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Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

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Graham Hughes : The Odyssey Expedition Graham David Hughes was born in Liverpool at the wrong end of the seventies. If you had to define in a sentence what drives him perhaps it’s the desire that years from now schoolchildren across the land will be required to learn his date of birth. From an early age Graham has stood out from the crowd. With his striking auburn hair and encyclopaedic knowledge of smutty jokes he was always going to be noticed and he has grown up into a person that once you meet him, he’s hard to forget. Graham has always had a plan to make his mark and has always has a madcap scheme or three in the offing — once he finds something he wants to do he sets about it wholeheartedly. skinny backpacker I've spent much of the past two years moving in and out of Myanmar / Burma to see what makes the country tick. Having been separated from much of the world for decades thanks to a corrupt military regime and economic sanctions from much of the Western world, the country and its government have begun to open up more recently. The simplified version of this change that is portrayed in much of the media is just a thin slice of what's going on inside of the country. How the future of the people there will be shaped in years to come is what interests me, and is the focus of a long term project of mine. The goal is to have a series of gallery showings, and public speaking engagements when my work is completed sometime in 2015.

The Healthiest I've Felt in a Long Time It’s all thanks to the beach. I’ve been planted here on Palolem Beach in Goa for 17 days already and this morning I realized that it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this physically and mentally healthy. My daily routine since arriving in this paradise has been quite simple and it has barely changed at all during my stay.

Best travel moments of 2012 from around the world Travelers share their best travel moments of 2012 Backpacking through Europe. A cruise to Antarctica. A road trip across America. Exploring New Zealand and Australia. Serene Journey As your life stands right now, do you feel as though there’s got to be something more to it than this? Your Life | Live it. Love it. is a book designed specifically to make you think about where you are right now and where you would ultimately like to be. It’s organized into three main sections as you can see below so let’s jump right into what this book is all about. Section 1: Focus On You

List of all the countries and territories of the world The Travelers’ Century Club’s official list of countries and territories is shown below in alphabetical order, a total of 324 as of Jan. 1, 2014. Although some are not actually countries in their own right, they have been included because they are removed from the parent country, either geographically, politically or ethnologically (see the Territory Status page for detailed criteria). After consideration as to how long one must have stayed in a country or territory to qualify, it was decided that even the shortest visit would suffice — even if only a port-of-call, or a plane fuel stop. This greatly widens the field and will give the traveler a better chance to qualify for one of the most unusual clubs in the world. Anyone who has visited 100 or more of the places listed below is eligible to join.

The Globe-Trekking Gecko Recently I watched the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, mainly for the fact that it features Bali, plus the other two places it covers – Italy and India, are another two destinations that I would love to go to (watch this space!). Watching the scenes in the movie that were in Bali took me straight back to that humidity, the overwhelming sights and sounds, and the fragrant smells of the incense. There is one scene where they feature an island, and I swear it’s the same one that I went to when we went snorkelling in the coral reef. Of course, I could be totally wrong, but that experience of snorkelling there must be one of my favourite highlights of the trip.

Electronics for the Digital Nomad My electronics bag is heavy. It’s probably heavier than my actual backpack. It’s the price I pay to live and work anywhere in the world. They say never to put all your eggs all in one basket but I feel more comfortable keeping the smaller bag with me at all times than putting any electronics under the bus. Why Your Twenties are Terrible/Awesome Or: Gah I’m turning 27 on Wednesday! When I was twenty-one years old my mother told me that her twenties were the hardest decade of her life. This kind of puzzled me at the time. After all- I’d just gotten the ability to drink legally; my life was going great! I was getting ready to graduate, my world was full of friends and endless possibilities.

Parenting With Positive Guidance Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute When it comes to guiding the behavior of our children, do we rely on punishment or discipline? To many people, the two words above carry the same meaning. But let’s think about that here. I’m not trying to argue over semantics, but I would like to offer a change in perspective. Punishment is something that happens to someone. 38 Picture Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World January 28, 2013 by quotesns in Picture Quotes 1 Comment A collection of 38 Picture Quotes that will Inspire you to Travel the World! We hope you enjoyed these and hope they inspired you all as much as they did for us – Happy Travelling! globe trekker blog “Globe Trekker,” shown in the U.S. on PBS, is my favourite travel show because it focuses on real travellers experiencing slices of local cultures, not sightseeing. McCormick is my kind of traveller. Her enthusiasm for the places she visits is infectious and you can’t help but conclude that she’d be a fun person to travel with. She got the travel bug in college and has found a way to make a living out of her wanderlust. McCormick has lived in three U.S. states plus Argentina, Japan, Spain and the U.K., but says she’s now settling down in New York. We spoke to her this week about her favourite places, how she balances family life with her nomadic lifestyle and how she landed her dream job.

The Day US Customs Found A Bullet In My Pocket On the flight from Delhi to Washington D.C., I spent a good two hours staring at the customs form that I was required to fill out. I had completed every section of the form, except for one. I just wasn’t quite sure if mentioning Pakistan and Afghanistan in the box that asked me to list the countries I had visited was such a good idea. As I wrote down the other countries I’d been to on this trip – Australia, Singapore, Thailand and India – I seriously wondered if I could get away with not listing the other two. (Of course, I wasn’t about to risk it and so I wrote them all down in the end.)

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