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Planboard — Lesson planning made easy for teachers and educators

Planboard — Lesson planning made easy for teachers and educators

VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes for Educators | Teacher Accounts in BrainNook | Teacher FAQs BrainNook helps your students build math and language skills while playing a fun game with their classmates, and it gives you powerful tools to customize and accelerate your students' learning. How does it work? Teachers are seeing real benefits from BrainNook "My students are better at math. "My entire 2nd grade class loves this site! "BrainNook has motivated my students to practice skills at home, something most would not otherwise voluntarily do." - Kevin G., Elementary Teacher, West Virginia "I teach students with severe emotional disabilities. "BrainNook really does motivate my students. "My students have been playing even over the winter break!" Social Interaction and Safety in BrainNook BrainNook provides extensive controls to ensure that your students stay safe while on the site. Messaging only between friends Messages can be exchanged only between friends. Teacher Control of Friends Outside the Classroom Reviewing Chat Logs Safe Chat Disabling Typed Chat for Specific Students

Astuces de fonctionnement 6e (dossier 6e de l'an dernier) ou le nouveau de cette année - Dès la rentrée : leur donner les clés du fonctionnement (horaires, règles, prêt, occupations possibles, clubs…) - Formation à la RD (classements, vocabulaire et notions, e-sidoc, quelques exposés…) : on peut faire le minimum seul, mais avec des activités ludiques et vraies par rapport à leur activité d'utilisateur de bibliothèque et de chercheur d'information, pas une formation de mini-documentaliste...) - Ensuite, rebondir sur les projets des classes, pour des séances autour de la lecture, ou de la RI (création d’un livre, d’un journal, d’une expo…) - Quand ? On peut dédoubler avec un collègue, faire avec lui sur une heure type vie de classe, ou imposer un créneau étude, toute l'année ou ponctuellement. 5e (dossier 5e de l'an dernier) ou le nouveau de cette année (page 5) : j'ai choisi personnellement depuis plusieurs années de prendre les 5e sur des heures d'études, en demi-groupes.

Top 10 Free Online Tutoring Tools for 2012 The Internet provides a wealth of resources for teachers, tutors, and students to go well beyond classroom learning. Whether you’re a teacher preparing for tomorrow’s lecture, a professional tutor working with one or two students, or you just want to help your cousin in Alabama with some trig homework, these free tools will help you interact with your student(s) sans the confines of the classroom. Skype with Idroo Idroo is an online educational whiteboard used in combination with Skype. Gchat Anyone with a gmail account can access Gchat . WizIQ Teachers, students and organizations can create free accounts on WizIQ , another online education portal. Scribblar Scribblar is another real time, multi-user online whiteboard ideal for online tutoring. Google Docs Google Docs is another super-nifty aspect of gmail as it provides the opportunity for students and teachers to create original documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, drawings, and tables, then share them with each other at will. | plot your course in space & time Welcome to LearnSprout Reveal them with LearnSprout. With a simple 5-minute setup, LearnSprout can help you identify attendance trends, track college readiness and spot at-risk students. Get Started! Create your account and analyze your data! Features LearnSprout is a free service for K-12 schools and districts that turns raw, abstract data into actionable information. LearnSprout combines GPA, course completion and test scores to determine each student's progress toward college readiness and highlights students who need extra support. Identify chronically absent students and spot trends in historical attendance to support data-driven decision making across a school or district. Spot historical trends in student health and anticipate flu season before it arrives. It's Easy Setting up LearnSprout is easy. LearnSprout is free to schools and districts. Collect live data from all schools and districts across the state. Trusted by thousands of schools - Alex, Assistant Director MIT Academy - Anne, Principal (HS)2 Academy

Des codes QR pour lier des publications numériques d’élèves aux livres de la bibliothèque Il est essentiel — mais souvent difficile — d’impliquer les élèves dans leurs apprentissages scolaires. Pour favoriser la motivation intrinsèque, une solution possible est la publication finale de certains travaux. D’une part, en effet, cette publication promet de dépasser le cadre strictement scolaire : elle donne aux travaux une existence publique, durable et ouverte à des possibles interactions. Elle renouvelle ainsi le sens et l’enjeu des activités scolaires. D’autre part, la publication des travaux promet de construire une mémoire et une certaine culture d’établissement. Pour publier les travaux, un site est certainement une bonne solution. Si les travaux sont liés à des livres de la bibliothèque de l’établissement, une solution consiste à placer dans ces livres des liens vers ces travaux. Tel est le projet pilote que j’ai réalisé dans la bibliothèque de mon établissement, avec l’aide de la bibliothécaire Mme Laurence Vossen. Voici le dispositif concret. Like this: J'aime chargement…

What Do Emotions Have to Do with Learning? Thinkstock When parents and teachers consider how children learn, it’s usually the intellectual aspects of the activity they have in mind. Sidney D’Mello would like to change that. The University of Notre Dame psychologist has been studying the role of feelings in learning for close to a decade, and he has concluded that complex learning is almost inevitably “an emotionally charged experience,” as he wrote in a paper published in the journal Learning and Instruction earlier this year. During the learning experiments described in his paper, he notes, the participating students reported being in a neutral state only about a quarter of the time. The rest of the time, they were were experiencing lots of feelings: surprise, delight, engagement, confusion, boredom, frustration. Another counter-intuitive contention made by D’Mello is that even negative emotions can play a productive role in learning. animated agents discussing scientific case studies. Related

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