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Style News - Home & Garden - Dining & Wine - T Style Magazine - Weddings and Celebrations Three Days in New York City – Nomadic Matt's Travel Site This past weekend a friend of mine visited New York City and having never been here before, he wanted to see as much as possible but I only had three days to show him everything. That’s not a lot of time for the “Big Apple.” It made me think though. A lot of times travelers only have a short amount of time in a city. We see the highlights and move on to our next destination. So I thought, NYC is one of my favorite cities in the world and if I only had three days to show you New York City, how could we best spend it? Day 1Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Though the line is really long, if you get here early you can avoid most of it. Battery Park Hang out here for music performances, street performers, watch all the people who are willing to wait for hours to see the Statue of Liberty, or just relax. Wall Street Take a look at the bull, get your photo taken, and then walk to Wall Street and see where the bankers of America destroyed the economy. Trinity Church City Hall Brooklyn Bridge High Line

Arts nyc in three days It's your first trip to New York City, and you're only staying for a three-day weekend. While it's impossible to take in all the excitement of the five boroughs in such a short time (lifelong NYC residents discover something new every day), you can still enjoy many of the City's essential attractions. Read on for a plan that will help you make the most of your time—these are the sights and sounds you must experience before you leave. Day One (Midtown) See the Skyline New York City is defined by its skyline, and all city skylines are measured against New York's—the silhouette created by Manhattan's buildings is nothing short of iconic. While you can feel this immensity everywhere in NYC, it's best experienced from the observatories at the Empire State Building and at Rockefeller Center's Top of the Rock. Walk Through Times Square Times Square is where it all happens. Give Your Regards to Broadway Nobody does live theater like NYC. related venues/(8)

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