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Rudy's Delphi Corner - Console unit Download I write a lot of console programs to test simple concepts, containing a few test routines and a few Writeln commands. To me, this is much more convenient than having to write a VCL program where the output goes to a ListBox or a Memo. The problem with the console windows in Delphi is, that they close immediately after they are finished. So most of my console programs contain a Readln command as the last instruction in the program. Problem with Readln is that it is buffered, i.e. it waits until the return key (or Ctrl+Z) is pressed.

oclHashcat - advanced password recovery Download latest version GPU Driver and SDK Requirements: NV users require ForceWare 319.37 or later AMD users require Catalyst 13.4 or later Features Worlds fastest password cracker Worlds first and only GPGPU based rule engine Free Multi-GPU (up to 128 gpus) Multi-Hash (up to 15 million hashes) Multi-OS (Linux & Windows native binaries) Multi-Platform (OpenCL & CUDA support) Multi-Algo (see below) Low resource utilization, you can still watch movies or play games while cracking Focuses highly iterated modern hashes Focuses dictionary based attacks Supports distributed cracking Supports pause / resume while cracking Supports sessions Supports restore Supports reading words from file Supports reading words from stdin Supports hex-salt Supports hex-charset Built-in benchmarking system Integrated thermal watchdog 80+ Algorithms implemented with performance in mind ... and much more oclHashcat Screenshot

32-Core Intel Skylake EP Xeon E5 2699 v5 Benchmark Surfaces Online Intel has been in the forefront of server CPU design. For decades, the company has provided a number of products that power the servers and perhaps most of the internet. Now, with the impending release of AMD’s Naples server processors, Intel is now forced to up its game when it comes to server products. Intel is rumored to release its Skylake EP Xeon processor anytime soon, nevertheless, a new leak seems to give a bit of detail about the upcoming server processor. Secure Role Based Access Control - AppGate Security Server A new module is available for the AppGate Security Server that provides a fully integrated one-time password (OTP) solution. AppGate has always supported a wide range of authentication methods and two-factor authentication. This new module enables customers to deploy a robust OTP solution without the need for additional hardware or servers.

Intel Partners With Chinese Company For An ARM Processor Counterpart When it comes to mobile processors, Intel has been shoved in the sideline by the current architecture provider, ARM. For many years, ARM has dominated the mobile industry with its line of mobile processor architectures. So far, almost all phone makers equip their products with a version or combinations of various ARM architectures. However, a recent partnership suggests that Intel is now ready to face ARM head on with its newest Spreadtrum SC9861G-IA SoC mobile processor. The Spreadtrum SC9861G-IA SoC processor is a result of a design partnership between Intel and Spreadtrum. The new mobile processor boasts an eight-core system design that can run at up to 2GHz of clock frequency.

Full Path Disclosure This is an Attack. To view all attacks, please see the Attack Category page. Last revision: 11/8/2012 Description Full Path Disclosure (FPD) vulnerabilities enable the attacker to see the path to the webroot/file. e.g.: /home/omg/htdocs/file/.

Best external desktop and portable hard disk drives of 2017 Update: We're constantly updating this buying guide to make sure the very latest - and best - external and portable hard drives are included in this list. Even in a world graced with cloud storage, there’s still a place in this world for the best external hard drive. Also known as the hard disk drive or HDD, these spinning trays are the most affordable way to pack a massive amount of storage into your PC.

Denmark Police Wants to Ban Anonymous Internet Use Should using the internet Anonymously be a thing of the past? That’s what police in Denmark are hoping. They are currently recommending that identities be verified before someone is able to log on to the internet. But is it one thing to hope that internet anonymity be abolished and quite another to make it happen?

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