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7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work

7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work

7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic Here’s a really good question: It’s a question every blogger asks themselves. I want to answer it here by outlining 7 content methods that seem to work wonders on social media while also generating a lot of grassroots in-bound links. Can you bring these powerful post types to your own blog? The useful list of resources requires two ingredients: time and a good eye for quality. Productivity Toolbox: 37+ Tools for Taking Action and Getting Things Done Quantifiable lists of tips are really attractive to readers because they explain in just a few seconds what a visitors stands to receive in return for their attention. Nine Factors to Consider When Determining Your Price A quality advice-post generally sticks to one topic and provides in-depth info on it. A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home Photo by Steve Webel . People like to have their world-view affirmed. This method works best when the topic isn’t too divisive. Ding Dong, Digg is Dead The Web 2.0 World is Skunk-Drunk on its Own Kool-Aid .

Top 10 Killer Headline Formulas for Tremendous Online Success Need some killer headlines for tremendous online success via social media and beyond? Try some of these formulas that have worked numerous times: Top 10… [something everybody needs or craves] [some superlatives] ;-)How to… [something everybody needs or craves]The Ultimate Guide to… [something everybody needs or craves]100 Ways to… [something everybody needs or craves]101 Resources… [something everybody needs or craves]10 Habits of… [some superlatives]How * Made Me… [some superlatives]The Secret of… [something everybody needs or craves]The Zen of… [something everybody needs or craves]Meta-List: Top 10 Lists of… [something everybody needs or craves] Of course the article must deliver what the headline promises! Some possible examples: Be cautious. Did somebody say “keyword stuffing“?

Are Your Headlines Offensive? | FutureNow's GrokDotCom / Marketing Optimization Blog Imagine the following: You’re alone at night, walking to your car in an isolated area. A large man pops out of an alley and heads towards you. It’s not just your nerves, he’s clearly coming after you, so you get ready to defend yourself. In the dim light you see what looks like a club in his hand. He swings. You throw your hand up and block! Bet that conjured up some not-so-nice feelings, didn’t it? …A large man pops out of an alley and heads towards you. What you’ve just experienced is the difference between a defensive and offensive mindset. Now ask yourself this, if you’re writing copy that’s going to force emotionally uncomfortable or downright scary topics onto your readers (because your product or service will help readers deal with or solve those problems), which mindset do you want them in? Of course, if you have several paragraphs of copy to play with, you’ll want to go back and read my previous material on dealing with pain-based copy and negative mental images.

9 Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines That Work | Email and Social Marketing Tips | Pinpointe Blog Every copywriter and journalist knows the importance of a powerful headline. The same applies for email subject lines, because as much as 40% of a recipient's decision to open an email is based on the email subject (and sender). Despite that, many still underestimate just how important the email subject line is. So here are some anecdotes, facts, and guidelines that can help you write even better subject lines (and remind you how much you should focus on them.) The 50/50 Rule of Email Subjects According to some of the best copywriters of all time, you should spend … half of the entire time it takes to write a piece of persuasive content on the email subject. "At 60 miles an hour, the only thing you hear in the new Rolls Royce is the ticking of the dashboard clock …" Master copywriter Gene Schwartz often spent an entire week on the first 50 words of a sales piece – the headline and the opening paragraph. The 80/20 Rule of Email Subject Lines Here are some interesting statistics.

10 Best Performing Email Subject Lines | Email and Social Marketing Tips | Pinpointe Blog The subject line is arguably the most important part of an email message. That’s why email marketers are so focused on getting it right. To help you get your subject lines right, we’ve put together subject line templates based on the top ten best performing subject lines right now. They’re designed to boost opens, clicks, and sales. If you’re new to email marketing and want some background for the best practices with email subject lines, we’ve got two blog posts that can help. Best practices and research are helpful. If you just crave a few simple principles for writing subject lines, try these: Be specific, but leave an information gap. Without further ado, here are your ten best performing subject lines: We checked our [analytics or other type of statistics] – you won't believe what happened next. We need your help… This is a trick from social media. Conclusion for Best Performing Subject Lines Also see: The 10 Worst Email Subject Lines

10 Worst Performing Email Subject Lines | Email and Social Marketing Tips | Pinpointe Blog We already covered the top 10 Best performing headlines – so read, review and emulate. Since no top 10 'Best' list would be complete without the corresponding '10 worst' list, here are the subject lines associated with the 10 worst performing emails campaigns, along with our opinion of what the recipient may have thought when they skimmed through their inbox.. and decided to delete the email instead of open it. Join Us for a FREE Webinar on April 2 2011! - Webinar about what? Shop Early and Save! - Oooh. - What will I be shopping for? Register to Win Your FREE iPod!! - I already have 4 iPods. - BTW, "Free" and "iPod" caused some of the emails to be filtered (the email content for this email didn't help either). Security Spending - Huh? - Better yet – I'll add this company to the list of blocked domains – that will teach them! Post-Trade Show Webinar: Expert Insights Into Key Trends and Observations from the Trade Show Floor - This subject line was longer than some email bodies. - Who cares?

What is an Ideal Email Subject Line Length? | Email and Social Marketing Tips | Pinpointe Blog We ran multiple experiments on subject lines and summarized one particular case study example in our recent webinar: “Use Split Testing to Improve Email Responses (you can download the slides and view the on-demand version). Here are the email subject variations: 1: %%First%% – [Webinar] Split Test Case Studies (Feb 4) 2: %%First%% – [Webinar] Split Test Case Studies (Feb 4) *Note 3: [Webinar] Case Studies Webinar: Using Split Testing to Improve HTML Email Response Rates (Feb 4th) – Please Join Us 4: [Webinar] Split Test Case Studies (Feb 4) Notes: In version #2 we personalized the email introduction and used the recipient’s first name in several parts of the email.In the subject lines that have squarre brackets – ‘[' and ']‘ – we included the brackets as noted. Here are the results based on the email open rates: There worst performing version had a 30% open rate; the best performing version had a 42% open rate. Other relevant articles: