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La Receta de la Felicidad » Cocina y momentos felices. Recetas para el niño que todos llevamos dentro.

La Receta de la Felicidad » Cocina y momentos felices. Recetas para el niño que todos llevamos dentro.

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| Recipes from a Young Lawyer Blondie Layer Cake with White Chocolate Icing Caitlin celebrated her birthday last week. And in preparation of the big day, I scanned my collection of recipes and cookbooks, searching for the perfect layer cake. Last year I made her the pumpkin crepe cake. Homemade Lollipops Recipe by Nijigasumi Even vegetarians and vegans can make their own homemade lollipops with our marvellously mooky DIY lollipops recipe... Please note: Parental supervision is advised for people making homemade lollipops who are under the age of 15 and/or have little cooking experience.

Smoked Mackerel Salad By Vicky in Salad 4 Comments Tags: almonds , Mackerel , oranges , radishes I love smoked mackerel. It’s such a great fish, readily available and with the added bonus of being very good for you. I think some people find its flavour a bit too strong, so I created this salad which I think balances out the strong fishy flavour with some other great tastes. It’s best to prepare all the elements first and then assemble just before serving so that everything stays crunchy and fresh. I used segments of orange, but this salad would work equally well with slivers of grapefruit. Cook Your Dream There's nothing better than real home prepared food. Even the simplest dish, when prepared with good quality fresh local and seasonal ingredients, can taste like a dream. That being said, all food taste best when enjoyed in the company of friends and family.

Finale Fridays Blog Series and Lemon Chips Recipe Somewhere between when I started this blog and learning my way around a DSLR and Twitter, I think I lost sight of my original vision. I’ve always loved plating desserts and really wanted to focus on it. So I’ve decided to attempt a blog series, Finale Fridays. I hope to post something related to the art of the plated dessert. It might be my own creation, a technique, tool or just something I saw somewhere. I hope I can present something that will inspire you to create some plates at home.

Homemade Hot Sauce! Some of us are hot sauce people. I hear the other some of us say that it “takes over” and “burns” and all that nonsense. Clearly, I am hot sauce person. It’s actually rather disconcerting how much so sometimes. Sriracha on my salads disconcerting. But I know I’m not alone in this. {Food Dish} Cookie Recipe Contest Winner + Recipe Introducing the winner of our first ever best cookie recipe contest: Lemon Crinkle Cookies. They're probably the best cookie we've ever tasted - absolutely delicious. If you're coming to us from Pinterest, welcome! Make sure to check out some of our other contest-winning recipes: Best Dessert Bar: Super Yummy Raspberry Cheesecake Bars Best Casserole: Verde Chicken Mexican Lasagna

Saffron Lane :: Seasonal Food, Celebration + Life Welcome to Saffron Lane, a blog dedicated to seasonal food, celebration and life. I'm Elizabeth, a chef, food writer, recipe developer and food stylist.My culinary career began at an early age. While other ten-year-olds were setting up lemonade stands, I was meticulously crafting gourmet chocolates and picking fresh berries from the backyard (to pair with them, of course) for my stand. Among the many lessons that summer, I learned that chocolate doesn't sell very well after hours melting in the sun, no matter how great it tastes.Raised in a passionate family full of inspired cooks and culinary entrepreneurs, food was always the focal point at family get-togethers.

Spring Forward to Summer: Chocolate and Salted Caramel Pudding Pops Spring has just begun and I’m already fast forwarding to summer with these pudding pops. It’s hard to deny a chocolate and salted caramel pairing. Especially one on a stick that is begging you to have a seat and enjoy the slow pacing a popsicle has to offer — that is if you can keep yourself from biting into it.

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