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How to make a tote bag

How to make a tote bag
Here is a simple way to make a tote bag. The best part it is even reversible. You might also like to make a zippered pouch to go with your new tote! You will be surprised at how easy it is to put in a zipper with this zippered pouch tutorial. You will need: 2 pieces fabric 13 1/2 inches X 14 inches (outside) 2 pieces fabric 13 1/2 inches X 14 inches (lining) 1 piece 4” X about 44″ long 1. 2. 3. 4. Cut four pieces fabric 13 1/2 inches X 14 inches. Sew lining fabric right sides together on three sides and also outer fabric right sides together on three sides. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Finished! You might be interested in making a matching pocket tissue holder and zippered pouch to go with your tote! The fabric is from Heather Bailey.

Trousse à bijoux de voyage {tuto} - Couture Préparez et placer les éléments de la trousse (Partie 2) Extérieur de la trousse :Prenez le rectangle de cuir 17.5 x 21 cm et arrondissez-lui les coins en utilisant un verre pour vous aider à faire le tracé de l'arrondi. Fermeture de la trousse :Prenez le rectangle de cuir 5 x 6 cm et arrondissez deux coins. Posez le dessus d'une pression du côté où les coins sont arrondis et venez le coudre sur le grand rectangle cuir 17.5 x 21 en plein milieu du côté de 17.5 cm. Pochette à colliers :Cousez un côté de la deuxième fermeture éclair sur le grand rectangle cuir à l'opposé de la fermeture de la trousse.Cousez l'autre côté de la fermeture éclair sur le rectangle à pois avec pochette fleurie à l'opposé de la pochette fleurie. Coupez toutes les pièces Dans le cuir :1 rectangle de 17.5 x 21 cm1 rectangle de 5.5 x 8.5 cm1 rectangle de 1.5 x 8.5 cm1 rectangle de 5 x 6 cm Dans le tissu à pois :3 rectangles de 17.5 x 21 cm Dans le tissu fleuri :1 rectangle de 17.5 x 9 cm Cousez tous les éléments ensemble

The Twenty Minute Tote Updated September 2011 We have remade these awesome, simple bags for fall! This time around, I used a gorgeous new collection of upholstery weight cotton called Outside Oslo. These bold, stylish prints are sophisticated without being serious and come in a rich palette of colors perfect for fall. To make one tote bag: 1/2- yard of Outside Oslo Fabric. Updated February 2011 These totes really do come together in 20 minutes a piece which makes them a great, quick, way to add a little Springtime color and excitement into the dull end of Winter months. 1/2-yard of Kokka Apples. The Original The fabric in these how to shots is from Echino and is now out of print but you can see more from the same designer, Etsuko Furuya here. Cutting Cut two 16-inch tall by 14-inch wide panels from the fabric. Cut two 22 1/2-inch long pieces from the webbing. Attaching Handles and Hemming the Top Pin the handle pieces to the top raw edge of the right side of each panel 3-inches from the sides.

le tuto de la pochette de sac façon mini-cartable - Le blog de marie-bobine's 17 septembre 2011 6 17 /09 /septembre /2011 17:27 pour faire une pochette de sac..... pour commencer, télécharger le patron en cliquant ici et découper chaque pièce dans 2 tissus différents. préparer la poche (la plus petite pièce) en faisant l'ourlet positionner la poche sur la partie avant de la pochette envers sur endroit et piquer aux 2/3 de la longueur pour former 2 poches assembler l'avant et le dos sans coudre les "coins dégarnis" pour former le volume du fond de la pochette, écarter les "coins dégarnis" et pincer en faisant correspondre les coutures du fond avec celles des côtés, piquer . et le tour est joué !!! n'hésitez pas si vous avez des questions, des critiques, des encouragements... laissez moi un petit com ...

Reversible, Lined, Color-Blocked Tote I’ve got a new summer bag that I totally love. It’s nice and heavy-weight, the perfect size for all my stuff, annnnd…… It’s reversible! Yay! It’s good to have options. Here are the TOTE bag versions we’ve tried so far…. This time around we’ll make it: • reversible (similar to having a lining) • color-blocked on the outside with heavy Duck Cloth (read more about duck cloth and other fabrics in my book) • DIY handles Summer, Summer, Summer time. Let’s get started. Start by cutting all your bag pieces. The reversible bag is basically two separate bags, sewn together at the top. Decide what size you’d like for your bag. Start by sewing the handles. If you’re using lightweight fabrics, place right sides of the fabric together and sew down each side. However, with heavy duck cloth it’s very difficult to pull the fabric right-side out. Now piece together the bag fronts and backs…. Now your bag pieces are ready to assemble. Then Box out the bottom of each bag, about 2 1/2 inches on each side.

Dolman Sleeve Top Over the past few months, I've seen slouchy tops popping up everywhere. Most of the tops in my closet are slim fitting, so to add a little variety to the mix I took a shot at making this blue slouchy dolman sleeved shirt. I loved how it turned out, so I made another. And because I like you guys so much, I made a tutorial to go along with it. What you'll need: 1 1/2 yards of knit/stretchy fabric (slightly more or less depending on your size)thread in a coordinating color Step 1. Step 2. Once they're cut, they should look like this: Step 3. Next, with right sides together, sew up your shoulder seams. * I've heard many people say they have no desire to sew because they don't have a serger, and feel like their clothes will look "homemade" without one. Step 4. Line up the rectangle and the top of your shirt, and cut an identical neck hole along the folded edge, as seen below: Now, with right sides together, pin the rectangle to your top, matching up the neck holes. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.

Patrons - 3 patrons de… - Patron de blouse à… - Robe pour bébé Samedi 21 juillet 2012 6 21 /07 /Juil /2012 08:00 Cadeaux utiles et mignons: les bavoirs ! voici 3 nouveaux patrons de bavoirs qui tiennent bien en place et couvrent les épaules du bébé... Le patron: Cliquer pour agrandir le patron avec sa liste de fournitures: il est imprimable échelle: 1 carré = 5x5 cm comment agrandir ce patron au carreau Le petit plus: les tutoriels utiles de Coupe-couture Par labobine - Publié dans : Patrons -Communauté : c'est facile, je te montre... 4 Dimanche 15 juillet 2012 7 15 /07 /Juil /2012 08:00 Voici un patron de blouse à col claudine en taille 3 mois. Le patron et les fournitures: cliquer pour agrandir le patron (imprimable) échelle: 1 carré = 5x5 cm comment agrandir ce patron au carreau Le petit plus: les tutoriels utiles les plis nervures (sans s'énerver ;) le col claudine et la patte de boutonnage chez 3 petites fourmis aussi chez Coupe-couture: Par labobine - Publié dans : Patrons -Communauté : c'est facile, je te montre... 0 Patron et fournitures:

Mod Purse Refashion, a Tutorial The mod purse refashion is officially my first project inspired by Instagram. Are you guys on IG yet? I am addicted, and its bad. I follow all of these amazing people, and see all of these amazing photographs, that at some point it was bound to happen. I got inspired. Susan of Freshly Picked is the particularly hip IGer that inspired this purse. I pretty much L-O-V-E the way this purse turned out. Its my new favorite purse. And I know this may sound hard to believe, but it was actually relatively easy to make! Let me show you what I did. First off, you will need your own thrifted leather purse. Now, time for the fabric. Once again, you find me using my children’s toys as sewing / DIY supplies. I only use the glue to secure the hardware back onto the bag initially. And there you have it, a super mod bag. I will totally be rocking this at ALT. Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time… Happy Sewing! Jess Latest posts by Jess (see all)

Free Clothes Patterns Posted on | October 9, 2008 | 7 Comments I originally became interested in patternless sewing, many years ago, because I had a hard time finding patterns in my size. Nowadays, patterns in large sizes abound. Nonetheless, I still love my pattern free sewing. These patterns generally of three types. Skirts are very easy to make without a pattern. I came across a few patterns that didn’t fit into any other category, so I gave them their own. We normally assume underwear is too complicated or to time consuming to sew ourselves. Aprons can usually be whipped up in less than an hour. Shirts and dresses are much more complicated to make than skirts. Coats can easily be the most expensive piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Click on the first link to get inspiration. Read More : Sewing or Home Comments

Tutorial: The Urban Jungle Bag Welcome to another bag sewing pattern! I created this pattern for Pellon Projects, and it is intended for an advanced seamstress. It features leather handles and accent detailing on the front and side, as well as a top zip. There is a flap pocket on the front of the bag as well! I hope you'll enjoy making this bag! SUPPLIES- 1/2 yard exterior fabric- 1 yard interior fabric- 2 yards Pellon SF-101 fusible woven interfacing- 1 yard Pellon 520F (or you may substitute 1 yard Pellon Peltex 70 Ultra-Firm Sew-In combined with 1 yard fusible woven interfacing)- 1/2 yard Pellon fusible fleece- 20" zipper- 23" - 28" leather handles (I used size 28" handles for a shoulder bag)- 1/2" magnetic snap- zipper foot- seam ripper- coordinating thread- hand sewing needle- fabric marker or chalk - rulerHelpful Hint: I purchased my handles here; I found these to be the best price around, and the quality is exceptional. STEP 1 ~ CUT OUT YOUR FABRICFrom the Exterior Fabric 1a. 1b. 1c. 1d. From the Interior Fabric

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