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Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons

Sew.Craft.Create.: Rope Bracelet Tutorial & Winner! (for personal use only – all patterns/tutorials are copyright protected) Check out my new printable shop! {here} Everything is 99 cents! All Free Sewing - Free Sewing Patterns, Sewing Projects, Tips, Video, How-To Sew and More Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing Sewing 101-Lesson 1: Supplies and Basic Envelope Pillow I love to sew. People tell me all the time that they would love to learn to sew and I thought it would be a fun series for the blog. Each Friday, I will post some sewing tips, as well as a simple project that you can work on to try out your new skills. I'm a total cheap-skate, but if you're going to sew, you're going to need a few supplies. Lesson 1: Supplies You need a good sharp pair of scissors. I use these more often than I'd like to admit. I personally am not a fan of chalk (unless I'm sewing on black and have no other option). You'll use this to measure hems and to make sure that you are putting a pattern in the correct spot. Everything you need to know about fabric is found on the end of the bolt. 1. When it comes to machines, you get what you pay for. Tomato pin-cushins are quaint, but I prefer these magnetic ones. Sewing needles come in many different sizes. Needles get dull and you will need to change them out every few projects. Rotary cutter, mat and giant ruler. 2. thread

Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial *Tutorial made by Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom for her win during the Red Week challenge.* I made this little dress in about 3 hours and for under $20! I used some soft polyester knit I found at Hancock Fabrics for $4.99/yard. I found these dresses on Craftster years ago and have always loved them. First, you need to do some measuring. So, 30/6.28 = 4.7. Then I decided on length of skirt and came up with 18″. To make your straps, you need to decide how wide to make them. To determine strap length, you need to make them 1.5 times your height. So, got that? To make your pattern, get packing paper, freezer paper, or a bunch of pieces of computer paper taped together. Then I measured 18″ down from that and made another line for my skirt length. Cut out on your lines. Now, keeping your fabric folded in half with selvages matched, fold the fabric in from the end so it’s doubled on itself. Next, cut a waistband 10″ tall and the length of your waist you measured. Now for construction.

Craftsy class: Sewing With Knits: 5 Wardrobe Essentials Sewing Class with Meg McElwee Class Description Don't let stretchy knits intimidate you. Meg McElwee sets you free with easy patterns for the most comfortable clothing you'll ever make. Follow along as she shows you how to create a fleecy hoodie, T-shirts, shorts and a dress. Lesson Plan Lesson 1. Meet Meg and learn the benefits of sewing with knits. Lesson 2. Explore the many varieties of knit fabric, including jersey, silk and spandex. Lesson 4. Determine what size of hoodie you'd like to make, then prep your fabric for sewing. Lesson 5. Sew together the hood, bodice and sleeves of your hoodie. Lesson 6. Sew a scoop-neck T-shirt from knit fabric and learn the twin-needle hemming technique with Meg's help. Lesson 7. Sew a V-neck T-shirt from knit fabric. Lesson 8. Make yoga shorts or pants from Meg's pattern. Lesson 9. Sew a comfortable, flowing dress. Lesson 10. As a fun bonus, you'll learn to dye your knits to match your favorite colors. Student Projects by Nekoralie Fleece Hoodie by Scheri Manson Knit Pullover Top -M6284

New. Obsession. - A Dress A Day Just so we're clear: I freaking love this dress. So far I've made it twice, and if I am ever in my sewing room while the sun is up, I will take a picture or two of the ones that I've completed. (I also have two more cut out and half-sewn.) Here is why this dress is near-perfect: 1. 2. 3. 4. The only downside is that the neckline is a leeeetle wide for regular jewel-neck cardigans. Things I did slightly different-like: There's a facing, but I just used bias tape for the collar. Click on the image to visit the Patternwiki — there are a couple folks who have copies for sale, it seems. Recommended for youRecommended for you across the web

Sewing Tutorial | Triangle Coin Purse With Zipper After being inspired by the wrapped glutinous rice dumpling (粽子, Zòngzi) of a Chinese traditional festival, DuanWu Festival (端午節), I sewed some triangle coin purses recently. In fact, today is the actual date of DuanWu Festival which falls on every 5th day of 5th month of the Lunar calendar. If you are new to this rice dumpling, scroll down to see the one my mom made… yummy delicious….. may be I should start a food blog for my mom with all her delicious cookings & recipes that I am lucky to eat & grew-up with. For the detail of how to sew a triangle coin purse with zipper closure, read more after this jump: This 3-D triangle purse is actually in the form of tetrahedron shape with 3 triangles on the sides and 1 triangle on the base, other name of tetrahedron is “triangular pyramid”. If you look closer to the main photo, I sewed 2 different positions for the zipper, one on the triangle slope (left) and one at the center of the triangle (right). Materials: 1. Get all updates via email:

My Spare Time: Simple Tea Towel Apron Simple Tea Towel Apron So many people mentioned having beautiful tea towels they couldn't bear to use when I posted the Tea Towel Tote how-to, so I thought you might also be interested in my super easy tea towel apron. This is even easier than the tote, and takes about 15 minutes. Click any picture to make it larger. Supplies1 tea towel2.5-3 yds ribbon* In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm using these super cute Valentine towels I found on clearance last year. First, fold your tea towel in half lengthwise, right sides together. Find the center of your ribbon and align it with the center of the towel's folded edge. Sew along the top and bottom of the ribbon, through the ribbon and both layers of towel, top stitching when you stop and start for security. Fold the top layer of towel up to meet the ribbon. Sew just through the pocket layers, at the edges and your pocket divisions, backstitching at the openings for security. You're done! Now make another one because that was so stinkin' easy!

Lords Sewing | Sewing & Embroidery Products MADE: TUTORIAL: the Hobo Sack Whether you’re on the road or hanging at home, every hobo needs a bag for his (or her) treasures. So load it up, hit the road, and sit back on the tracks to enjoy a break. The hobo sack is one of the easiest things to make. So here’s what we’re making: Easy? NOTE: Info for adding a Liner and/or a Ruffle to your bag is at the end of the tutorial.Skill Level: BeginnerNeeded: * 1/2 yard or less of Cotton (light-weight, twill, corduroy, seer sucker, etc. Here is the pattern. Just lay it on your fabric and cut two: Decide what you’d like to use for straps. It sort of curls up in a tube, like this: If you’re going to use knit straps like me, cut (2) straps that are 1 yard (36 inches) long and about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. Okay, on to the sack sewing…. Those little corners down there that are cut out is what gives you “room” in the bottom of your bag. Take those two corners that are cut out and fold them up to each other: like this: and sew it down. When you’re done, it should look like this: and Enjoy!

Urban Renewal by Mari Santos We're usually kinda "meh" about most T-shirt surgeries because we're just can't get into the hack'em, slash'em sartorial school of thought. Toronto-based Mari Santos, on the other hand, is such a genius with a pair of scissors we want to hitchhike across the border, kidnap her, head back south, and then set her to work against her will on the oversize T-shirts we seem to get for free by the pound. Except that it would probably be illegal. Her ethos: "Taking something old, frumpy and ill fitting and making it into something new." More pictures below the fold. [Via ::NotCot] Coletterie