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How to Film a Revolution - a tutorial - Occupy the Movie

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The Emerging Wisdom Revolution - Mike White's Blog In the documentary 2012: Time for Change and elsewhere, Daniel Pinchbeck proposes that we are currently on the cusp of a major technological paradigm shift. What he calls the "Wisdom Revolution" may take only a matter of years, the latest in a series of exponentially more rapid technological revolutions (agricultural, industrial, information) that fundamentally alter the landscape for human social organization. He characterizes this Wisdom Revolution as essentially the emergence of technologies and practices that help us better decide what is true and what to do. The Wisdom Revolution will be characterized by the following two patterns, which are already realized in part by several emerging websites:. Reputation economy Most of the decisions we make about people involve reputation. The idea of a reputation economy is that by implementing the "reputation graph" and making it a public resource, everyone will be able to make better decisions about people. Fluid democracy LiquidFeedback PieTrust

Follow the Pope on Twitter and spend less time in purgatory, says Vatican The Vatican has taken another step in its efforts to embrace social media by offering "indulgences" to followers of Pope Francis' (@Pontifex) Twitter account. Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports that the church will reduce the time Catholics have to spend in purgatory if they follow official Vatican events on TV, radio, and through social media. One such event is the Catholic World Youth Day, commencing in Rio de Janeiro on July 22nd. The Apostolic Penitentiary, a Vatican tribunal responsible for issues relating to the forgiveness of sins, will award the privilege to the faithful that follow the event using different forms of media. Pope Francis' followers are not immediately granted an indulgence for tracking the event, with the penitentiary noting that it would hinge on the user having previously confessed and being "truly penitent and contrite." Indulgences are given out when a Catholic performs an action recommended by the church.

What Julian Assange does with WikiLeaks is not only right. It is morally right, it is ethically right and it is legally right. By Jennifer Robinson Professor blog proudly presents a new great contribution by Jennifer Robinson, the acclaimed media and human rights lawyer. She also is a legal adviser of WikiLeaks founder – editor and journalist Julian Assange. Jennifer Robinson participated in these days in the forum at the University of Technology in Sydney “Don’t shoot the messenger: WikiLeaks, Assange and Democracy”. "What Julian Assange does with WikiLeaks is not only right. By Jennifer Robinson I wanted to start this evening with a Jewish curse that someone told me recently: “May you be involved in a lawsuit in which you know you are right” [laughter]. No one knows the meaning of this curse any better than Julian Assange and his colleagues at WikiLeaks. US presidential candidates in the current presidential race in the US have called for his assassination. The current US vice-president has called him a “high-tech terrorist”. I was asked at a seminar earlier this week, how is it that you do what you do defending him?

26 detenidos en el cuarto día de protesta contra los recortes en educación | Comunidad Valenciana La cuarta jornada de protestas estudiantiles en Valencia contra los recortes presupuestarios en educación se prolongó hasta bien pasada la medianoche en forma de una asamblea en la que participaron unas 300 personas. La cita tuvo lugar en la Facultad de Geografía e Historia, después de un día que se ha saldado con 26 detenidos, cinco de los cuales son menores, por parte de las fuerzas de seguridad que actuaron con mayor contundencia que en los días anteriores. La dureza de las cargas policiales ha provocado una cascada de críticas. Incluso la oposición ha pedido la comparecencia del ministro del Interior en el Congreso de los Diputados. Y mientras, la mecha de las movilizaciones ha prendido en las redes sociales, desde las que ya se han convocado movilizaciones en Madrid y Sevilla. Hubo 17 heridos leves, 11 de ellos agentes, según el balance policial de las 21.30 del lunes. La protesta de los institutos se trasladó a la Universidad. Testimonios sobrecogedores

Protesters file for permit to “Occupy Congress” Jan. 17 - The Buzz Posted at 12:15 PM ET, 12/28/2011 Dec 28, 2011 05:15 PM EST TheWashingtonPost Hundreds of demonstrators march on Capitol Hill to occupy the offices of their members of Congress during the "Take Back the Capitol" protest on Dec. 6. (Chip Somodevilla - GETTY IMAGES) This post has been updated. Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement say they have filed paperwork with the National Park Service seeking permission to demonstrate on the National Mall on Jan. 17 in an event billed by the group as “Occupy Congress.” The application was posted online Tuesday by applicants listed as “Occupy Congress and Occupy DC,” and with McPherson Square listed as as the applicant’s address. <a href=" target="_blank">View the story "Protesters prepare to Occupy Congress " on Storify</a>] About 50 Occupy D.C. protesters joined activists from around the country on Capitol Hill in a “Take Back the Capitol” event Dec. 6.

The revolution will be tweeted - science-in-society - 06 February 2012 Read full article Continue reading page |1|2 Economic meltdown, pro-democracy revolts, protest camps - it's kicking off everywhere. But was all this catalysed by new social media and technologies as many claimed? There has always been social unrest in the world. Much has been made of the role of Twitter, Facebook and the like. New media are obviously important in circumventing police repression and armed activity. Are such flashmobs inherently undefeatable? Aside from aiding democracy, what exactly can new media do? How does this let us see the world differently? Who is driving this change? While the graduate without a future is not a new sociological type, the interesting thing is that it's uncommon in the last 20 or 30 years for a younger generation to believe its future has been destroyed or stolen. In your book you argue that these technologies, plus other factors, are bringing down the power hierarchies. New Scientist Not just a website! More From New Scientist More from the web

How Many Twitter Accounts Should a Brand Have? We have recently discovered that, in more cases than not, brands are creating multiple Twitter accounts. Indeed, a recent study by our team at Brandwatch found that the number of brands using multiple profiles has increased nine-fold in the last three years, rising from 7% to 63%. What it is about the multiple accounts that makes so many brands feel obliged to create them? is it good for business or does it make it more complex for users? Dell is an American multinational computer business, and owns an astounding 44 different Twitter accounts. These different accounts cover the different departments of Dell in order to provide a tailored service for each. The main use of multiple accounts is for different branches of customer service, but it is questionable whether this number of accounts is in fact creating the opposite effect. According to Richard Guerrero, the creator of the Dell Outlet Twitter Program, this is not the case.

Iraq militia stone youths to death for emo style Occupy Geeks Are Building a Facebook for the 99% | Threat Level Protesters volunteering for the internet and information boards of the Occupy Wall Street protest work and broadcast from their media center in Zuccotti Plaza on Oct. 2, 2011. Photo: Bryan Derballa for “I don’t want to say we’re making our own Facebook. They hope the technology they are developing can go well beyond Occupy Wall Street to help establish more distributed social networks, better online business collaboration and perhaps even add to the long-dreamed-of semantic web — an internet made not of messy text, but one unified by underlying meta-data that computers can easily parse. [bug id="occupy"]The impetus is understandable. Now it’s time for activists to move beyond other people’s social networks and build their own, according to Knutson.

Civilisation faces 'perfect storm of ecological and social problems' | Environment Celebrated scientists and development thinkers today warn that civilisation is faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption and environmentally malign technologies. In the face of an "absolutely unprecedented emergency", say the 18 past winners of the Blue Planet prize – the unofficial Nobel for the environment – society has "no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilisation. Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society, or they will be changed for us". Apart from dire warnings about biodiversity loss and climate change, the group challenges governments to think differently about economic "progress". "The perpetual growth myth ... promotes the impossible idea that indiscriminate economic growth is the cure for all the world's problems, while it is actually the disease that is at the root cause of our unsustainable global practices", they say. The paper urges governments to:

A scientific guide to posting tweets, Facebook posts, emails and blog posts at the best time 10.7K Flares 10.7K Flares × We’re pretty keen on optimal timing for social media here at Buffer, and I figured it was high time I collected all the information we have about online communication into one place. I’ve collected research and stats on Twitter, Facebook, email and blogging to help you find the best time to communicate with others in each format. The tricky thing I’ve come across is that since the web is still so new, a lot of the research available to us is conflicting. We really need more time and more studies to get definitive answers about what works best, and the fact that our audience members are constantly changing their own activity patterns makes it even harder to work out for sure. So my suggestion would be to use this guide as just that—a guide to help you work out what to test for your own audience, so that you can see what actually works best in your specific case. Let’s get into the stats then! Facebook – find the best time to post your updates

Sri Lanka: A child is summarily executed - Asia - World The short clip dates from the final hours of the bloody 26-year civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the secessionist rebels of the Tamil Tigers, the LTTE. A 12-year-old boy lies on the ground. He is stripped to the waist and has five neat bullet holes in his chest. His name is Balachandran Prabakaran and he is the son of the LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. He has been executed in cold blood. Beside him lie the bodies of five men, believed to be his bodyguards. The footage – dating from 18 May 2009 and which seems to have been shot as a grotesque "trophy video" by Sri Lankan forces – will be broadcast for the first time on Wednesday night in a Channel 4 film, Sri Lanka's Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished – a sequel to the controversial investigation broadcast last year which accused both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government of war crimes and crimes against humanity. This, they insisted, would answer the international criticisms.

Protester arrested during side-by-side downtown food drives TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Two food drives took place in downtown Tucson on Wednesday. One was organized by members of the Occupy Tucson movement, the other by the man who was the reason the group got evicted from Viente de Agosto Park. Shaun McClusky said getting a permit to hold his food drive at that particular park was a "purposeful and calculated move" on his part. "The Occupy people that were here were taking over the park illegally. McClusky also said that he paid a $26 application fee, along with a $100 to buy a required $1 million insurance policy, so he could rent this park for his food drive. Occupy Tucson members sent out a press release stating they planned to hold a "companion food drive" right next to McCluksy's, in order to help him boost donations. Tucson police kept a visible presence at the food drive, to ensure things did not get out of hand. Witnesses said one protester was arrested for openly protesting in the park, and refusing to follow police orders.

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