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10 Essential Plugins Every Modern Wordpress Site Should Have

10 Essential Plugins Every Modern Wordpress Site Should Have
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Eigenschaften und Werte - Einführung in XHTML, CSS und Webdesign - Michael Jendryschik Die folgenden Abschnitte sind alle ähnlich aufgebaut. Ich stelle einzelne Eigenschaften und deren erlaubte Werte vor. Dazu folgt dann jeweils eine Erläuterung, zumeist mit einem oder mehreren Beispielen. Bei den meisten Eigenschaften habe ich einige mögliche Werte in Gruppen zusammengefasst und nur die jeweiligen Schlüsselwörter aufgeführt. Zum Seitenanfang In CSS können Sie Farben auf zwei Arten angeben: als RGB(A)-Farbwert oder über ein Schlüsselwort. RGB-Farbwert Ein Monitor arbeitet mit drei Spektralfarben: Rot, Grün und Blau. RGB-Farbwerte lassen sich in hexadezimaler oder funktionaler Notation angeben. Das Format eines RGB-Werts in hexadezimaler Notation ist ein #, unmittelbar gefolgt von sechs oder drei Hexadezimalzeichen. Der Farbwert wird im Allgemeinen mit sechs Stellen angegeben, jeweils zwei für Rot, Grün und Blau, jedoch lassen sich die Angaben für jede einzelne Farbe (also paarweise) zusammenfassen, wenn sie jeweils gleich sind. Schlüsselwörter Anwenderdefinierte Farben

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Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers An aspiring blogger can be overwhelmed with the vast amount of resources, tools, and advice for bloggers available on the net. While in no way definitive - there's simply too much going on in this space to cover it all - we did our best to bring you a comprehensive list of blogging resources, which should be equally useful to beginners as well as veteran bloggers. Enjoy. WordPress WordPress Themes ThemeViewer - The number one location to find WordPress themes to make your page cool, which you will most certainly want to do.Templates Now - A smaller collection of WordPress themes, but still worth your while to check out.TemplateMonster - If you want more professional quality themes then this site can be useful. Best WordPress Plugins Akismet - The best blog comment spam prevention plug-in. Wordpress Plugin repositories Movable Type Movable Type Styles Best Movable Type Plugins Movable Type Plugin repositories Blog Hosting Solutions Dedicated & Shared Hosting Services Paid Blog Hosting Services Tips

Lean Startup- a primer for Entrepreneurs A Collection of Wordpress Tutorials, Tips and Themes As far as CMSs go, WordPress is a phenomenon. And rightly so. It is a very powerful blogging and CMS tool that can be used to create almost any possible type of web site that you could possibly dream of. Still as with everything involved with web design and development, you need to learn and understand WP to fully unleash its power. 7 Very Simple Tips and Tricks for getting More out of WordPress In this post there are a few handy little tips that even the seasoned WP developers may not have heard of. 7 Very Simple Tips and Tricks for getting More out of WordPress 45+ Excellent Fresh Free WordPress Themes Around Keeping up with the release of free WordPress themes can feel like a full-time job, there seems to be several new themes released everyday. 45+ Excellent Fresh Free WordPress Themes Around 15 Unconventional Uses of WordPress in Action WordPress is known as one of the most powerful open-source blogging platform, but it can be a lot more than just a blogging platform.

Press It Languages: English • ไทย • (Add your language) Note: This feature was removed from WordPress 2.5, and was replaced in WordPress 2.6 with the Press This function. You are pouring over your feeds, viewing a website with an article or story that catches your eye, and you want to share that information with your WordPress site viewers. A quick trick is to use the WordPress Press It feature. WordPress makes it easy to quickly add links and information to your site through the use of a bookmarklet called Press It. If you find something of interest on the Internet, you can click the Press It link and a window with your site's Administration Write Post panel will popup with the page you are viewing listed as a link. The Press It bookmarklet is found at the bottom of the Write Posts panel. Favorites, Bookmarks, or Links list or toolbar. To activate, simply click on the "Press It" bookmarklet link. The link is Javascript, and its form is: Give it a try.

Grassroots Funding with | reMIND If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Building a successful Kickstarter Campaign Since funding reMIND, my graphic novel, through, several people have asked how I was able to get so much interest to generate the kind of money that I did. Well, I’m not really sure, but I’ll try to break down all the things I thought about while putting together my campaign. If you’ve never heard of before, you really should check it out. A video is a must. Play to your strengths in your video. Introduce yourself and the project, in your video. Make a mock up of what your graphic novel will look like. Don’t make people feel sorry for you, but don’t sound like a corporate snob either. Explain how Kickstarter works for everyone who has never heard of it. Don’t make too many pledge options. If you pledge $57.42 then you will get everything above except for the glow in the dark cover. What? A little money is better than no money. P.S.

The Future of Blogging Revealed - ReadWriteWeb There has been a lot of talk lately about the changing face of the blogging landscape. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger asked if blogging has lost its relational focus; Scoble explained why tech blogging has failed you; and even though not everyone agreed with his every statement, there was a renewed commitment in the blogosphere to return to blogging about what excites instead of just writing about "Apple's newest gizmo or the peccadillos of tech personalities." However, we're wondering if people even need to blog least in the traditional sense. Once the main way to publish your own personal thoughts and opinions for the rest of the web to read, blogging started a movement that democratized the web. Everyone could be a publisher. Lifestreaming? Lifestreaming is a new way of documenting the activities surrounding your life using a chronologically-ordered collection of information. Julia Allison's Site The simplicity of a lifestream is ideal for our information overloaded age.

Disable wpautop Plugin A simple plugin to disable the WordPress wpautop function. This is the function that automatically formats your posts. Installation Installation is just like any WordPress plugin: Download disable-wpautopUnzipUpload to /wp-content/plugins on your serverActivate the plugin You can find full details of installing a plugin on the plugin installation page. If you find that breaks (<br/>) are being stripped from your posts then look at this WordPress support page. Like this: Like Loading...