final list, there were three main criteria. Versatile. Of course, your opinion on some of these foods (particularly the first) might differ, and I’d love to hear what you would have included instead. All prices are the lowest available from Peapod (Stop & Shop) on 4/6/10.All nutrition data comes from, uh, Nutrition Data and is approximate. BANANAS Are there better-rounded fruits? CARROTS Bugs Bunny was on to something. PEAS Yes, peas.

6 Bittersweets Socially Conscious, Totally Fabulous Vegetarian Times - Great Food, Good Health, Smart Living Molly O'Neill's Roasted Carrot and Red Lentil Soup So here's a little story for you. On Saturday morning. I was strolling around my favorite green market, filling my bag with snappy asparagus, hyacinths and peonies, rosy little radishes and rondes de Nice, those round zucchini that you're meant to stuff with seasoned ground meat and bake in the oven. I didn't expect to find them at the market, and I couldn't help but buy four of them, round and glossy and firm. Inspired with memories of the petits farcis of Nice, I stopped at the organic butcher to look for ground meat. As I stood in line, though, I decided to use ground dark chicken meat instead, lightening the filling. Suddenly it was my turn. Exotic! Back at home, hungry for lunch, I decided to put the zucchini away and turn to something else I'd been craving for a while, armed with an old recipe of Molly O'Neill's for red lentil ragout. The original recipe starts with a roasted panful of carrots and onions and ends with ancho chile and other exotic spices. So here's what happens.