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7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work

7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work
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How to Write Magnetic Email Headlines – Get Your Emails Opened! | Who is Sandy Moore How to Write Magnetic Email Headlines – Get Your Emails Opened! Are your emails being read? Are people bothering to even open them? It’s hard enough to get your emails opened and the best scenario is you want your email actually read and for the reader to click on your link right? If your email marketing is suffering from the above and you are looking to get killer headlines, more emails opened and more people joining your business then what I’m about to tell you could change your business forever! I’ve been using this free tool for about a year with some awesome results. What is The Headline Analyzer? This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. Your headline will be analyzed and scored based on the total number of EMV words it has in relation to the total number of words it contains. In addition to the EMV score, you will find out which emotion inside your customer’s your headline most impacts: Chat soon, {code1} P.S. Be Sociable, Share!

7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic Here’s a really good question: It’s a question every blogger asks themselves. I want to answer it here by outlining 7 content methods that seem to work wonders on social media while also generating a lot of grassroots in-bound links. Can you bring these powerful post types to your own blog? The useful list of resources requires two ingredients: time and a good eye for quality. Productivity Toolbox: 37+ Tools for Taking Action and Getting Things Done Quantifiable lists of tips are really attractive to readers because they explain in just a few seconds what a visitors stands to receive in return for their attention. Nine Factors to Consider When Determining Your Price A quality advice-post generally sticks to one topic and provides in-depth info on it. A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home Photo by Steve Webel . People like to have their world-view affirmed. This method works best when the topic isn’t too divisive. Ding Dong, Digg is Dead The Web 2.0 World is Skunk-Drunk on its Own Kool-Aid .

Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog? Assuming you want to increase your blog traffic, there are certain mistakes you must avoid to be successful. If you commit these mistakes, your traffic will never gain momentum. Worse, it may plateau or begin to decrease. Photo courtesy of © How do I know? Mistake #1: You don’t post enough. There are other mistakes, too; I doubt this list is exhaustive. Question: What other traffic-killers have you witnessed as a blogger? Static Front Page Plugin For WordPress | Semiologic In Software you will find the specific details of individual plugins/widgets for the Wordpress theme and how to use them. The main Semiologic package and Themes you will find in the Members area. On occasion several plugins may need to be used together, some other circumstance may be required for a plugin to function correctly or a concept may need to be more fully explained. In this case you may find a more general discussion in the Resources area. There may well be some duplication and overlap between the two areas (as, indeed, you will find this explanation in both). The Ad Manager plugin for WordPress allows you to manage advertisement space on your site. The Admin Menu plugin for WordPress makes key areas of the admin menu available from your site's front end when you're logged in. The Article Uploader plugin for WordPress lets you upload your post and page content as files, and disable WordPress' text formatting features for individual entries.

Overnight Copy | Harlan’s Samples These are some samples of my work. Click the link to view the page. Each sample opens in a new window. Some of the samples take a few seconds to load; it's worth the wait. This is only a small sample of web pages I have created. Sylvia Browne - Psychic Page This email broke all controls for my client. Here it is again for Mother's Day. Jay Abraham - Marketing Teleconference This letter brought in over $600,000 in just four weeks. Kenrick Cleveland - Darkside of Persuasion Even though I told Kenrick not to release this email during Xmas week, it broke all sales records. This Letter Made Me A Golf Nut. If you think people don't read long copy, think again. Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations With God Neale's best selling book series spawned a monthly teleconference for his fans. Stocks and Trading is a niche I love to write for: Here are two versions of a Trading Program that was marketed through email. This email campaign stunned Conscious One. This one is really worth reading! Dr.

Top 10 Killer Headline Formulas for Tremendous Online Success Need some killer headlines for tremendous online success via social media and beyond? Try some of these formulas that have worked numerous times: Top 10… [something everybody needs or craves] [some superlatives] ;-)How to… [something everybody needs or craves]The Ultimate Guide to… [something everybody needs or craves]100 Ways to… [something everybody needs or craves]101 Resources… [something everybody needs or craves]10 Habits of… [some superlatives]How * Made Me… [some superlatives]The Secret of… [something everybody needs or craves]The Zen of… [something everybody needs or craves]Meta-List: Top 10 Lists of… [something everybody needs or craves] Of course the article must deliver what the headline promises! Some possible examples: Be cautious. Did somebody say “keyword stuffing“?

My default WordPress setup: 17 must-have plugins WordPress is my favorite blogging platform and has been for a long time. It gets the basics right and never overwhelmed me as I grew up in my blogging experience. However, like Firefox, WordPress is also eminently extensible and makes it easy to both get more out of the platform the longer you’re on it and the more plugins you add to customize your experience. Recently I took a look at the numerous WordPress blogs I maintain and decided to extract some of the best plugins I use across them. They range from spam management to reporting and stats to authentication and better overall functionality. : the best comment spam protection this side of dodge. : a simple plugin for customizing the WordPress composing interface. : I just started using this one recently when it turned out that 90% of my comment spam was showing up on older posts. : this is a really useful plugin for finding out information about the server that you’re hosted on. : like Akismet, this is another Automattic product.

[HOT OFFER!] The Best Way To Get KILLER COPY That CLOSES SALES Like Crazy - HUGE Warrior Discount! So yeah. This thing. Let me tell you about this thing. I hardly EVER like copy writing educational stuff. And hey, I'd LOVE to stay on top of it and I'm always on the lookout for MORE education and MORE stuff I can use to serve my clients (who pay me handsomely). But UNTIL THIS, nearly everything I buy usually sucks. But this is different. What you have here are building blocks for writing pretty much every conceivable combination of sales letter elements you could ever need to sell anything for the rest of your life. If you want to build brand new copy from scratch, LEGO style? If you want to have a punch-up toolbox for making an existing winner hit that "ninja" next-level conversion rate? If you want to look like a genius when your clients (or even your 'competing' colleagues in the copy world) come to you for help on a broken part of their messaging that is just sucking wind? But it gets better. For me, that's the key. Writing copy is both an art and a craft. P.S.