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Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial

Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial
I love to spice up dresses and jeans with long summer vest. In my last visit to Target I found a few very cool and super cheap items, I already showed you what I did with this dress. So now I wanted to show what I did with two T-shirts, I also used a little piece of lace for the back, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t like lace. I really liked that the T-shirts were very soft and a thin material, thinner than normal cotton T-shirts. They cost me $3.00 each and both were XL. I am a Medium in shirts so I would recommend to use shirts two sizes bigger than what you normally wear so they are long enough and you end up with a pretty and full bottom. Do you like it? I love how it looks with a belt on, it’s almost like a very thin cardigan =] I hope you all like it and please share a link or photo if you make it, I would love to see =] Have a wonderful day! * This tutorial is provided for personal, non-commercial use only. Tags: tee to vest, upcycle, upcycle tees

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Sweetheart Ballet Tee Tutorial Here’s yet another way to spice up your t-shirts when you get a little bored with the plainness of them all. I did this a few weeks ago to two of my plain tees. I’m threatening to do this on all of the t-shirts I own. CLASSIC JEANS Classic five pocket cool, with an always-in-style timeless wash denim and the most comfortable fit ever. It’s no wonder you reach for your made-to-measure jeans again and again. Waist – measure narrowest part of torso at navel level. The Technique Zone: Acrylic Paint Transfer Supplies needed: Acrylic dabbers, photocopy of an image, water spritzer bottle, paintbrush, card stock, craft sheet and heat tool (optional) Take the lid off the dabbers and brush the paint onto the card stock, ensure you get a good coverage Take your photocopied image ( remember that you will get a reverse of the image, so don't use bold words), flip it over and place it in the acrylic. Lightly press it down making sure it's smooth and not wrinkled

wanna make a dress?? i am PUMPED today! wanna know why? cause i’m gonna show you how to make quick, easy, and inexpensive dresses just like these! i know what y’all are thinking…no way that’s quick and easy. oh…you are SO wrong. it really is! i might even venture to say that its one of the easiest sewing projects i’ve ever done. Easy as 1 2 3 So you guys know that I'm a big dork right? Yeah like it's a big secret or something... this chick here (pointing at myself)... she's a DORK!! I was talking with Jeanne the other day.... ok by talking I mean emailing...

CUFFED SHORTS Featured: Salvatore Ferragamo All the spring/summer collections had them on the runway: Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret, Diane Von Furstenberg, Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo, D & G. All showed cuffed shorts in a variety of colours and patterns, lengths, and silhouettes. Design a pair for yourself with this easy pattern-draft. You with need: Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle) My husband and I both have cell phones. And both of us have phone chargers. And that means lots of obnoxious cords. You never know when one of us may be moving phone cords around, to give our phones an extra charge while we’re chatting away……… or trying to charge our phones up before running errands or something.

Sewing 101: Smocking I love fabric manipulation. There are millions of ways to manipulate fabric. One of the ways is smocking. Darling Dexter - Darling Dexter - Party Skirt I have been glued to my sewing machine for the past two days working on this little party skirt. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome -- I embellished it a bit and added a pleated hem, just a cute plum twirl skirt :) DIY - Husbands Large T-shirt to fitted I have been married for four years, all of which my husband has been a coach for the Eagles. I will embarrassingly admit that I do not own one single Eagles T-shirt. Why? Honestly I'm not really sure other than the fact I have no idea where to find a cute one, and the ones my hubby brings home are all larges. For the game against Camden Fairview I borrowed my future sister in law's beautiful cute shirt, which obviously wasn't an option to wear the next consecutive day (for clear reasons that it's just tacky and I'll admit I was going to try and pull it off but I'm pretty sure Baby Dotson did a drooling number on it). So what am I supposed to do?

The Domesticated Skirt for tutorial, scroll down and "read more" I love being a girl. A wife. A mother. A homemaker. A Tutorial: Fabulous Ric Rac Flowers » Matilda Jane Clothing Rocks Let me start out with a warning or sorry of some sort. The warning is because I have never done a Tutorial before, so I hope this is helpful and easy to follow. The sorry is for how horrible my nails look. I promise I did them after looking through these pics. WOW! I thought I would start off with a Flower, I too, just learned how to make. stitch dictionary Created by sarah on 06 Jun 2010 The stitch dictionary is arranged in alphabetical order and will help you to go to a stitch directly. Just click on the alphabet given in the index to go to the stitch beginning with that alphabet.

stencil with freezer paper (harry potter tee) Yes, I am a nerd. I came up with a brilliant idea for a Harry Potter t-shirt and I couldn't resist. "Expecto Patronum!" However, you can make whatever kind of design you want with a freezer paper stencil. It doesn't have to be Harry Potter related. (Although it would be awesome if it was.)

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