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Blogue de secrets-d-aquarelle - L'AQUARELLE est aujourd'hui l'une des techniques les plus appréciées des peintres amateurs... -

Blogue de secrets-d-aquarelle - L'AQUARELLE est aujourd'hui l'une des techniques les plus appréciées des peintres amateurs... -

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DANIEL SMITH - Watercolor Rhodies with Kay Barnes Watercolor Rhodies with Kay Barnes Kay Barnes demonstrates her method for painting realistic Rhododendrons with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors "White Rhodies" Watercolor on Paper By Kay Barnes Printable Template for "White Rhodies" DIY Botanical Silhouette Decorating the home will involve at some point, working with your walls. In one way or another, you are bound to eventually feel the urge to paint them. But most of the times, (re)designing or (re)painting walls have a more permanent impact than paintings do. So, before you change the look and feeling of your home in a semi-permanent manner, try the relatively temporary and simpler way. Grab these items:

Canvas Layers Holiday Wreath I am so excited that the holidays have officially started and I cannot wait to share creative, easy and unique inspiration during the month of December on my blog and I will have LOTS to share so tune in everyday for tons of original ideas! To kick off the holidays I am starting with another wreath made from canvas, fabric and lots and lots of buttons! This is an easy project but packed full of color! How to Paint Realistic Water Drops Transparent water drops are very appealing things to paint. With a bit of practice and careful planning you'll find they're not as impossible to paint as you might have thought. The first thing to get decide is which direction the light is coming from in your painting as this will determine where the highlights and shadows in the drops will be. Then apply the following 'rules': There'll be a shadow underneath and to the opposite side of the light direction (in this illustration the light is coming from the right, so the shadow is underneath and to the left). Or just underneath if the light source is directly above.

Painting a mountain landscape, watercolor demonstration Watercolor Lessons Art Lessons Art Books Drawing Lessons Oil Painting Drawing for Students A Simple Mountainscape We only need a few guidelines in order to mark the mountain range and the foreground hills. Three lines are drawn, make your own choice of mountain peaks. Next, mix up three washes: 1. Raw sienna. 2. Watercolor Demonstration of "Rachel's Tulips" by Liz Fluehr Rachel's TulipsWatercolor, 20" x 17" framed Collection of C. Vippus Visit Liz Fluehr's web site to view more of her work. You may contact Liz at [ Artist Interviews | ]Copyright © 1999, Liz Fluehr All rights reserved.

Fox Hollow Cottage: Glass Bottle and Tin Can Repurpose Tin Cans & Tequila Bottles Repurposing and Reusing {shabby style!} After I got drunk the other night… just Kidding!! Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri ©2009-2014. All rights reserved. The blog FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014 | Comments: 1 Tassels are really in right now and great tutorials can be found all over the web for making them out of embroidery floss. I love this idea – the bright, silky floss makes the most beautiful tassels! Free Art Projects and Tutorials Try something new by tackling the art projects, or expand your artistic skills and generally brush up your knowledge of painting techniques through the tutorials and demos. Monthly Painting Projects These painting projects were set regularly with the intention of encouraging you to explore new subjects and/or techniques, to challenge yourself in a new way, and to kickstart your creativity. Submissions are closed but you can still read the instructions. More Art Projects The projects listed here are still open for submissions, and involve painterly printmaking techniques.

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