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Designing Interfaces, Second Edition

Designing Interfaces, Second Edition

lovely ui - Patterns in Interaction Design Main Page - Social Patterns Software As She’s Developed » Blog Archive » AJAX Patterns: Design Patterns for AJAX Usability I’ve been putting together some AJAX design patterns. Update (May 15, 2005): I’ve set up to keep working on these patterns. I’ve also cleaned up a couple of things here, although all future changes will occur at ajaxpatterns. Thanks to Leoglas for spotting two errors here. Why AJAX Design Patterns? AJAX holds a lot of promise for web usability, and the underlying technology has already delivered some stunning applications. Patterns being patterns, there’s not a lot of unseen information here. This is a work-in-progress. Related Work Thomas Baekdal’s AJAX Usability Guidelines contains some great advice and inspired me to write these patterns. Design Principles for AJAX Applications Some (and eventually all?) Architectural Patterns Local Event-Handling You want the user experience to be dynamic and responsive, but it slows things down if you have to keep going to the server. Example: Websites have kept local information at hand for many years. Display Patterns Popup data input

Design patterns, des librairies pour la conception d’interface Les sont des schémas de conception, c'est-à-dire des modèles d'interface répondant à des cas typiques d'interaction. Les design patterns permettent d'avancer rapidement lors de la conception en fournissant des gabarits qu'il suffit d'adapter et d'assembler pour construire l'interface. Notre dernière liste de librairies et sa mise à jour commençaient à dater un peu, voici une nouvelle mise à jour plus complète. Au menu de cet article : des librairies de patterns pour trouver des solutions ergonomiques ( ici ), des galeries de patterns pour s'inspirer ( ici ), et des librairies interactives pour se faire une idée ( ici ). Les librairies de patterns Les librairies ont l'avantage non seulement de proposer de nombreux patterns, mais surtout d'en expliquer l'usage. Les nouvelles librairies Des patterns actuels, avec une explication sur leur usage en contexte. Une librairie qui mérite de s'enrichir, car ses patterns sont tous actuels. Les librairies incontournables Le site est très riche. Note :

Interaction Design Patterns -- maintained by Tom Erickson This page contains information about resources related to pattern languages for interaction design (of which user interface design is a subset), and a few links to more general papers that may be of use to interaction designers. I also include some links to organizational design patterns, which I find hard to disentangle from interaction design. Those interested should also see Jan Borcher's HCI patterns page. Those interested in other uses of pattern languages should see the Patterns Home Page , which is the most comprehensive source of information, and also Brad Appleton's Software Patterns Links . Previous updates: 27 Jan 12; 27 Sep 11; 17 Aug 11; 17 Jan 11; 11 Aug 10, 14 Jun 10, 15 Nov 09; 07 March 2009; 30 May 2008; 01 Oct 07; 29 June 07; 14 June 07; 09 May; 27 Mar 2007; 10 Oct 2006; 05 June, 06 Mar, 14 Feb, 25 Jan, 13 Jan 2006; 21 Dec 2005, 09 Dec, 28 Nov, 02 Nov, 26 Oct 2005 , ... Contents of this page How to get added Recent additions Papers Pattern Languages ... Recent Additions

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