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Arrival at Fragrant Nature - Picture of Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurveda Spa, Kollam - TripAdvisor

Arrival at Fragrant Nature - Picture of Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurveda Spa, Kollam - TripAdvisor

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The Photo Adventures Of A Dog And His Human Traveling Around USA Illustrator John Stortz and his gorgeous dog Wolf travel around the most spectacular places in the USA and capture their bliss on photos. Wolf, whose full name is Wolfgang, is the main model in John’s photos – he seems to pose however the photographer wishes, as long as there are delicious cheese sticks on the line. The legendary duo has already conquered much of the Western United States since they met two years ago when Stortz adopted Wolf. The photos get more and more mesmerizing as you explore Stortz’s photo galleries on his Instagram and Tumblr pages, so don’t forget to visit them for more wondrous images.

2017 Food Trends - Watch out for these health-food, superfood trends Like fashion or gadgets, food trends also come and go, with each new year bringing a host of ingredients that nutritionists consider to be on the rise. Factors such as the inherent nutrients, the ability to tackle dietary issues, the ease of availability, and versatility help diet experts figure out what ingredients are on the up when it comes to health food. On the basis of these, here are some ingredients that experts suggest would make the list for ‘superfoods’ of 2017. Going (Green) Bananas There’s a lot of talk about what kind of flour is healthier for you, and banana flour may just steal the limelight from the likes of coconut flour or other emerging varieties. It’s made from green bananas, which are essentially the raw version of the yellow banana, and has been used in Indian cuisine for many centuries. This variety is a good source of resistant starch that cannot be broken down by enzymes in your stomach and so acts like a fibre replacement.

Photographer Takes His Rescued Dog Maddie On Epic Adventures Maddie the dog, of ‘Maddie on Things’ fame, is traveling across America with owner Theron Humphrey and looking for friends. Maddie became famous for her ability to balance on things shortly after she was rescued, but this new series, “four by three,” is all about their adventures in America’s back-country. Believe it or not, but the duo will be travelling by motorcycle most of the time – Maddie will be sitting in a sidecar right alongside Theron the whole time! Show Full Text Humphrey describes his project’s goals on his blog: “Out on the road I’m looking to photograph 25 unique stories focused on ladies who love motorcycles,” he writes.

Canadian Health Food Association predicts 2017's biggest natural health trends The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has shared its predictions for the top natural health trends for 2017. In consultation with industry experts, Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to the natural health and organic products industry, has revealed the following five trends for health-conscious Canadians to keep on their radar this year. Sprouts

Food, travel, pets and selfies push Instagram to almost 100m posts a day The revolution will be #filtered: Instagram’s explosive growth is showing no signs of slowing, with close to one hundred million photos and videos now being shared on the platform every day. New figures show the photo-sharing platform’s monthly active user base has more than doubled in size over the past two years, with 500 million people a month worldwide now using Instagram. Three hundred million – just shy of the entire population of the United States – use the app every day. By comparison, Facebook had 1.65 billion monthly active users as of 31 March 2016 and about 1.1 billion daily active users – about three times Instagram’s figures.

7 health food trends set to change your eating in 2017 We’ve had kale – God, have we had kale – chia seeds and blueberries. But what will be 2017’s health food trends? Anna Magee reports The health food trends of 2017 aren’t just foods, they could change the way we eat. The best photography on Picfair: world food insert_drive_file Article • 3 November 2014 Updated 10 November 2016 This month we’ve teamed up with Picfair photographers to make your mouths water. Below we’ve handpicked 20 of the best world food images from the photo-sharing and selling site. Next month’s theme is ‘urban’, so for a chance to have your images licensed by Rough Guides, upload your best urban images to Picfair and tag them with RGurban.

Lifestyle Tips Share Canadians are increasingly interested in three key things: local food, healthy food and DIY food! Why sprouting will be a trend in 2017 Sprouting ticks all of these boxes, not to mention it’s easy and affordable. This trend is also primed to last all year, as it’s easy to sprout from the comfort of your own kitchen throughout winter.

Lifestyle Tips Share 2016 saw the rise in excitement around vegan and raw menu options. With this has come a boom in plant-based alternatives to common dairy products. Why plant-based dairy alternatives will be trending in 2017 With more and more of the population suffering from lactose intolerance and allergy symptoms ranging from digestive issues to hives and life-threatening anaphylaxis, delicious dairy alternatives are becoming much more common and easier to find at your local CHFA Member health food store.

Travel Photography Series Part 1 – Travel Means Food – Carla Coulson Dried beans for sale in the central market Athens copyright Carla Coulson I spent the first 10 years of my photography career taking travel pics and loved every minute of it. I know many of you adore travel photography and it truly is a wonderful path to choose. food.ndtv Highlights Sleep deprivation & disturbed sleep both have negative effectsAs per the National Sleep Foundation adults need 7-9 hours of sleepUttanasana, Tadasana and Virasana are some yoga poses that can help When we face a stressful situation, sleep is the first thing we give up on. Not just that, for most of us dealing with the day to day pressures of life is enough to make us lose sleep.

Fashion styling, photography & film: master programme at Istituto Marangoni Milano The course Conceptualise, style, shoot, develop and communicate. Contemporary fashion photographers understand the importance of styling to create a story and an atmosphere, together with the growing connections between still and moving image to express fashion and luxury. This one year postgraduate level Fashion Styling, Photography & Film course trains participants to become visual image experts with advanced skills in photography, fashion film techniques, styling and publishing, focusing on advertising, catalogues, fashion magazines and photo editorials, for both offline and online media. Through technical experimentation, cultural content and creative research, the fashion course looks at how to reflect the soul and identity of a fashion brand through photography and moving image.