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The Best Patterns you need to see! Here are a bunch of the most adorable patterns that I have came across!

The Best Patterns you need to see!

Click the title of the one you want to see and it will take you right there! I will add more as time goes on so please check back for more! Turn an old pair of flip flop into winter boots! I’ve got to try this! …these are adorable & so easy to make! Crochet Fisherman Baby Outfit is ADORABLE! Would make such a cute photo! …adorable!! MEMORY BEAR PATTERN…using your Babies favorite onesie! …this is the cutest thing ever & it’s so easy to make! These OWL COCOON BLANKETS would make such a great baby shower gift! …these are so adorable & look easy to make!!

Patterns 2

19 Impossibly Clever Knitting And Crochet Patterns. Free Crochet Pattern Stitch Open Skies. Free Crochet Patterns - Crochet For You. Simply click on the image to go to the pattern description.

Free Crochet Patterns - Crochet For You

You feel free to make and sell products from my crochet patterns. When Sharing my patterns use one image with a direct link to the pattern. Please do not repost, copy or edit content, patterns and images in this blog as your own. Link Lists - free patterns - Crochet For You. Crochet For You - free patterns and tutorials. Beautiful blouse Crochet Point Fantasy! Graphical. It was wonderful. share - Crochet Designs Free.

That I loved it. Crochet towels barred from crochet. Follows the graph. Linda, share. Kisses. - Crochet Designs Free. Tina's handicraft : dress - photo tutorial. Tina's handicraft : blouses crochet. 50 Shades of Grey Crochet. The 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer was released yesterday and while everyone is watching and talking about it, it got me thinking about all the crochet projects that could be made with grey yarn!

50 Shades of Grey Crochet

[Colección] Trajes de Baño a Crochet. [Colección] Vestidos a Crochet. [Colección] Pantalones a Crochet. CTejidas [Crochet y Dos Agujas] [Colección] Chaquetas y Chalecos a Crochet. CTejidas [Crochet y Dos Agujas] Galería: Los más Hermosos Tops Tejidos. 100-grannys-crochet.pdf. Galería + Libro para Descargar: Pixelados a Crochet - Colchas y Tapetes. CTejidas [Crochet y Dos Agujas] CTejidas [Crochet y Dos Agujas]

Patrón #959: Vestido a Ganchillo. How To Crochet Spoke Mandala [Free Patterns] – CRAFT-ADDICTS. Welcome to, today is such a nice day and not just because the weather is fantastic but because we are going to learn how to crochet these gorgeous mandalas.

How To Crochet Spoke Mandala [Free Patterns] – CRAFT-ADDICTS

I am pretty sure you have never done something like this before and these spoke mandalas would probably become the most exciting project of your life. Of course I am not able to predict the future but if you decide to crochet them, you definitely will not be disappointed. At the first sight it might appear too difficult for you but we have brought to you extremely helpful written patterns with step by step instructions that would make your crocheting process much easier and enjoyable. So, start crocheting right now and as a result you will own at least one of these elegant and colorful mandalas. Our friendly blog wishes a best of luck to you, please enjoy your craft time and do not forget to share your ideas, opinion and experience with other people.

Shawl - with shells and clusters of double crochet - free pattern. The chart (or similar) has been jumping around in different groups on Facebook.

Shawl - with shells and clusters of double crochet - free pattern

I take no credit of the chart since it belongs to someone else. I've tried to google the pic in my search for the designer but unfortunately no one seems to claim it. The search only led to different russian blogs that seems to only have shared it. If you know who it is, please let me know so the right person gets the credit for it. I find it gorgeous. This is only my interpretation of the chart so there can be variations, eg instead of treble you can do double crochet througout the pattern. Written in US terms.Finished size: approx 135 cm/53" along the top edge and 80 cm/31" from center top edge to bottom tip.

Abbreviations: ch = chainsc = single crochetdc = double crochettr = treble (yarn over twice )dc cl = cluster (group of dc)lp(s) = loop(s)sk = skip( ) 5 times = Repeat what's written inside the brackets the number of times shown after.fptr = front post treble bptr = back post treble. Lacy Doily Round Up - Crochet Doily Patterns. Lacy Doily Round Up Delicate, lacy, ruffled, floral and beautiful – doilies – they’re not outdated, at least not in my opinion!

Lacy Doily Round Up - Crochet Doily Patterns

And now for Thursday’s Top Round up – Lacy Doily Round Up! Number 1. Sweet Nothings Crochet: R’s DIAMONDS & VEE's TOP. R’s DIAMONDS & VEE's TOP This pattern caught my eye not just for the pattern, but for that absolutely gorgeous rose coloured yarn in this inspiration photograph.

Sweet Nothings Crochet: R’s DIAMONDS & VEE's TOP

J As I work on this pattern, I’ve written down my notes that I share with you. Charlotte {Large Crochet Square Part 3} Welcome to Part 3 of Charlotte, my new Large Crochet Square.

Charlotte {Large Crochet Square Part 3}

At the end of this part, you will have a lovely BIG square to use however your heart desires. Yes, I will be growing this square later on, and I am already working on it, but for now, this is all she wrote! Today we will be adding a border to the small central square from Part 1 and the Triangles from Part 2. If you have no idea what Charlotte is, have a look at the ‘Reveal‘ and Part 1 (where you will find all the information for materials, size, and gauge. Tweed Under Wraps. [Free Pattern] Really Simple Pattern With Stunning Results: Yarn Clouds Square - Knit And Crochet Daily. Beautiful 12-inch square with some very interesting and cute stitches that form the “clouds”.

[Free Pattern] Really Simple Pattern With Stunning Results: Yarn Clouds Square - Knit And Crochet Daily

Love the texture of this square! An entire afghan of this square would be so much fun! Yarn Clouds Square (12"hx12"w inches) Please send me a pm if you find any errors.

Yarn Clouds Square (12"hx12"w inches)

Enjoy!! Yarn Clouds Square Copyright to champygirl March 18, 2011. Beautiful Crochet Patterns And Knitting Patterns. Atty's: Braided/Woven Crochet Block. Pagina's This Blog Linked From Here The Web Sunday, August 31, 2014. Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: #knitamitt for patients with dementia. Senior nurses at Poole Hospital are urging keen knitters to make and send in special ‘memory mitts’ to support the care of patients with dementia in hospital. Memory mitts provide something patients can hold and ‘twiddle’, helping to reduce anxiety and promote calm. The mitts are simple knitted cuffs, to which a range of items, including ribbons, buttons or beads, can be sown and which provide activity for patients. Kate Jones, dementia nurse specialist at the hospital (pictured on the left with Lynsey Paul, associate dementia nurse specialist), says that whilst a simple idea, they can directly improve a patient’s time in hospital.

“Having something to hold and ‘twiddle’ can have a calming effect on a person with dementia,” she said. “The textures, the added accessories, and warmth of the memory mitts provide stimulation and can help improve the experience people with dementia have in hospital. Knitters Wanted! An urgent call to help dementia patients. A new scheme to help patients with dementia has put out an urgent call for knitters! The project, which was launched at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH), aims to supply creations called sensory bands which are knitted bands with trimmings on both the outside and inside of ribbons, beads, buttons and zips, to patients in the later stages of dementia.

Sensory bands are used to promote stimulation and a sense of wellbeing and have proven useful for patients living with severe dementia. Integrated Dementia Services Project Manager, Liz Yaxley, explained: “The sensory band was designed to help people find comfort in tactile stimulation which they may be missing, especially when they are away from home. Beautiful shawl made of crochet yarn, tutorial video. - Crochet Free. This beautiful women yarn crocheted shawl blue denim is versatile and stylish. You can remove the knob and put it in another way, so that the scarf is wearable in various ways.

This is the differential of this piece, she turns and several looks in which you want to transform. Wonderful piece of crochet yarn.Imagine yourself wearing this elegant fall fashion wrap ladies with evening attire or jeans and a sweater. It measures 17 "x 60" and is made of 100% acrylic yarn.Hand wash only or wash with neutral detergent machine. Machine wash, cold on gentle cycle. Beautiful blouse crafted in crochet Perfect! I MADE THESE BEAUTIFUL SKIRTS CROCHET , LIKED GIRLS? Beautiful crochet blouse in pink - Crochet online. 10+ Fabulous DIY Ways to Recycle Old T-Shirts.

Are you looking for ways to use those t-shirts that you’ve been holding on to but can’t wear anymore? You may think of refashion them into some new styles as the tutorials we have shared before. But if you just don’t need these tees for clothing any more, here are 10 more fabulous DIY Ways to Repurpose your old t-shirts into something new for your home decoration or as accessories! This beautiful rainbow rug is made from t-shirt yarn. Braided rug tutorial Via: Sew Liberated. DIY Crochet Lacey Olga Summer Hat. DIY Crochet Baby Animal Hat Patterns. Crochet Watermelon Sun Hat.

When your daughter has a watermelon bathing suit, the only sensible thing to do is to crochet a matching watermelon sun hat! This hat is really easy to make and works up quickly using double crochet stitches. And I will show you how to make simple “seeds” using large pony beads! Materials: – Size H Crochet Hook – Worsted weight yarn in red, white and green. Of course you could also make this hat with any color combinations! – Large black pony beads from – Tapestry needle Size: 0-3 Months with red yarnMagic ring, 11 DC in magic ring, join to first DC, chain 2Round 2: 2 DC in each around, join, chain 2 (22 DC)Round 3: 2 DC in first, DC in next, repeat around, join, chain 2 (33 DC)Round 4: 2 DC in first, DC in next 2, repeat around, join, chain 2 (44 DC)Round 5-10: DC in each around, join, chain 2 (44 DC) switch to white yarn Round 11: SC in each stitch around, join (44 SC) switch to green yarn Round 12: 2 DC in each stitch around, join, chain 2 (88 DC)

Crochet Girls Bluebell Beanie Hat Pattern. AnnaVirginia Fashion: Baby Flapper-Girl Hat *Pattern* Belmont Sun Hat - FREE Pattern - KatiDCreations. Crochet Gone Fishin’ Baby Sun Hat with Goldfish {free crochet pattern} Crochet Cape Cod Baby Boy Sun Hat {free crochet pattern} Crochet Sun Hat (Granny Stitch) – Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet Caterpillar Toddler Boy Sun Hat {free crochet pattern} I’ve been having lots of fun designing hats for my boys. Girl hats are everywhere, with a myriad of patterns for butterflies and flowers, so I’ve enjoyed creating stuff that boys would love.

And Gabriel loves this hat! When he’s outside playing in the dirt and sand, he often comes to me with a little worm in his hand and talks to me all about it. For more boy sun hats, see my posts on the Cape Cod Crab Hat, Gone Fishin’ Goldfish Hat and the Ocean Star Hat. If you need help working in the round, see my tutorial here. Materials Hook: G/6 4.25 mmYarn: Worsted, Medium, 4 (I used [amazon_link id=”B0001DUD9O” target=”_blank” ]Red Heart Super Saver[/amazon_link], but cotton yarn would work really well for the summer)Tapestry needle to sew in tailsScissors to cut the tails Abbreviations SL ST = slip stitchDC = double crochetCH = chainST = stitchSL ST = slip stitch Crown of Hat (To join each round, work a SL ST in the top of the CH 2, where the first double crochet starts.

Crochet Gone Fishin’ Baby Sun Hat with Goldfish {free crochet pattern} Crochet Sun Hat – Brim Pattern. Granny Stitch Sun Hat – Baby Girl – Free Crochet Pattern! Crochet Bumblebee Sun Hat – Free Pattern in All Sizes! Crochet Summer Sun Hat – Free Patterns for a Baby and Toddler. Peach Happy Sun Hat - Stitch11. 1920's Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern.

Free Spring Crochet Hat pattern- Beverly's Cloche in Vanna's Choice. DIY Crochet Vintage Girls Brimmed Sun Hat. Free Ruffled Brim Sunhat Pattern… Stitch of Love: Pattern For My Ridge Hat With Brim. Stitch of Love: PATTERN: Crochet Hat for My Mom. Yoyo Puff Wide Brim Hat For Girl - Free Crochet Pattern - Page 2 of 2. 20+ Fab Art DIY Crochet Girl’s Sun Hat with Pattern. DIY Woven Rug with Cardboard and Fork. DIY Crochet Strawberry Pattern - Fab Art DIY. Crochet Girls Bluebell Beanie Hat Pattern.

How to DIY Festive Crochet Christmas Socks. How to DIY Pretty Crochet Girl's Floral Sun Hat. How to DIY Pretty Crochet Girls Swirl Sun Hat. Translate. DIY Pretty Crochet Flowers with Buttons. How to DIY Crochet Button Flower Blossom Wall Art. Crochet shawls with schemes. Crochet Phone case DIY Pattern. Crochet scarf pattern. Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern- the spiral one! Red Haired Amazona: Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat : The Movie!!! Red Haired Amazona: Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern- the spiral one! Crochet Panama Hat for Girls [Free Pattern and Video Tutorial]

How to Crochet a Tank Top with Shell Stitch. Crochet Fingerless Gloves. Crochet Tutorial: Knee-High Socks. DIY Crochet Cardigan Sweater Free Patterns. CARAMELO DE CROCHET: PONCHO. Crochet Baby Pull Over Sweater. How To Crochet A Cocoon Sweater Cardigan – Entertainment All Day. Crochet Tutorial: Granny Square Cardigan. Granny cocoon shrug part 2 - going viral — maria valles. A Beautiful Knit Scarf (free pattern)


Crochet Granny Slippers + Tutorial. Crochet For Children: Tiles Granny Afghan - Free Pattern. Bohemian Blanket Crochet Pattern Free. #FlashbackFriday Crochet Link Blast 30: Pillows. Round Crochet Bag.