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Launch Effect - A WordPress Theme for Viral Launches

Launch Effect - A WordPress Theme for Viral Launches

Comparing Drag & Drop WordPress Themes The Holy Grail of WordPress Theme Design The holy grail, it seems, of WordPress theme design is creating something so incredibly simple that just about anyone could use it, while also creating something that would allow a lot of creative expression. That’s where the challenge lies – because making a theme that supports magazine, blog, portfolio, and corporate designs while also being simple enough that developers aren’t required is tough work. Drag and Drop Regardless of how tough it is, tons of developers have set out to do that very thing. And a new cluster of theme designers has gravitated around a single concept to suggest how easy their themes are: “Drag & Drop.” Some have been doing this drag & drop thing for a while (iThemes, Headway & Pagelines), while others stepped into the space more recently (PressWorks & Ultimatum). Evaluation Candidates Why I didn’t count Pricing in the Criteria Additionally, I own licenses for each of these themes and plugin. My Definition of Drag and Drop

10 Online Tools for Better Attention & Focus A recent happiness study from Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert found that the more our minds wander, the less happy we are. Summing the research, the New York Times wrote, “Whatever people were doing, whether it was having sex or reading or shopping, they tended to be happier if they focused on the activity instead of thinking about something else.” In short, being mentally “present” and focused on the task at hand really does matter – quite a lot, in fact. If only finding focus were so simple. With a tidal wave of information coming at us daily, focus is rapidly becoming the scarcest commodity of the 21st century. 1. If you find yourself slipping into a Twitter sinkhole when you should be updating your business plan, Self-Control may be the app you need. 2. This good-looking app tracks everything you do on your computer, spitting back out a sort of “attention audit.” 3. Concentrate is great for shifting between tasks that require different mindsets. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

VoIP Business Phone Service | 8x8, Inc. Cleveland Collection: Texture Pack This high-resolution texture pack comes with an assortment of beautiful surface textures. These textures were found outdoors in the Cleveland area, hence the name of the pack. The images are huge and will tile vertically and horizontally, which allows for many different applications (including 3D work). Preview Asphalt Download Brick 01 Download Brick 02 Download Cave Wall Download Cinder Block Download Concrete Download Grass Download Moss Download Mulch Download Details File format: JPGSize: 2372–3872×2195–3872pxLicensing: Commercial and personal work under Design Instruct Downloadable Freebie FilesLimitation of use: Do not redistribute or sell filesNumber of items: 9Number of files: 9 Download Source Files cleveland_collection_textures (ZIP, 27.2 MB) Author: Bryan Salva Bryan Salva is a front-end developer, designer and SEO specialist with over 12 years of experience.

WordPress, les Custom Post Types par l'Exemple Les Custom Post Types, qui pourrait se traduire par Types de Billet Personnalisé, sont une notion qui a été introduite avec la version 3 de WordPress. Il s’agit de créer une interface de gestion et de présentation de votre contenu qui corresponde à 100% de vos besoins. La présentation d’une équipe peut se reposer, par exemple, sur un Custom Post Type, vous permettant de gérer de façon centralisée cette page. Mais avant de parler de type de contenu personnalisé, il faut savoir que WordPress se base sur 5 formats de contenus majeurs : Les billets – PostLes pages – PageLes médias – AttachmentLes révisions d’articles – Article revisionLes menus de navigation – Nav menus Pour connaitre la liste complète, n’hésitez pas à lire la page du codex. Tous les types de contenu sont stockés dans la table wp_posts, au nom de colonnes commençant par post_type. Voila pour la présentation très généraliste des types de contenu sous WordPress. Avant d’aller plus loin, voici comment ce tutoriel ce décompose :

Pricing What Builder addons are included with the Standard/Developer Club, Ultra, and Shoppe theme? The Ultra theme, Shoppe, Standard and Developer Club memberships come with 12 bonus Builder addons: Audio, Countdown, Progress Bar, Counter, Contact, WooCommerce, Timeline, Image Pro, Typewriter, Maps Pro, Slider Pro, and the Pricing Table. What's the difference between a Developer or Standard package?

Syncany - Open-source file synchronization and filesharing application Online Registration - for Events, Workshops, Classes, and Courses 100+ Tips on Creating an Effective Online Portfolio Online portfolios are one of a freelancer’s greatest marketing tools. You can reference it in your business cards, promotional campaigns, email signatures, and clients can find you on their own through search engines – generating you new business. Your portfolio is the face of your business and needs to communicate well on its own online. Your business goals with a portfolio are clear: you want to convert those visitors into customers. We all have to start somewhere with displaying our work. Whether you’re building your portfolio for the first time, or looking to improve your existing portfolio, some professional tips can save you loads of time and get you building in the right direction – upwards. Often the difference between a successful portfolio and one that falls flat is implementing some simple strategies, while not overdoing it, or loosing a targeted focus. Build a Successful Online Portfolio A single unique tip is highlighted from each article below, as a quote. 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 7.

Soufiane - Author at - Thèmes, Plugins et tuto Désactiver la modification des fichiers dans l’interface WordPress Ce petit code permet de désactiver la modification du code des fichiers à partir de l’interface WordPress. concrètement le lien Editeur présent dans le menu Apparence va disparaitre et l’utilisateur du site ne pourra plus modifier le code du thème utilisé directement à partir du tableau de bord. Comment faire Ajoutez la ligne en dessous [...] WordPress ne va pas acquérir l’extension .wp WordPress, le CMS et la plateforme de blogs la plus populaire au monde ne va pas acheter l’extension .wp encore moins .blog (déjà 9 concurrents dont l’ogre Google). Raccourcis clavier pour TinyMCE, l’éditeur texte de WordPress L’éditeur de texte de WordPress est plutôt bien foutu et offre plusieurs boutons qui facilitent la rédaction de contenu, par exemple il suffit de sélectionner un morceau de texte et de cliquer sur le gros bouton B pour mettre ce texte en Gras. Comment installer WordPress avec un hébergement OVH

Pricing Option What happen when my subscription expires? Can I still use the themes I have downloaded? When your subscription expires you can still use all the themes you have downloaded with no limitations, however if you cancel your subscription you won't be able to access new updates or download new themes. Will my downloaded themes stop working if I cancel my subscription ? No, they will work lifetime, however, if you cancel, you won't be able to download new upgrades or new themes. Do you offer a white label version? Actually you can remove theme generator brand and/or place your own brand, no problem at all. How many customers/projects/domains can I use my themes for? Unlimited customers, projects or domains. Can I download a test WP theme ? You can subscribe as premium user and download as many themes as you want, remember we have a 60 days money back guarantee. Do you have a money back guarantee? Yes, for 60 days. Should I have to pay $49 each 1 year or each month? What is the affiliate system?

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