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Simple Bow Tie Top

Simple Bow Tie Top
I'm so happy about how this turned out. This is one of those projects that's been on my to do list forever and now that I finally got it done, I wish I had done it a long time ago. This is such a simple project. Materials: 5/6 + yard knit & 1/3 yard silk, cotton, etc. My knit is 60" wide and my dusty pink silk (faux) is 45" wide. Your fabric doesn't have to be exactly as wide as mine, just keep in mind that if you buy a fabric that is less wide you may need to purchase more to compensate. Cut two large squares to the dimensions of 30" x 30" If you bought 5/6 yd of 60" fabric all you have to do is cut along the fold line. **Edit- 30" length gives you a long top. Make a casing at the top of each square. Sew down with a zig zag stitch (so it can stretch). Start working on your sash. I made a mistake when I made my sash and cut where I shouldn't have. Cut right down the middle of your fabric so that you have two 45" by 6" strips. Sew your two strips together (Short sides with right sides together)

A Very Simple Skirt Tutorial This has been such an exciting last few days for me. My Shoe Makeover Tutorial was actually featured on one of my favorite blogs Ucreate and I feel so honored to be amongst the talented ladies that Kari has displayed on her lovely blog. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments, I absolutely love reading them and I'm so happy that many of you are inspired to take on the project! I'm really hoping to get more clothing tutorials up soon as creating clothes for myself is really becoming a passion of mine. Materials Needed 1 yd or 1 and 2/3 yd of Fabric (explained below)1.5" wide elasticCoordinating thread color Fabric- I found this yellow damask stretchy knit fabric for just 3.99 a yard at Golden D'or in Dallas. For this project I would recommend using a knit, voile, silk, charmeuse, or any other soft fabric. However, if your fabric is only, say 45" wide, you'll need to buy 60" (1 and 2/3 yard) of fabric. Fold fabric like a hot dog so that the 60" sides are together. Stretch...

DIY: Turn a Broken Necklace Into a Chic Chain Strap Tank Top Confession: deep down I am a bit of a fashion pack rat. When it comes time to get rid of unworn wardrobe items, I usually have a tough time parting with some pieces because I never know what may come in handy later. The nude tank top in this project is a perfect example of my hoarding habits. Before I added the chain straps, this shirt hit just below my waist. And while this type of midriff-baring top might've been cool back when Britney Spears sang "Baby One More Time," I probably should have taken the tank to Goodwill a long time ago. But I'm glad I kept it because it was the perfect shirt for my chain strap summer top. What You Need to Make the Chain Strap Tank Top: For the necklace, I recommend using a thicker chain so that you prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Then, you need to lay your tank top flat and snip off the tops at the shoulders. You can also add a bit of ribbon to cover where the chain meets the shirt, but this isn't necessary.

Watermark Tee Tutorial by Sweet Verbana Hello U-Create readers! I am so excited to be guest posting here today. It just so happens to be my first guest post and I'm still a little shocked that it's here at Ucreate, one of my favorite blogs! A little bit about me.. I'm from a little town called Keller, Texas. I'm a junior at Texas A&M University (whoop!). I'm working on my education degree and expect to be an elementary school teacher in just two short years. When I'm not busy studying for classes, I love to sew. I just started blogging in May and have already met all kinds of wonderful women, I hope you'll stop by and say hi too! Watermark Tee Tutorial What I love about this project is that it's completely customizable. Materials: Elmer's Blue Gel Glue (it must be the blue gel, white won't work) Fabric Dye (RIT is my tried and true brand) A white cotton Tee, Tank, Dress etc. Tutorial: If you're unfamiliar with Batiking, it's a method of dyeing fabric in which you create a design with a dye- resist. Step 1: Prepare Step 2: Design

T-shirt sleeves into shorts and a t-shirt scarf, mini tute « Punkn’s A few weeks ago I agreed to do a pay-it-forward gift exchange. A friend had posted a note on their facebook profile that the first five people to leave a comment would receive something handmade by her. The deal was there was no set deadline, but it would be within the year, no set value and no notification of when or what was being sent. It could be something crafted, it could be a box of cookies or a full on meal. I really didn’t know what to make and then I came across a tutorial on This Old Dress. For this project you need one or two tshirts, the bigger the better, depending on how full you want your neck lush to be. Lay out your tshirts flat. cut off the hem and cut off the body portion just at the underarm point. Set aside the top portions of the shirts for the next tutorial and hang on to the bottom hem pieces. Some thoughts on this project: The bigger your t-shirt, the longer your loops will be, the more you can do with your scarf. Sew the crotch seam. Like this: Like Loading...

Birds On A Wire Art Thrifting this weekend, I came across these big bins full of old picture frames. With prices as low as $1 each, I couldn't help myself and I picked out three lovely frames. A little paint can make such a huge difference. I've learned that virtually anything can be spray painted. However they had a pretty limited selection of spray paint at the Hobb Lobb so I found some pretty acrylics. For this project I also used a glaze medium and just a little bit of black paint. Start by painting your frames. While the paint is drying you can work on your artwork. I used a dictionary for this craft but you could also use a large book. You can find super cheap books at thrift stores. I just happened to have this one laying around the house. I experimented with some other variations as well. I used a glazing technique to give a couple of my frames an interesting look. Mix some of your glaze with a smidgen of black paint. And paint all over the frame. Wipe off with a rag and you'll have something like this:

Lace for Days Skirt So, remember how 2 weeks ago I told you I had a new skirt tutorial? I am just now getting around to creating it, so sorry about the wait! I have had the lace for this skirt for about a year now (seriously), and have finally gotten around to making it. This idea has been in my head for a long time and it's nice to see if finally completed!(you can tell how long it took me to do, because my nail polish changes throughout the tutorial) I found this lace at Joanns and fell instantly in love. Want to make one? Lace for Days Skirt You will need: 1.5 yards of fabric. Step 1: Lay your pencil skirt on your pattern fabric/paper to create the pencil skirt pattern for the main structure of the skirt. You can do this directly onto your main fabric, but I used a grid fabric just to be safe. Make sure to note of where your darts are, if your skirt has any. Step 2: Cut out the front and back pieces of your skirt (these will probably be different sizes if one side has darts), and cut out 4 waistband pieces.

How to Make a Shirt Smaller When you buy most of your wardrobe off the clearance rack and from thrift stores, odds are that most of the stuff is not going to be in your size. ie: GiNoRmous trousers and teeny tops. :) While I haven't figured out a way to make small things larger, I do have a system for making shirts smaller. Fair warning-- this is not rocket science and I'm not one for specific measurements when it comes to sewing up thrift store finds. This makes my detail-oriented, sewist/seamstress of a mother VERY uncomfortable... but that's just how I sew. ;) Step 1: Try on your extra large shirt and figure out just how extra large it really is on you. Step 2: Take off the shirt and turn it inside out. Step 3: Sew it up! Extra tip: I pinned the shirt in place along the chalk like that I wanted to sew up-- this just keeps everything in place and it makes it so that there is less that could go wrong. PS-- Sorry I don't have more tutorial photos. From extra-large to a good fit. :) Want to see how I tied my scarf?

Sweetheart Ballet Tee Tutorial Here’s yet another way to spice up your t-shirts when you get a little bored with the plainness of them all. I did this a few weeks ago to two of my plain tees. I’m threatening to do this on all of the t-shirts I own. Seriously. Watch out! This little ruching technique takes literally 2 minutes; the perfect way to jazz up an outfit on your way out the door. Materials: Fitted Tee Sewing Machine Coordinating thread Elastic thread Scissors Magic Erase Fabric Pen (not pictured) Cut the collar off: only cut a little around the back & cut more around the front to make a deeper neckline. Find the center of the front collar. HAND wind your bobbin with elastic thread. Turn your tee inside out and pull on the elastic thread until your shirt is as rouched as you’d like. Trim loose ends after securing the thread in place with a square knot. Dab the front of your shirt with water and a Q-tip to erase the magic marker line. FINI!

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