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Data Removal: Darik's Boot and Nuke - DBAN

Data Removal: Darik's Boot and Nuke - DBAN
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32-Core Intel Skylake EP Xeon E5 2699 v5 Benchmark Surfaces Online Intel has been in the forefront of server CPU design. For decades, the company has provided a number of products that power the servers and perhaps most of the internet. Now, with the impending release of AMD’s Naples server processors, Intel is now forced to up its game when it comes to server products. Intel is rumored to release its Skylake EP Xeon processor anytime soon, nevertheless, a new leak seems to give a bit of detail about the upcoming server processor. It looks like Intel fans will have an interesting week ahead of them especially when a benchmark of a rumored server CPU surfaced online. What is interesting about the leak is that the new server processor sports a total of 32 physical cores. Reverse side of rumored Skylake EP Xeon E5 2699 v5 (via Another interesting tidbit about the leak is the single- and multi-core benchmark scores. The Intel Skylake EP server processor will be released sometime in the early second half of 2017.

Intel Partners With Chinese Company For An ARM Processor Counterpart When it comes to mobile processors, Intel has been shoved in the sideline by the current architecture provider, ARM. For many years, ARM has dominated the mobile industry with its line of mobile processor architectures. So far, almost all phone makers equip their products with a version or combinations of various ARM architectures. However, a recent partnership suggests that Intel is now ready to face ARM head on with its newest Spreadtrum SC9861G-IA SoC mobile processor. The Spreadtrum SC9861G-IA SoC processor is a result of a design partnership between Intel and Spreadtrum. The new mobile processor boasts an eight-core system design that can run at up to 2GHz of clock frequency. In addition to core count and clock speed, the Spreadtrum SoC also has a Cat 7 LTE wireless module. New Intel Spreadtrum SoC processor (via In terms of graphics, the Spreadtrum SC9861G-IA chip uses Imagination’s PowerVR GT7200 GPU and is capable of 4K video encoding at 30 frames per second.

Best external desktop and portable hard disk drives of 2017 Update: We're constantly updating this buying guide to make sure the very latest - and best - external and portable hard drives are included in this list. Even in a world graced with cloud storage, there’s still a place in this world for the best external hard drive. Also known as the hard disk drive or HDD, these spinning trays are the most affordable way to pack a massive amount of storage into your PC. All things considered, you don't need to shell out a monthly subscription fee for iCloud or OneDrive when you can simply purchase an external HDD. The question remains, however: how do you know which external HDD fits your needs? Want to avoid local storage altogether? 1. Capacity: 2TB | Interface: USB 3.0 NFC security Rugged design Not the fastest drive An external hard drive you can buy without breaking the bank, Buffalo's MiniStation Extreme NFC could be your match made in heaven. Western Digital My Passport 4TB Capacity: 4TB | Interface: USB 3.0 Large capacity Good data transfer speeds 3.

Permanently Delete Files | Wipe Files with BCWipe - Jetico Inc. Oy Benefits & Advantages Prevent costly data leakage and avoid risking sensitive data falling into the wrong hands BCWipe is designed to surgically remove all traces of unwanted files beyond recovery. BCWipe will wipe selected files, folders and Data Remanence, Wipe Free Space, Wipe File Slack space, Wipe Temporary Files, wipe system-specific data and more. Sophisticated wiping for anyone’s peace of mind BCWipe is the most powerful and trusted data wiping utility, engineered for a wide range of users: from large organizations handling national security to personal users at home. Flexible wiping options To comply with various security mandates, BCWipe comes built with the U.S. Military-grade technology at your fingertips For over 10 years, BCWipe has been trusted as the de-facto standard for the U.S. Clean up data remanence and free space in less time Available on all major platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux New Features & Added Benefits in v.6 Wipe Free Space can be a time-consuming process.

BCWipe - Wikipedia BCWipe is commercial military-grade file eraser tool [2] data erasure utility for Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X. Developed by Jetico Inc, the software erases files beyond recovery and can erase free unused space on existing disks. BCWipe has been approved for use by the U.S. Department of Defense.[3] It is used by government and military agencies, national laboratories,[4] universities,[5][6][7][8] industrial manufacturers, as well as various other enterprises and a wide global base of home and small business users.[9] As reported in U.S. media publications, BCWipe was called into action by the Air Force.[10] BCWipe was honoured with the Runner-Up award in the Most Innovative Security Products & Services Competition at The 8th Annual Network’s Security Summit that took place in San-Diego in March 2011.[11] Other software developed by Jetico Inc, BCWipe Total WipeOut, can erase entire hard drives for disposal, decommission or re-purpose.[12] Features[edit] Wiping features[edit] See also[edit]

Zamek: The Offline Pocket Password Manager Many people use the same password for different online accounts. Even if the password is very strong, hackers don't need to break into your very secure financial and other important accounts directly. They can attack a weaker website, such as a web forum or subscription service, and use the password they stole from that website's database to steal your identity and log into any of your online accounts. Both physical and electronic security are difficult skills to master, but most would agree that it's a bad idea to use a single key for every real-world lock you own. So why would you use the same digital key for all of your electronic locks? I turned to the physical keychain for inspiration, as a physical keychain is already very easy to use. Zamek was designed to open your electronic locks as easily as a regular key opens physical locks, with an additional layer of security in case someone other than yourself picks up your digital keychain. 1. 2. 3. 4.

iStorage DriveSecurity | iStorage Overview iStorage DriveSecurity powered by the award-winning ESET NOD32® is a powerful antivirus software that’s installed on and runs directly from any iStorage or other USB drive preventing malware from infecting your USB drive. iStorage DriveSecurity automatically scans, detects and eliminates Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits, Adware and other Internet threats before they can be transmitted to your USB drive. So whether it’s sensitive data, pictures, music, videos or any other documents that you commonly store and share, iStorage DriveSecurity ensures that your USB drive is always malware free. Auto Malware Removal & Hourly Detection Module Updates When malware is detected, the infected file is automatically deleted and the user is notified. Host Free Installation Designed to run without installation, the powerful antivirus engine lives in and runs directly from your USB drive. Smart & Powerful Protection Easy to Use Compatible iStorage Drives Licences What languages are supported?

W7355 CUSTOM DUAL XEON WORKSTATION SYSTEM JNCS . JNCS Warrants Systems for 3 Years from Date of Delivery. Warranty covers both parts and labor. Within 90 days of receipt of system, JNCS will issue a call tag for return of a defective system, and pay the return shipping to our customer. After 90 days, the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping to JNCS, although JNCS will provide, upon request, a discounted call tag. Procedure Please call JNCS to obtain a Return Authorization. Included with Warranty Undamaged arrival of system to customerReplacement of any component during warranty period If both customer and JNCS feel that customer is able to replace failed component, a replacement component will be sentIf either customer or JNCS determine that customer should not attempt replace failed component, the system must be sent back to JNCS for repairUnlimited telephone technical support to original owner for ten years from date of purchase. Excluded from Warranty: