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Lovely pets. Trends. Dogs celebrate engagement with elaborate photo shoot   Unlikely friendships in the animal kingdom, in pictures - News. House-sitters: How to avoid leaving your property vulnerable while you're on holiday (and they'll even care for your pets) Here's why your local town - not just your workplace - should be pet friendly. Calls for regulation of marmosets and monkey owners after sales via social media increase. Ten tips for holiday pet care. Pet Subjects: Telegraph vet Pete Wedderburn answers your questions. Health tips you must keep in mind to survive 2017 : Wellness, News.

The year 2016 saw a lot happening in the world of sexual health, something that Dr Astha Dayal, Visiting Consultant (Gynecology), Artemis and Apollo Cradle, Gurugram, agrees upon, while highlighting that young working women are today becoming more prone to health issues like irregular periods, low fertility, depression, weight gain, indigestion, hair loss, acne and even heart ailments every day.

Health tips you must keep in mind to survive 2017 : Wellness, News

Highlighting how stress takes a greater toll on both mental and physical health of women as compared to men, she says, "The most common problem I get to see is polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, meaning hormonal problems like irregular cycles, subfertility, and weight and hair issues. Fifty per cent of these women could become diabetic later in life and they have a three-time higher risk of developing cancer of the uterus. " The doctor points at another factor: the lack of education about contraception, sexually-transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.

Mind matters - Sleep. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Healthy Home Ideas & Home Safety Tips. Green Your Space: 5 Tips for a Healthy Home. Editor’s Note: This was originally published on RISMedia’s blog, Housecall.

Green Your Space: 5 Tips for a Healthy Home

See what else is cookin’ now at Every homeowner wants a healthy home for his or her family and pets. Making the right choices in your house isn’t always easy, though. Keep reading to learn more about how you can create a healthy space and enjoy your home even more. These five tips should put you on the path. Update Your Insulation Individuals and families in older homes should consider the fact that they may have unhealthy types of insulation in the walls keeping them comfortable. Asbestos and hazardous insulation remediation can be a big job, but for a homeowner, it should be a top priority in terms of a healthy home. Top 10 Healthy Home Tips for 2017 - U. Start the New Year by taking steps to create a healthy home.

Top 10 Healthy Home Tips for 2017 - U

Simple changes can have a huge impact on your health and the health of the planet. Here are our top ten healthy home tips for the new year: 1. Question plastic Plastics not only pollute our planet, but research has shown that some plastics also harm our health. 2. Want to Get Healthy in 2017? Try Living in One of These Homes. It's no secret that your home can make you sick.

Want to Get Healthy in 2017? Try Living in One of These Homes.

Really sick. Horror stories abound of families suffering from lung disease after decades of unknowingly breathing in the asbestos in their residences, or falling prey to a multitude of illnesses brought on by creeping, insidious mold. And then there are the heartbreaking cases of the people of Flint, MI, who were falling seriously ill from the lead-contaminated water flowing through the pipes in their homes. So, the reasoning goes, why not go in the opposite direction: Design homes that can actually make their inhabitants healthier? That quest has led to the introduction of two separate health and wellness certifications for condo and apartment buildings, each developed by different groups. Cal Air Cooling and Heating. Tips for Buying a Healthy Home - McDaniel Callahan TEAM. Looking for a new home in Alamo, Danville, Concord, or nearby?

Tips for Buying a Healthy Home - McDaniel Callahan TEAM

Concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones? Here are a few factors that will help you choose the right neighborhood for your search. Healthy Home Investigation with Dr. Oz! From saving crickets and eating (nontoxic) pest control to Ron scrubbing ovens and a special guest hiding in the shower, our Healthy Home Investigation show on the Dr.

Healthy Home Investigation with Dr. Oz!

Oz show is full of surprises! Watch below as Ron and I take you on a healthy home journey to discover the best (and worst) do-it-yourself mold test kits, a few nontoxic methods of pest control (including the ABC’s of safe ant removal) and do-it-yourself , safe, chemical-free cleaning hacks that will have you breathing a sigh of relief! Want to learn more? Heed the advice of Dr. Oz and take our FREE Healthy Home Challenge now!

We hope you enjoyed these fun and easy tips to keep you and your family safe and free from toxic exposures! New Year, New You: 5 Healthy Living Tips for 2017 - A Modern Haven. Walk for Animals 2017: About the Walk for Animals. Something as simple as a walk becomes so much more when you share it with your companion animal - and even better yet when you share it with your animal–loving community!

Walk for Animals 2017: About the Walk for Animals

Celebrate the special bond you share with your pet, while also helping Animal Humane Society care for animals in need this year. Begin raising funds now and get ready for the one event your pet looks forward to every bit as much as you. Why walk? Animal Sheltering Online by The Humane Society of the United States. 8 Hair Trends For 2017 - New Hairstyles and Ideas for 2017. 1 Going Platinum Stars like Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne have ditched their signature hair colors for silvery platinum blonde.

8 Hair Trends For 2017 - New Hairstyles and Ideas for 2017

Both later chopped off their hair—since short hair so much easier to bleach. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 2 The High Pony. Hair Trends 2017 - 16 Hair Styles And Hair Colours To Try This Year. Pantone’s Top 10 Spring 2017 Colors Counts on New York Fashion Week for Inspiration – WWD. In keeping with the see-now-buy-now undercurrent sweeping through the spring collections, Pantone has switched up its seasonal forecasting by releasing its Top 10 colors in the wake of New York Fashion Week.

Pantone’s Top 10 Spring 2017 Colors Counts on New York Fashion Week for Inspiration – WWD

Leading the charge are Niagara, Primrose Yellow and Lapis Blue in the top three slots respectively, followed by Flame and Island Paradise. Ranking sixth through 10th, are Pale Dogwood, Greenery, Pink Yarrow, Kale and Hazelnut. Just as many designers have taken to a more immediate approach to retail, so has Pantone with its color analysis. Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman said, “Obviously, that’s a really important part of where the fashion industry is headed. You have to look at things and ask would people say, ‘I love that color. FENDI KAN I ‹ Fashion Trendsetter. Spring/ Summer 2017 Color Trends. Left with a fresh and spicy aftertaste?

Spring/ Summer 2017 Color Trends

The action-packed 29 days passed like greased lightning? This is obviously post-fashion-month period finding us all tossing around the new fashion trends, new faces and the most memorable moments of the spring 2017 fashion weeks. Just another spring/summer fashion month came through with flying colors leaving behind a vivacious rainbow. What’s the prime mover of all this get-together? Fashion Trends 2017: The Seven Trends To Know Now. The Best Shoes from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017. 10 Best White T Shirts - Perfect White Tee Shirts To Add to Your Summer Wardrobe. Fall 2017 Fashion Trends - Guide to Fall 2017 Styles and Runway Trends. Womens Designer Trench Coats - Trench Coats 2012. Womens Designer Trench Coats - Trench Coats 2012.

The 15 Best Cities In The World For Food. World's Best Food Cities. The All-Star Chef Classic Los Angeles Will Host the World’s Best Chefs This March. A Taste of Heaven: 6 Destinations to Sharpen Your Culinary Skills. 10 Walking Food Tours Around the U.S. Tackle These Cities for Great Seafood. The 20 Best Countries in the World for Food - Yonderbound. Goi cuon – spring rolls stuffed with coriander, greens, minced pork, shrimp or crab.Banh mi – sandwich with vegetables, omelette and various different fillings.Banh Xeo – Vietnamese pancakes.

The literal translation is «sizzling pancake».Pho – noodle soup.Cha Ca – white fish, sauteed in butter with spring onions.Must-Drink in Vietnam: Jasmine tea, Bia Hoi – local beer, strong iced coffee, lemon iced tea. Check out the Clelia Mattana Guide for Ho Chi Minh Nightlife There are many things in general you can try, from salads to hot dishes, from sweets to soups. But if you want something traditional, cheap and fast – it`s definitely souvlaki. The iconic dish of Greece is a fast food that you usually can find anywhere on the streets, in the bars, in small take-out shops and cafes. The world's best food cities - Thrillist. What you're looking for: Oysters from Arcachon Bay, duck confit at La Tupina While Paris rested on its buttery laurels, Bordeaux, the place you always knew for its wines, silently rose to be the more interesting food destination for France and, we think, the world.

From the basics, the rich French dishes you’re totally thinking of pairing with your glass of red are from here: fatty duck confit and, well, also fatty foie gras. Grab either at La Tupina, arguably the most famous restaurant in the city. National Geographic Travel. This list was first published in the National Geographic book The World's Best Cities. Louisville, Kentucky Invented as a midnight snack for revelers at the Brown Hotel (335 W. Broadway), Hot Brown, an open-faced turkey sandwich on Texas toast with bacon, tomatoes, and a cream sauce, gives eaters plenty to get excited about, day or night. Chennai, India Chicken 65 is to India’s restaurants what buffalo wings are in the United States. It is widely believed India’s spicy, deep-fried chicken starter was invented at Chennai’s Buhari Hotel by the hotel’s founder and possibly named after the number of chilies in the original recipe.

Buffalo, New York Spicy, tangy buffalo wings, a favorite of bar crawlers the world over, owe a debt to the city’s Anchor Bar Restaurant (1047 Main St.), where the chicken finger food was born in 1964. Lyon, France In a country whose cuisine is arguably the world’s finest, Lyon is considered its foodie epicenter. The 25 best cities for foodies around the world. 20 of the Best Travel Bargains for 2017. The Top 100 Honeymoon Destinations for 2017. Lonely Planet names best destinations for 2017. Lonely Planet has named Canada as its top country for 2017 and Bordeaux as one of the world's best cities. Winner of the world's best region went to Peru's Choquequirao, which is it's lesser known 'lost city'. Not for long, however – there's a cable car slated for 2017 which will whisk visitors straight to the ruins in 15 minutes or, similarly to Machu Picchu, you can do a four day trek to reach them. Either or, one thing is for certain – the only people you'll encounter are archaeologists and jungle, which still covers two-thirds of the ruins.

Get there before everyone else does. World-famous wine city Bordeaux topped the best cities list, soon to be linked to Paris via a high speed train which will escort you there in a mere two hour jaunt. Close to the top of this list is Los Angeles at number three, a city so jam-packed it never fails to surprise and delight repeat visitors. 37 Top Places To Visit In India In Summer. Last Updated: 09th Feb 2017 Are you looking to plan a hassle free summer holidays in India in 2017? Are you wondering which are your best bet for summer holiday destinations in India? Our collection of places to visit in India in summer offer you the widest possible choice of places to pleasant and sun soaked places across Indian subcontinent. Be it the beachfront luxury at some of the finest south Asian beaches or the spiritually & mentally uplifting embrace of Himalayas; be it the yoga & meditation centers where the Beatles embarked on quest for Nirvana & inspiration or the tea and spices laden Western Ghats; take your pick from our wide range of destinations and vacation ideas to ensure that you have a perfect and memorable summer holidays in 2017.

So without further digressions, we move on to our list of the best places to visit in India in Summer i.e. March, April, May, June, July August and September to help you plan your vacation! Mydomaine. When it comes to traveling, we can't get enough of it. Best in Travel: Lonely Planet names best destinations for 2017. Last updated 11:56, October 27 2016 Choquequirao or mini Machu Picchu tops the list for its remote and spectacular Inca ruins near Cuzco. Lonely Planet has named Taranaki as one of the world's best regions for 2017, Canada as the top country, and Bordeaux as one of the world's best cities. Best-Value Travel Destinations for 2017. The 6 best destinations for solo travel.

Travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. One of the best ways I’ve found to explore a country during my two years of solo travel is to join a tour group. Travelling solo in a group means you still get to feel like a wild adventurer exploring the world (because you are) but you’ve got instant friends, the safety of a tour guide and, sometimes, a better price too. 12 of the world's cheapest holiday destinations for 2017. Best Travel Destinations 2017 - Where To Travel. At the beginning of 2016, I left my job at a travel magazine to strike out on my own as a freelance travel writer. What I didn’t know at the time is where this leap of faith would take me. This year alone, I’ve gone to all seven continents, visiting some of the most remote stretches of the world along the way.

Best Travel Destinations 2017 - Where To Travel. Caribbean Holidays - Holidays to the Caribbean 2017 / 2018. 27 Cheap destinations for 2017 with great weather in June. 10 travel destinations you cannot afford to miss in 2017 - China's Top 10 Places You Should Visit in 2017. Most Dangerous Travel Destinations For 2017 Revealed. If you’re planning a trip abroad, you’ll do yourself a favor if you spend a couple of minutes examining this map by International SOS and Control Risks, which predicts the most dangerous travel destinations for 2017. Done alongside the Ipsos Mori survey this map provides insights about travelers’ experiences around the world. Frommer's' Best Places to Go in 2017. Doha, Qatar The tiny Persian Gulf state of Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world thanks to vast natural gas and oil reserves. But the capital, Doha, is often overshadowed by the flashier cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the nearby United Arab Emirates.

Doha officials have been working to change that, and 2017 could very well be the year their efforts pay off. Huge projects to improve infrastructure and transportation systems—new bridges, an expanded port, a state-of-the-art subway (2019), an explosion of long-haul direct flights from the airport—are at or nearing completion, and at least 14 new hotels are scheduled to open in 2017 alone. Destinations Show, Olympia London - the essential event for travel inspiration. Intermountain Healthcare. Food.ndtv. Food.ndtv. Lifestyle Tips. Lifestyle Tips. 7 health food trends set to change your eating in 2017. Canadian Health Food Association predicts 2017's biggest natural health trends. 2017 Food Trends - Watch out for these health-food, superfood trends.

Top 10 Healthy Food Trends for 2017 - EatingWell. The biggest healthy food trends of 2017. Food trend predictions for 2017: What’s hot, what’s not.  Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort and Ayurveda Spa. The 7 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017. Best Places to Travel 2017. Destinations Show, Olympia London - the essential event for travel inspiration. Where to Go in 2017 - Best Places to Travel This Year. Top 10 travel hotlist of the most amazing places to visit in 2017.

15 Days Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga Retreat Kerala - Best holiday destinations in the world. Bikepacking: travel on two wheels. The Best Places to Travel in 2017 - Photos. Best Trips 2017 — National Geographic Travel. The 21 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2017. 8 Days Ayurveda, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India - The 20 best destinations to visit in 2017. These airports so beautiful, they're actually tourist attractions - The 10 best special interest holidays for 2017. The 10 best special interest holidays for 2017. The Best Places to Travel in 2017.

Fragrant Nature Lake Resort & Spa Reviews, Profile & Contact - How the Clean-Eating Plan Works. Nutrition experts got together and ranked the best diets of 2017 - here are the top 12. Diet plan 2017: Top tips to help you achieve your ideal figure. US News ranks best diet plans for 2017.

Irish Food Trends 2017. Fragrant Nature Resort, Kollam – Experience. Food Trends 2017: The Heartiest, Healthiest, and Most Delicious Meals You'll Devour This Year. Marina Times - Food trends 2017. Marina Times - Food trends 2017. Eat Real Live Well.