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Launch Effect - A WordPress Theme for Viral Launches

Launch Effect - A WordPress Theme for Viral Launches
Simple to Setup Setting up Launch Effect only takes 5 minutes and requires no web design or development knowledge. Simply follow our instructions to install and have fun using the sleek user interface to customize the look of your launch page. Built-In Stats The Launch Effect comes with an easy-to-understand built-in stats page accessible only by you. The stats track who spread the word about your site, and who signed up as a result.

WordPress, les Custom Post Types par l'Exemple Les Custom Post Types, qui pourrait se traduire par Types de Billet Personnalisé, sont une notion qui a été introduite avec la version 3 de WordPress. Il s’agit de créer une interface de gestion et de présentation de votre contenu qui corresponde à 100% de vos besoins. La présentation d’une équipe peut se reposer, par exemple, sur un Custom Post Type, vous permettant de gérer de façon centralisée cette page. Mais avant de parler de type de contenu personnalisé, il faut savoir que WordPress se base sur 5 formats de contenus majeurs : Les billets – PostLes pages – PageLes médias – AttachmentLes révisions d’articles – Article revisionLes menus de navigation – Nav menus Pour connaitre la liste complète, n’hésitez pas à lire la page du codex.

Feathers Need a viral-ready WordPress theme for your launch? Try this. There’s an often-discussed methodology when it comes to launching a product. While some people argue for the idea of being stealth-mode until launch day, there’s a lot to be said for building buzz and growing your brand even before you launch. It’s with that in mind that we’ve started to see products such as LaunchRock gather momentum. These “viral-ready” platforms are tailor-made for getting the most buzz generated in the shortest amount of time and they’re making a business out of doing so.

KickoffLabs Get more out of your ads, word of mouth and SEO. Send customers to a tailored page that speaks to them. Keep them engaged with signup-forms, newsletters and – best of all – a very cool, unique REWARD system for customer referrals. Crowdsourcing and Testing: Can it work? Crowdsourcing is a buzzword increasingly being bandied about nowadays and the 'crowd' is a new paradigm for resourcing some activities. Is testing one of them? This post was inspired by a discussion topic on the TMF group on LinkedIn posted by William Montague of Intechnica: Some companies test applications from home PCs located at the end of ADSL lines. Is this form of testing valid?. The post sets a technical question and doesn't mention crowdsourcing, but it seems to me that there's a practical management and commercial challenge related to crowdsourcing to explore too. I don't think that many companies are yet using a 'crowd' to test.

Four Crowdsourced App-Testing Services to Check Out Good ratings in Google Play and the Amazon App store are the lifeblood of a successful app. Top-rated apps in Google Play are frequently featured on the front page. One way you get such prominence is to test, and test well. How to get beta signups for your startup in 9 steps Launching in Beta is a common method to prevent the havoc of an imperfect release, and lately it’s been utilized as a promotional technique. Most of Google’s products are launched in beta in small, often buggy patches. But indeed, it builds Buzz, pun intended. The important thing to remember is: Finding great beta testers is key to your startup’s success. But how do you beckon early adopters? And what can you do to increase the odds of a press avalanche that will leave users begging to be let in a la Kohort?

10 Places To Find Beta Testers For Free A strong Beta waiting list can make or break a startup. That sounds a bit dramatic, but too many startups have closed because they blew their entire angel budget of £15k on Google Adwords to try and bring in Beta testers. While it’s true that PPC can get you Beta testers, there’s a big difference in the dynamic of a startup paying £3 to acquire a waiting list user, and paying nothing. And why pay, when there’s a ton of early adopters out there who are literally begging to use new products!

cforms II !! Please note that v14.5+ requires WP 3.3+ !! Please see the version history for what’s new. Do you have any [cforms specific] customized files? cforms supports a separate custom user folder to store your tailored CSS, font and image files! Get 237 Beta Testers For Your Awesome Startup Now - The AdProof Blog Get 237 Beta Testers for Your Awesome Startup Now Comments Last week I entered search mode to find resources to spotlight AdProof and get beta testers. The results were good, bad and ugly. Top Three Places to Submit Startup The 3 places, in order of importance, you need to submit your startup to now:

Guide to PR and Beta Promotion for Startups. Launch Resources, Promotion Strategies, and Beta Lists for Startups A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your First 100 Signups in 24 Hours Here's Your Guide to Startup Media, Beta Lists, and Startup Review Sites. We've gathered all of the resources you need to promote your startup into one place. We hope you find it useful! Here's an overview of what's included: 85+ Tech News Sites, Blogs, and Directories that Focus on Startups We gathered the top tech news sites, blogs and directories that focus on startups and betas and publications and put them into a checklist.