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yEd - Graph Editor yEd is a powerful desktop application that can be used to quickly and effectively generate high-quality diagrams. Create diagrams manually, or import your external data for analysis. Our automatic layout algorithms arrange even large data sets with just the press of a button. yEd is freely available and runs on all major platforms: Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS X. The latest release is version 3.12.2 Give a title to our Poem...- Plant a Question, Grow Answers! Generate a live word cloud with your audience. collaborative dreamslove and peacetogetherwe are europewe can do everythingwe make europe a better placehappy faces hopesunityhappy faces smiling all togethercolaborativveour happiness poemhope!weus together!!a happy worldthe butterfly poemwe are powerjoined in poetrywe are creative teachers!here we areall togetherthese are our feelingshappy poemme and wehappy teachers, happy worlduniteddifferent words for one goalteachers unitedhellochildrenteachers are butterfliesping pong among terachers who care!happy e-twinnersfriendsthe happy faces poem!love and trust that's all we needwe are friendseuropethe spring of the humansthe teeachers songa lovely dayteacher's thoughtswe are friends!

Products - Concept Mapping Programs Natural Mapping Interface Add and move topics just like drawing in a notebook. MindMaple® lets you place new topics creatively instead of restricting them to a preset location. Manage Your Tasks Visually integrate important task details into your maps. Attach your work documents, and edit and save them directly from MindMaple. 20 useful ways to use TodaysMeet in schools TodaysMeet is an easy-to-use, versatile digital tool. It can enhance discussions, provide a place for ideas and more. TodaysMeet is so simple yet so versatile that it has become one of my go-to digital tools.

18 Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers and Students Mind mapping. concept mapping, or brainstorming are three different names with almost the same meaning : collecting,organizing , and representing ideas, tasks, words, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea into a mind map diagram . Whichever kind of mapping you want to label it , web 2.0 has some free tools for you to help you perform it. I have meticulously compiled a list of some of the best free mapping tools for teachers and students to use. Some pluses of using mind mapping tools in education : The following are some of the advantages of using mind mapping tools in education : Here is a list of free mind mapping tools for teachers :

Handy Web Tools That Solve Three Problems for Every Classroom Whether we teach seven year old students or seventeen year old students there are some universal problems that we all have to handle in our classrooms. The following three handy tools can help you solve those problems. Staying on Schedule When I have long blocks of time with students I like to schedule short breaks and transition times between activities. Use Evernote to save and sync notes, web pages, files, images, and more. Plan your next trip Keep all of your itineraries, confirmations, scanned travel documents, maps, and plans in Evernote, so you’ll have them when you need them.

Myopia: A Visualization Tool in Support of Close Reading Although the term ‘myopia’ typically has negative connotations, focusing on what is nearby is not always a bad idea. Literary critics value what they call ‘close reading’, the process of carefully reading a poem or other literary work word-by-word and line-by-line in order to analyze how different features of the text – sound, syntax and rhythm work together to create meaning. Through close reading, literary critics hope, the reader might eventually succeed in uncovering hidden connotations. Typically, multiple readings are necessary to understand the structure of a literary work and to unearth multiple meanings, especially in the case of poetry. Only then can the reader perceive the poem’s prosody. A non-abstract, enhanced visualization of the metrical, syntactical, and sonic structures of a poem can greatly ease this laborious process.

#5 The Four Most Powerful Types of Creative Thinking Considering I’m a creative coach, some people are surprised to learn I’m a little sceptical about creative thinking techniques. For one thing, there’s a lot more to creativity than thinking. It’s possible to sit around having lots of creative thoughts, but without actually making anything of them. But if you start making something, creative ideas seem to emerge naturally out of the process. So if I had to choose, I’d say creative doing beats creative thinking. And for another thing, a lot of ‘creative thinking techniques’ leave me cold.