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Travel - Guides and Deals for Hotels, Restaurants and Vacations

Travel - Guides and Deals for Hotels, Restaurants and Vacations
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Pergamum Pergamon[pronunciation?] (Ancient Greek: τὸ Πέργαμον or ἡ Πέργαμος), or Pergamum, was an ancient Greek city in Aeolis, currently located 26 kilometres (16 mi) from the Aegean Sea on a promontory on the north side of the river Caicus (modern-day Bakırçay). Today, the main sites of ancient Pergamon are to the north and west of the modern city of Bergama in Turkey. Some ancient authors regarded it as a colony of the Arcadians, but the various origin stories all belong to legend. History[edit] Antiquity[edit] Xenophon provides the earliest surviving documentary mention of Pergamon.[2] Captured by Xenophon in 399 and immediately recaptured by the Persians, it was severely punished in 362 after a revolt. The Attalids became some of the most loyal supporters of Rome in the Hellenistic world. As a consequence of its rise to power, the city expanded greatly. The Attalids ruled with intelligence and generosity. Roman[edit] Not everyone in Pergamon accepted Rome's rule. Middle Ages[edit] [edit]

Style News - Home & Garden - Dining & Wine - T Style Magazine - Weddings and Celebrations Three Days in New York City – Nomadic Matt's Travel Site This past weekend a friend of mine visited New York City and having never been here before, he wanted to see as much as possible but I only had three days to show him everything. That’s not a lot of time for the “Big Apple.” It made me think though. Day 1Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Though the line is really long, if you get here early you can avoid most of it. Battery Park Hang out here for music performances, street performers, watch all the people who are willing to wait for hours to see the Statue of Liberty, or just relax. Wall Street Take a look at the bull, get your photo taken, and then walk to Wall Street and see where the bankers of America destroyed the economy. Lunch: The Financial district is a great place to catch a bite to eat. Trinity Church Trinity Church is one of the oldest churches in America. City Hall New York’s City Hall is a great piece of architecture, has a stunning park, and a fountain, and a circular tablet about the history of the site. Brooklyn Bridge High Line

Pure Travel Adventure Holidays 14 Famous People Buried in Paris by Jessica | December 17th, 2008 If you’ve been following along, no doubt you’ve noticed that whenever an article about a cemetery in Paris is posted here on WhyGo Paris it comes with a list of all the famous people who are buried there. Paris has, for hundreds of years, been such a magnet for the living that it shouldn’t be surprising that so many famous folks wanted to make the City of Lights their final resting place, too. One interesting note is that in Paris, there is actually a law that people must be buried in cemeteries – which makes a few of the people on this list (those buried at the Pantheon or the Pasteur Institute) noted exceptions to the rule. So let’s take a little tour of some of the most famous graves in Paris – keeping in mind that there are plenty more where these came from. Jim Morrison This is perhaps the most famous grave in Paris, although the occupant isn’t even French. Napoleon Bonaparte Frederic Chopin Louis Braille Victor Hugo Gustave Eiffel Edith Piaf Man Ray

Travel Arts nyc in three days It's your first trip to New York City, and you're only staying for a three-day weekend. While it's impossible to take in all the excitement of the five boroughs in such a short time (lifelong NYC residents discover something new every day), you can still enjoy many of the City's essential attractions. Read on for a plan that will help you make the most of your time—these are the sights and sounds you must experience before you leave. Day One (Midtown) See the Skyline New York City is defined by its skyline, and all city skylines are measured against New York's—the silhouette created by Manhattan's buildings is nothing short of iconic. While you can feel this immensity everywhere in NYC, it's best experienced from the observatories at the Empire State Building and at Rockefeller Center's Top of the Rock. Walk Through Times Square Times Square is where it all happens. Give Your Regards to Broadway Nobody does live theater like NYC. related venues/(8)

Perceptive Travel Web Magazine Stories Paris itinerary | PARIS ON A SHOESTRING The first stop of your Paris itinerary is the Eiffel Tower approached from the Champ de Mars. Then take the Batobus from the Place de Alma (boat service for the Seine, 10.20 euros for a whole days use). Go up and down the Seine and admire the views. Operates until 7pm in winter, and 9pm in summer. Follow with the Arc de Triomphe, from the top there is a fantastic view of all major buildings. Walk down the Champs Elysees and rest at the Jardin des Tuileries. Second day of Paris itinerary Walk along the rue St-Honore, past the Palais de l’Elysee, to the Opera Garnier and admire the 19th century grand boulevards of Paris designed by Haussman. Montmartre should be the next stop on your Paris itinerary, Metro to the Abbesses station and enjoy the Art Nouveau exit. Exhausted? Notre Dame cannot be missed, take the time to explore the side altars and admire the stained glass windows. Finally a visit to the Pantheon, then a walk through the Latin quarter ending with dinner in a bistro.

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