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Folded Miniskirt Tutorial

Folded Miniskirt Tutorial
Difficulty: Intermediate. It's based on the Drapedrape dress no 7, and it has the same 'what am I looking at here' feel to it. At one point you'll think, 'what a mess' and then it just clicks and you have a beautiful skirt. This click does not seem to happen with everyone, showing from the comments. If you're not sure about it: wait for the pattern! Fabric: One meter/yard is more than enough. Tools: Nothing fancy, just pins, maybe chalk, ruler, scissors. Step 1: Pattern pieces & measurements The pattern pieces for this skirt are so easy, you can draw your own right on the fabric. 1) front I used my measurements as an example: 100 cm. 2) back The width of the back will then be ([measurement]/2)-10, which is 40 cm for me. 3) lining The lining will have the same width as the front piece (60 for me), but half of the length, which is 33,5. We are working with a few centimeters of excess fabric, so if the pieces are a bit off here and there during the assembling, don't worry. Related:  tuto couturesewing patterns

Het patroonloze plooirokje. Foto: Elza D En hier is het dan, het plooirokskespatroon.Eerst en vooral, laat u niet afschrikken door de lengte van dit bericht, dit is enkel en alleen omdat dit de best gedocumenteerde uitleg ooit is, dus u gaat dat zeker kunnen, niet dat ik u onderschat uiteraard. Vervolgens, het plooirokskespatroon bevat geen patroon het is gewoon een rechte lap stof met wat plooien in, vandaar het patroonloze plooirokje, dat was ook al geen moeilijke. Al die plooien komen op een bepaalde afstand van elkaar en eens je dat berekend hebt (5 minuten werk, pas beginnen te tellen vanaf je het rekenmachine gevonden hebt) is het moeilijkste achter de rug. Dus ten slotte, dit is niet alleen een geweldig mooi rokje, het is ook nog eens super snel klaar en makkelijk te maken, mannekes, dit wordt een succes! Oké, we gaan beginnen, wat heb je nodig:-Stof, zoveel te soepelder zoveel te beter, een dun katoentje is ideaal, je hebt drie keer je tailleomtrek nodig. Het rekenwerk1. -Stik de zoom onderaan vast. Flickrpool

Happy friday I won this 1940's pattern on e-bay today! It's probably much better for me than the last one I wrote about (and made a toile for), it's much more grown up and reminds me of the blouse I made using McCall 6520, that I really like. Gathers below the shoulder-yoke, darts around the waist, and shoulder pads. Are those double darts around the waist by the way? I also won this 1950's (1960's?) So many sewing-possibilities, so little time, I can't wait for christmas!

Paperbag | Wassup kiddo ? . Heureusement que j’ai pensé à faire une toile avant de me lancer car le résultat avec ce patron était totalement catastrophique. Au final, pour le haut, j’ai utilisé un patron Burda qui est super populaire sur Burdastyle depuis qu’il est sorti, et qui a l’air d’aller à tout le monde … J’ai coupé le biais dans le même tissu que le reste. Pour le bas, géométrie et persévérance… J’ai tracé à la craie l’emplacement des plis, puis j’ai réalisé les passants de la ceinture en faisant des boutonnières de 2,5 cm de long. 16 plis = 32 boutonnières = long !! J’ai cousu les plis pour qu’ils ne bougent pas. Au final, une robe un peu plus Mad Men que ce que j’avais imaginé, mais que j’aime bien quand même. A Gazillion Free sewing patterns So Sew Easy OK, not a gazillion right now, but who knows how many we could find if we acted together ! Read on to find out how to join the Pinterest Free Sewing Patterns Group Board and find 100′s of free patterns. I was looking through my Pinterest boards of Free Sewing Patterns: when I started to search for other boards on free sewing patterns. I found a LOT of them. Clearly it’s a subject a lot of people are interested in and like to pin and share. Which got me to thinking – wouldn’t it be great to have a central repository of the best of the internet’s free sewing patterns all in one place, where everyone could add something they found. Pinterest has a feature that allows us to do just that – a group board – where several, or lots, of contributors can pin to a single board. If you would like to pin and share – and effectively join a group of people interested in sewing and share your pins and projects with them – then just let me know. So Sew Easy: A Gazillion FREE Sewing Patterns

Paperbag Ensemble Dress - Patterns Archive Please consult our size comparison table, our table of body measurements and the "Patterns" section of our FAQs before you download and print a pattern. Paperbag Ensemble Dress Design by jens / Pattern by Your Style Rocks! Finally, here is the pattern for the design that jens submitted as her winning entry in our "Sunday, lovely sunday" contest - we think it turned out great! The fabric we chose for the dress is rather stiff - if you want the paperbag effect to be more prominent you should look for a smoother, flowing type of fabric. Detailed sewing instructions for this pattern are available here. Download the pattern: everyday beautiful Here's a bit of what's going on at our house this week via grainy cell phone pics. I am linking up to Insta- Friday at Life Rearranged. You should too! This week I got to visit an old friend! I also liked this potted topiary rosemary *i think* in her kitchen! I made a princess dress with a little help from grandma out of tulle and some sequin elastic sewn to a shirt! Both my little princess were happy to meet some new friends in our neighborhood that night! My friend Christy and I took a day trip to visit another good friend who just had a baby. A little tummy time on the minky blanket I made for her! Here momma's been getting crafty with fabrics from the shoppe! We stopped at Anthropologie on the way home and i got this ceramic berry bowl (that looks like the cardboard things that berries come in) and little butter dish that holds 1/2 a stick! We got a new juicer a few months ago and my hubby made this juice last night. *pretty Amy butler laminates* So that was my week!

ELM STREET LIFE: DIY: Bow clutch sewing tutorial. And fiiiinally... the tutorial you've been waiting for. This is my first real sewing tutorial - which scares me a bit, because I've never actually taken a sewing class, so I don't know all the terminology. What I do know is that I've learned to sew lots of things by reading tutorials, so hopefully I can make this simple enough that even you beginners can feel confident making a bag. And yes, a bag with a zipper! **Also, please note except where I say, "Sew close to the edge," I am using a 1/2" seam allowance throughout. Ok, let's get started! Supplies you'll need: 1/2 yard exterior fabric* 1/4 yard interior fabric (I recommend a quilting cotton) 9" zipper that matches your exterior fabric 1/4 yard #808 Pellon Craft Fuse interfacing Sewing thread that matches your exterior fabric Sewing machine Scissors Pins Iron & ironing board *I recommend a medium to heavier weight cotton for this. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. WHEW!

52 Free Dress Patterns : Posted on | November 7, 2013 | 19 Comments I’m a firm believer that sewers can never have too many free patterns. With that in mind, here are 52 Free Dress Patterns, divided by style. Keep in mind the categories are not set in stone. With a fancier fabric, a different closure or a change in hem length, a pat­tern can eas­i­ly change from fan­cy to work day to cas­ual. Notes about the patterns are list­ed for some of the dress­es. Patterns from existing dresses require laying out an item of clothing onto fabric, marking it, and cutting out. No pattern needed usually means that the dress is made from a recycled shirt. Drafting instructions means that you will have to make your own pattern, but the designer included all the information needed. Free Dress Patterns - Casual Dresses Free Dress Patterns – Office Dresses Free Dress Patterns - Dress-Up Dresses Read More : Sewing or Home Comments

patron | cozy little world Modifier le Sweat Courcelles : tuto ! J’ai cousu un sweat Courcelles pour faire un cadeau, mais je voulais qu’il soit assez féminin ! Du coup j’ai créé des fronces aux épaules et une fente dans le haut du dos avec un ruban à nouer. Voici comment modifier le patron si ces modifications vous intéressent. Pour le noeud dans le dos, j’ai utilisé un biais assorti (deux fois 30cm). 1) Modifier la forme des manches : tracer un trait horizontal un peu plus haut que la moitié de la manche. 2) Pour l’encolure, créer une parementure dos et une parementure devant (en rose sur le schéma). Je vous invite ensuite à suivre ce super tuto, je ne saurai pas mieux expliquer : Il faut juste penser à coudre les deux rubans de 30cm chacun entre la parementure dos et le tissu principal de votre sweat ! Nouveau patron : la jupe Odéon Désormais, l’envoi des patrons est automatique ! #9 Gilet Monceau On passe au photos ! Buy Now

pattern madness in march I reckon it's about time I share with you kind folks what I've really been up to lately, besides using the words "reckon" and "folks" ironically. I've been furiously sewing one pattern multiple times, that's what. In between March Madness b-ball games, of course. Tilly's hosting an "event," if you will, called One Week One Pattern (OWOP) that occurs March 26 to April 1. The pattern I'm using for OWOP is the New Look 6104 blouse. I think New Look is taking their "young and fresh" styling a little far when they make a 20-something woman look like a 6-year-old girl ("Now, invert your toes and waddle like a toddler. I'm much more excited about this other version, though, so instead of waiting until a grand reveal during the actual week of OWOP, I want to show it to you now. It's a dress! I love this color blue. OK so this is only version 3 and I want to make at least two more. Who else is participating in OWOP?

Dudu Couture Tuto # 2 robe à encolure froncée et nouéeTaille 36/38 1. Matos : - coupon de 1m40 x 1m90 (en comptant large !) - fil assorti - une grosse épingle à nourrice Le tissu utilisé est du satin de coton (en fait c'est un drap que j'ai acheté à la R*doute). 2. - Pour ajuster le patron à votre taille : pour la longueur sous les emmanchures (24 cm), calculez votre tour de poitrine + 8 cm (dont 4 cm de marges de couture). - Pour la longueur de la robe : Je n'ai pas défini de longueur... Les mesures en dessous des emmanchures servent à définir la forme évasée de la robe. - Marges de couture : les coutures de 1 cm sont comprises dans le schéma. 3. Coupez en double sur la pliure le devant puis le dos Coupez un rectangle de 16 cm x 190 cm pour le noeud. 4. Superposez le dos et le devant endroit contre endroit et piquez et surfilez les côtés. Attention !!! 5. 6. A l'aide de fer à repasser, pliez à 1 cm du bord, puis pliez de nouveau à 8 cm de la première pliure (soit 9cm du bord) 7. 8. ou

Tutorials | Megan Nielsen Do you need some additional help putting together your Megan Nielsen sewing pattern? Here you'll find tips and tutorials related specifically to Megan Nielsen patterns, as well as additional tutorials for creating pattern variations so that you can get the most value out of your pattern! MN2303 // Briar sweater and top Step by step instructions for each stage of preparation and sewing: Additional tutorials for creating pattern variations (get the most out of your pattern!) Other tutorials you might find helpful when making your own Briar sweater & t-shirt: MN2203 // Tania culottes Other tutorials you might find helpful when making your own Tania culottes: MN2202 // Cascade skirt Other tutorials you might find helpful when making your own Cascade skirt: MN2201 // Kelly skirt Other tutorials you might find helpful when making your own Kelly skirt: MN2103 // Crescent blouse Other tutorials you might find helpful when making your own Crescent Blouse: Pattern Variation: Elastic waist dress!