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Designing Interfaces, Second Edition

Designing Interfaces, Second Edition
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Main Page - Social Patterns - Patterns in Interaction Design Le blog FileMaker - Autour de FileMaker L’été presque écoulé a vu passer quelques nouveautés ou articles – parmi d’autres – qu’il me paraît intéressant de vous rappeler, qu’il s’agisse de produits ou techniques autour de FileMaker. Pour le Lion Bonne nouvelle pour ceux qui sont passés à Lion pour Mac Os X et qui ont pu installer la mise à jour FileMaker Pro 11 et Pro11 Advanced v4, qui corrige plusieurs problèmes rencontrés. Mise à jour de FileMaker Pro (uniquement pour Mac) : Tableaux dynamiques pour tous Une nouvelle version de la solution CC Pivot de Cleveland Consulting, un plug-in Mac et PC est sortie au mois d’août. Il s’agit d’une génération de tableaux dynamiques avec possibilité de spécifier les rubriques FileMaker qu’on souhaite y voir figurer. Tableaux dynamiques : Côté technique, voici aussi des idées pour vos développements, rapides à utiliser, et ne necéssitant pas de plug-ins. Accélérez vos statistiques A noter :

CQFD Filemaker FileMaker Pro templates "ChartMaker Pro is absolutely brilliant." - John Murphy "I have been creating Web applications using your CDML Master Class. It's great...paid for itself in the first 10 minutes!" "I have had great success with Weblet Shopping. "Calendar Snap is great, even I was able to apply it to a template in a few seconds and I've always had trouble with add-on calendars." - Marc Dubresson "We are extremely pleased with Weblet ZipCodes. "I am totally blown away by Calendar Snap. "I am totally impressed with ZipCodes FM. "I am very thankful that I purchased your excellent product ChartMaker Pro. "Thank you so much. "The Lasso Master Class served as an excellent guide to using Lasso with FileMaker Pro. "The BoardRoom is a great addition to our Filemaker database." - Mike Banks, MD "CDML Master Class has been quite valuable in learning the simple yet powerful CDML syntax. "ChartMaker Pro made it very easy to bring an awesome new look to our software. "There are few tools available for CDML.

FileMaker Pro Custom Functions 1385 Custom Functions currently in the database | Most Recent First BuildRSSFeed( rssTitle ; rssPubDate ; IDLink ; rssLink ; rssDescription ; rssXMLurl ; rssEnclosure ) BuildRSSFeedLib ( SubstitionCode ) #AlAradan( #metin ; #aranan1 ; #aranan2) #NthDayOfWeek ( MyDate ) #ParcaEle ( #metin ; #aranan ) #TL ( #rakam ) @PowerMod ( BASE ; EXPONENT ; MODULUS ; RESULT ) ƒilter ( text ; AZazƒ09etc ) Abscind ( text ; margin ) AbsolutePaddingZeroes( number; digits ) Academic ( theDate ) Accordion( NumberedList; selectedGroup; showNumbers ) Acos ( number ) Acronym ( text ) ActualLineCount ( Text ; CharsPerLine ) AddConstantToListValues ( theList ; theConstant ) AddConstantToString( string; fillchar; posit ; direction; iter) AddDays ( theDate; DaysToAdd ) AddDollarFormat ( Number ) AddEllipsis ( theText ; theLength ) AddPrefixSuffixToList ( theList ; prefix ; suffix ) AddProperty ( propertyList ; propertyName ; propertyValue ) AddRemove ( value ; content ) AddRemoveListItem ( theList ; value ) Age ( Birth; theDate; Format )

Dwayne Wright - FileMaker Developer - Seattle Washington - Home FileMaker Fever Recommended Resources on the Web: Mighty Data is doing 11 Filemaker 11 video tutorials in 11 days. The first one is on charting and is a little over 7 minutes long. The second one is on the Inspector. Highly recommended. Matt Petrowsky has a 10 minute video on FileMaker 11 New Features for the FileMaker Developer. Secret Weapons Lab has a 2-part in depth review of FileMaker 11 from a developer's perspective. BillonFileMaker by Bill Doerrfeld has more good FM11 commentary from a developer perspective. More of My Tips and Comments on FileMaker 11: As I begin using and testing FileMaker Pro 11, I'm finding little tidbits worth sharing. Quick Find is a big win. Tip: Enable Quick Find Selectively in any existing database. Charting is Awesome. Portal Filtering. Limitations of the New Portal Filtering Checkbox. Layout Object Badges. More on Manage Layouts. You Don't need to use the little up-down widget to move items in Manage Scripts and Manage Layouts. The Text Engine has Changed (Again).