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Patterns for baby items

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Patchwork-cube-tutorial. I was wandering in a shop in XinTianDi one day and saw the cutest stuffed patchwork cube.


Wow, I thought, what an ingenious idea. I thought Wow! Again when I looked at the RMB400 price tag (about US$50). 3 Hour Baby Rag Quilt. Need a last second baby shower gift?

3 Hour Baby Rag Quilt

This rag quilt is super fast and easy. In fact, it took much longer to write this tutorial than actually make the quilt. It really does work up in 3 hours from first cut to last clip. Perfect for beginners or old pros at quilting. Vintage Shabby Chic Style Cross Rag Quilt Tutorial. Rag quilts remind me of vintage bedspreads that had exposed seams.

Vintage Shabby Chic Style Cross Rag Quilt Tutorial

This started me thinking of vintage colors and lots of white for a shabby chic feel. This vintage shabby chic style cross rag quilt was originally made for an elderly church member who had to move into a nursing home. That was the inspiration for the antique style print chosen for the cross of this quilt. Experiment with your colors and find what fits your personality when you make this quilt following the tutorial. Finished Size roughly 83″x65″ – suitable for a twin bed Materials Needed 10 Squares 11″ in size of cross fabric 102 Squares 11″ in size of white fabric 56 Squares 9″ in size of batting White or off-white cotton threadPinsRotary CutterCutting MattStraight Edge (I use a heavy Tsquare from the hardware store that I took the T part off of)Rag Quilt Scissors Material Notes: Why don’t I list yardage? Cutting the Squares Quilt Sandwiches The first part of any rag quilt is to assemble the quilt sandwiches.

Final Stitches. DIY BABY SHOES IDEAS. Hey moms, I have wonderful collection of DIY BABY SHOES IDEAS for you today!


I hope this article will be useful and will help you and inspire you to craft something for your little baby! Even if your child ins’t born yet, you should be prepared and you should put a pair of shoes in your closet. And yeah, I think that there isn’t anything more cuter than baby’s little feet. Yesterday I tried to DIY some of these wonderful baby shoes and it was really fun. All of the ideas are easy to make, quick and they look lovely on your baby’s feet! Adorable and Fashionable! Fancy Shoes for The Newborns Baby Oxford Shoes Lovely! Adorable Blue Newborn Shoes Baby Ballet Slippers Baby Booties Stunning Baby Shoes The Cutest Shoes DIY Colorful Shoes Lace Shoes for Your Baby Baby Girl Pink Flower Sandals Cute Flower Shoes.

Erickson and Co.: {Tutorial} How to Sew Newborn Inserts for Cloth Diapers. This tutorial is designed so that you can sew your own newborn inserts for cloth diapers spending the least amount of money possible.

Erickson and Co.: {Tutorial} How to Sew Newborn Inserts for Cloth Diapers

This is why we have created three different styles of newborn inserts - #1 is a sandwich style insert using Zorb. #2 is a prefold style insert using Zorb. And #3 is a prefold style insert using all scrap material (this being the cheapest way to make an insert). <br /> <b>Deprecated</b>: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in <b>/home/celticcl/public_html/enc/metatitle.php</b> on line <b>6</b><br /> All in One Diaper Pattern. Make your own diapers and save!

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This pattern is quick and easy. Developed to be used by novice sewers and experts alike. Plain language directions and simple step by step layout. This is an easy one afternoon project. A free picture tutorial can be found here for those who are more visual. This free pattern is available by downloading the pdf file. Bear: Tutorial and Pattern.

Last week I showed you one of the projects I’ve being working on.

Bear: Tutorial and Pattern

I wanted to make something really special for our wedding photographers, so as a Thank you present I made 2 little bears for their son and daughter. Now that I actually finished and shipped the teddy bears, I didn’t want to just show you how it turned out, I also I wanted to share the pattern and some basic instructions on how to assemble.

So gather your materials! And get ready to make your very own teddy bear! =) IMPORTANT: This project is not for beginners, and if you have never made stuffed animals and are not familiar with patterns, I would recommend you to start with a more simple project and attempt this teddy bear once you have the skills and patience to put together pattern pieces and are familiar with your sewing machine (if you are not fully hand-stitching it). NykiBaby Online Shop.