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Mes petits riens...

Mes petits riens...

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Zippered Dopp Kit There is beauty in the basic. Take this Zippered Dopp Kit. It is just a no-nonsense sturdy space to stash your travel toiletries, but there is something lovely in its utter simplicity. And in heavy-duty cotton canvas with a chunky plastic zipper, not only is my Dopp Kit spare and elegant, it’s strong and resilient as well! The way you sew the Zippered Dopp Kit celebrates this elemental simplicity. I made it with just one piece of fabric that’s folded and sewn together in a way that’s clever but not too tricky. . culturecouture blog . Stragier Trouvez votre article parmi 22 possibilités Articles par page le labO* d'isa Tuto – Trousse de toilette J’inaugure aujourd’hui une autre nouvelle catégorie de rentrée intitulée: « Couture de tes ergots – Tutos ». Parlons peu mais parlons bien: niveau trousse de toilette, tu te situes où en ce moment? Tu as toujours celle que ta mère t’avait achetée quand tu es partie en colonie de vacances pour la première fois?

How to: Drawstring Produce Bags You’re not still using those flimsy plastic produce bags at the grocery store are you? You are? Well, let’s just fix that right now, shall we? How to Insert a Zipper into a Full Circle We get a lot of questions about zippers. They seem to live at the top of many people's lists of Sewing Phobias (ziphobia!). In an effort to calm these fears, we already have three step-by-step tutorials for inserting standard zippers, tackling invisible zippers, and putting in an inset zipper. We're adding to the zipper toolbox with the following zip-tips for how to put a conventional zipper into a circular opening.

Stylish Baby Receiving Blanket Trio Once upon a time there was a beautiful baby with golden curls. Admirers came from far and wide with gifts of soft, cozy blankets; each visitor trying to out-do the one who came before. The beautiful baby smiled and laughed and shook her golden curls. She loved all the blankets, declaring each one to be, "Just Right!" We offer you the Goldilocks of baby receiving blanket options: Baby Bear Decorative Stitch Blanket, Mama Bear Rick Rack Blanket, and Papa Bear Bound Edge Blanket. You'll find instructions for all three blankets below. Sew Caroline Patterns The Out and About Dress was designed with YOU in mind. Yes, YOU: the everyday lady with one million errands to run, a house to keep up with, and a job to finish. This dress is loosely fitted at the waist, has two hem options (maxi, or knee length), and two sleeve options (long or elbow), and has the option for a cute little cuff on the sleeve. The neckband finish for then neckline of this dress gives a casual, yet professional look.

Preshrinking: Learn the What, Why, When and How Here's a common scenario: you buy a new garment, wear it once, wash it once, and... it is now two sizes too small! Some of us also use this phenomenon to explain why our once-favorite pants no longer fit. Although extra bowls of ice cream are the likely culprit in scenario #2, the guilty party behind scenario #1 is: improper preshrinking! Garment manufacturers often cut corners by skipping the preshrinking step in their construction process. You shouldn't make the same mistake. In the world of sewing and quilting, the ongoing great debate is: "Do you preshrink (or prewash) fabric before sewing with it or not?!" Pati’s Blog: Latest Entries : Pati's Mexican Table You can use absolutely any pan or skillet that you have handy for making crepes. The one condition is: if you are a beginner at make crepes, it needs to be non-stick. Yes, you find that crepes can be made on stainless steel pans. Yet, it is much trickier to find the right level and distribution of heat, and more constant greasing of the pan is required for the batter to not stick.