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How to Make Your Own Clothes

How to Make Your Own Clothes
Learning how to make your own clothes is a pastime that will not only save you some money, it is skill that can evolve into a hobby that you love. With some practice, patience, and some sewing know-how, you’ll be on your way to making your own clothing before you know it. Here are some helpful tips to get you going. Getting Started If you have never attempted to make your own clothes before, or if you have little or no sewing skills, finding some good reference materials is a great place to start. Before you purchase any other materials besides a few reference books or patterns, you may want to start thinking about what kind of clothes you would like to make. Gather Notions, Materials, and Equipment Before you begin to learn how to sew, you’ll need to accumulate a few sewing necessities. Learn How to Sew If you already have some basic sewing skills or if you’re already a master seamstress, you can skip this part and move on. Choose a Project Use Recycled Fabrics Be Creative Related:  DIY Clothes/WearDIY Sewing Projects

Make Clothes and Accessories When you make your own clothing and accessories, your style is truly like no other. DIY fashion is often quite easy to accomplish, and the satisfaction of saying 'I made it!' is priceless. Start with some easy projects and advice. Shirts and Tops Create these cute tops and shirts with a little DIY know-how. Bags and Purses Carry something that makes a statement or simply holds all that stuff. Skirts Tailor your prom dress or just make a skirt shorter. Dresses You can create simple dresses or alter your dress to the perfect fit. Pants and Shorts DIY Pants. Hair Accessories From headbands to hair sticks, you can make all sorts of hair accessories at home. Belts Make your belt do more than hold up your pants. Hats Cap your lid with a toasty winter hat or a breezy sun-blocker. Gloves, Wristbands and Warmers Warm your chilly hands with these gloves, wristbands and arm warmers. Wraps and Scarves Add a wrap or a scarf, be it for warmth or style. Shoes, Sandals, Heels Alter Your Clothes to Fit No-Sew Clothing

3 Ways to Design Your Own Clothes Online Dave Sloan is CEO of Treehouse Logic, which offers a hosted design tool solution that enables customer co-creation. You can reach Dave at and follow him on Twitter. Do you have good taste? Feeling inspired? Lots of new fashion startups want to tap into your creativity. These new fashion sites are not your grandfather’s fashion brands. Here are three ways to get started in fashion design from the comfort of your own computer. 1. Garmz’s goal is to activate fashion talent. Fabricly has set out to help you, the designer, launch your own clothing line. Both Garmz and Fabricly are in the business of democratizing the fashion world by giving creative, up-and-coming designers access to the fashion industry. 2. Instead of asking designers to sketch out free-form designs, Polyvore provides a web-based scrapbooking tool that accesses a broad library of fashion pieces. Fashiolista takes on the difficulty of finding fashion across a crowded Internet, i.e. 3.

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Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting (Craft: Projects) (9780596514372): Syuzi Pakhchyan Free Multi-size pattern to make your own undies So Sew Easy Undies, underwear, unmentionables, pants, panties, knickers, bloomers, drawers, briefs, etc. Whatever you call them, we all need them and wear them – but not many of us have ever tried to sew our own – until NOW ! And I’ve made a free pattern so you can all make your own to show off. Spurred on by my success with the Sewing with Knits course, I’ve been itching to try some new stretch fabrics. You know me, always trying to run before I can walk. It took a while to get it right, but I’ve made a pattern which you can use too – and it’s in size extra small through to large. Download your free undies pattern UPDATE - Oct 2014. All of the sizes are on the same pattern. Extra small – hips 32-34Small – 35-37Medium – 38-40Large – 41-43 Sizing will also depend on the amount of stretch in your lace, and whether you tend to prefer a looser or snugger fit. Full tutorial coming soon. Update – Part 2 - making up your pattern Part 3 - making your undies

Blog couture pour apprendre à faire ses patrons et télécharger des patrons gratuits Recycled Book Cuffs Jamie Keiles creates fashionable wrist cuffs using the spines of old and damaged books, stitched up with leather backings and heavy-duty snaps. (She’ll line them in vinyl too, if you’d prefer.) I like the graphic, unisex look of these and of course the recycling aspect is a great plus. Recycled Book Cuffs Related Make your own lace undies - tutorial and free pattern So Sew Easy If you have already visited my previous posts then you are all ready and set to start sewing you own underwear. Not got the free panties pattern yet? Download the pattern from this post – Free Multi-size pattern to make your own undies And take a look here for how to put your pattern together (important) – Making up the pattern Download your free undies pattern UPDATE - Oct 2014. Once you are all set, you will need the following materials: Stretch lace with a finished edge on both sides – recommended 4 to 6.5 inches wide with a good amount of stretch (recommended suppliers Deb’s Lace and Trims and Sew Sassy)Matching regular threadPiece of cotton jersey – new or recycledSewing machineRecommended – Overcasting foot An overcasting foot is recommended for sewing with stretch lace to get a really nice narrow finished seam and edge inside. Let’s get started… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I got all over excited and made several pairs. Enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful ?

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