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Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners So you've got to grips with your sewing machine, and you're itching to make something. Which sewing patterns are easy enough for beginners? I've gathered together a few suggestions for things you might want to try, but first a few tips for choosing an easy project. I'm a big advocate of diving into sewing fearlessly, but for your very first project you might want to ease yourself in gently: * While you're still making friends with your sewing machine, it's advisable to choose a project with simple straight lines. You may want to avoid curved lines, gathering, pleating etc for now. * Zippers and buttonholes are a little tricky at first, so go for a project that doesn't need a fastening, and save the fun for another day! * When buying fabric, a medium-weight cotton would be good for a first project as it lies flat, presses well and won't slide all over your machine. * Patterned fabric not only looks pretty but can hide dodgy stitching! Right, onto my suggestions for beginner projects:

Lots Of Best Free Sewing Projects Alina's Adventures sew everything A P indicates a printable tutorial or pdf pattern. An F indicates a personal favorite. PET CARECatnip fish toy (Martha Stewart)Clothespin apron (Pick Up Some Creativity)Cool and cozy pet bed (Sew4Home)Country gent dog coat with pattern (Craftzine)Collapsible travel dish (Craft Stylish)Color spectrum pet bed (Design Sponge)Custom-fit doggy coat (Pretty Little Things)Dog leash (The Purl Bee)Embellished doggy sweater (Miss Lovie)Fabric dog coat pattern (Cut Out & Keep) PFabric pet bed (Inspiration & Realization)Fabric pup tent (CasaSugar)Family connection writing center (Craftzine)Fleece dog bed (Dog Under My Bed)Pet pouches (The B Line)Sweater dog toys (Craft Stylish)Squeaky doggie bone (Laura Griffin)Water resistant doggy coats (Martha Stewart) FOR THINGS WITH TWO WHEELSBicycle bucket (Noodlehead)Bicycle frame lunch bag (Evil Mad Scientist)Bike seat cover (thimble)Good old bike seat cover (Pickles) Key wristlet (Chickpea Sewing Studio) Tweet This! Comments

On a Roll T-shirt - free sewing pattern It’s time for a wardrobe basic and a shirt you’ll want to sew time and time again. Out with the ball gowns, and in with the real clothes for real women! This is one where you can sew what you actually wear everyday. Features: 3 sleeve lengthsNo difficult to sew neck bindingsNo darts or zippersRoll-over wide neckEasy to fit to your shapeRange of sizes, from 31 to 46 inch bustVersatile – cosy and casual for the daytime, or make it slinky and draping for a night outFull sewing instructions are downloaded with the pattern piecesVideo tutorial too! Apologies for the wrinkly looking photos! Skill level: Beginner. Where can you get the On a Roll T-Shirt pattern ? Download the On a Roll T-shirt pattern As usual, to make downloading easy and reliable, the pattern is hosted in my design account with Craftsy. Can I see some more pics before I decide if it’s for me? Of course you can. Choosing your fabrics You’ll need a fabric with a moderate stretch. Making up your pattern What sizes are available?

Free Sewing Projects Description: Easy pajama tutorial. By using your old pajamas as a pattern, they can be sewn in any size. Craft Link: PJ Pants Tutorial Read More: Sewing or Home Description: Cut down an old dress shirt to make this great new skirt. Craft Link: DIY Dress Shirt Skirt Description: Lots of photos illustrating the instructions for making this bag. Craft Link: DIY Yellow Clutch Description: Good pattern, how – to’s and photos. Craft Link: Fake Fur Collar Description: Faux fur, lining fabric and the free pattern are all you need to sew this fab hat. Craft Link: Faux Fur Trapper Hat Pattern Description: Great looking style. Craft Link: Pillowcase Tutorial Description: Wow! Craft Link: Free Steam Train Skirt Pattern keep looking »

Cowl Draped Infinity Dress In my opinion, creating an awesome outfit often revolves around finding a good balance of loose and tight, revealing and concealing. I love the draped folds of a low cowl neck, or the sexiness of an open back dress, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out how to actually wear these kind of clothes out in the world. Are you supposed to wear something underneath them? With that in mind, I designed this simple jersey cowl neck halter dress to pair with an even simpler infinity wrap that gives you support while also letting you wear the look in many different ways. I was also interested to see if I could figure out how to make the entire body of the dress using only one piece of fabric, and, thanks to the amazing malleability of jersey, I succeeded.

Ten minute no-sew recycled t-shirt bag! Tutorial time! I got a gig teaching a recycled t-shirt project at the library a few months ago, with a request for a recycled tee bag – the only bags I’d made from tees in the past had required sturdy sewing, and I didn’t want hand-sewing to be the only thing holding the bottom closed in a class version of the bags, so I started brainstorming about some kind of hand-sewing-friendly or no-sew bag idea…. and here’s what I came up with! The simplest version of these bags is great for smaller tees, or the more light-weight kind of girl-tees – just turn the bottom of the shirt into a drawstring and tie it closed! But to make smaller holes, just make more than one of them! And now for the actual tutorial – for this one, with the step-by-step, I will be making the bottom with 3 holes. Cut the sleeves off, but try to make a somewhat straight line, and go in a bit from the seam – these lines will be the sides of your straps: You could make it rounded, V-shaped, or squared like this one:

How to make a backpack Tired of never finding the perfect backpack for you? This Instructable will show you how you can design and sew your very own custom backpack! It covers a broad range of sewing topics. Be warned this is an advanced sewing Instructable! If you'd like to get some practice in before trying this Instructable check out my sewing collection and try some of the great Instructables in there. Feel free to make this backpack your own by editing the design to suit your backpack needs. Please note that I used an industrial walking foot sewing machine to make my backpack. For my backpack I used: 1000 Denier Cordura fabric (2yards)ripstop nylon fabric (2 yards)nylon webbing 1"(with reflector strips) (4 yards)2" seatbelt webbing (1 yard)1" webbing binding tape, a sports mesh fabric (.5 yards)1/8th inch closed cell Volara foam (.5 yards) 1" aluminum cam buckles (x2)2" quick release buckle (x1)1.25" D-rings (x2)2" velcro (5")12" zipper (x1) Alternative (lighter) fabric options for consumer machines:

Top Sewing Tutorials From Mother Huddle The Mother Huddle Top Sewing Tutorials Hey friends! I am working on a complete index for the sewing tutorials broken down by category. I thought I would start with the most popular and go from there! The Fat Quarter Pillowcase Dress Custom Laptop Bag, Or Any Size Bag/Sleeve With This Tutorial (ipad?!) Bracelet Purse With Free Pattern Twirling Whilst Standing Still Skirt in 2t, 3T, and 4T Simple Tied Comforter With A Faux Piping Technique Central Park Swing Coat – Free Pattern Simple Pieced Throw Pillow Cover Ruffle Chiffon Flower Clips with a great ruffling technique Buttoned Up Throw Pillow Gathered Neckline Sweater Dress Hanging Fabric Baskets Salt Pouches For The Shower Or Bath Pleated Apron With Built In Hot Pads Hanging Fabric Baskets Or Pockets ~ You can make them any size Ruffle Cuff Pant Legs Easy Sweet Summer Top ~ All you need is a chest measurement! Super Cool Boys Belt Turn A Vintage Pillow Case Into A Bag Gathered Bloomers or Knickers Waterproof Park Blanket ~ Nobody like a soggy bum ;) Recipes

Make your Own Stuffed Elephant Meet Elli. "She's my bestest friend!" "Here is how my mommy made her:" After printing & cutting out your pattern pieces, you need to assemble them as illustrated above. This is the cut out fabric... before I ironed it. :) Sew the ears, and after you flip them from being inside out, sew them on to the body (with a few inches below the top!!!) Here is how to do the legs. Sew that tail on! Stuff, fluff, & sew the button eyes and bow on! Ta-Da! Elli really wasn't that hard to make- and is totally adorable! She's 13" high and 17" long (trunk to tail) "Elli and I do everything together... "To all my Baby Friends reading this: Hope your mommy makes you your own Elli too!!" The End.

Tutorial: Sprocket Pillows These are my favorite new pillows. They are fast and unbelievably easy to make…and I hope you love them as much as I do. I did my best to simplify the instructions/pattern so they are beginner friendly, and super fun to make. If you’ve never worked with a template or curves, and your nervous about it…these pillows are a perfect place to start. The only problem with them is that you can’t make just one…trust me …I tried. There are pattern templates for two sizes: Click the link below to download the pattern templates *For best results, print the templates directly from google docs (click file on the left and print). ** Please do not re-post the link to these templates on your own website! You will also need: Large fabric scraps for the top wedges, a 5" x width of fabric strip for the middle (plus a little extra for the large size), a fat quarter for the back, a bag of poly-fill stuffing, and a button and thread for the center. Let’s get started!!!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Introducing Alicia Wietholter & the Laney Hobo Bag! | Pellon Projects We’re kicking off 2015 with a brand new addition to our project designer team and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Please welcome the incredibly talented Alicia Wietholter of Swoon Patterns!![insert welcome applause here] Alicia is known for her easy-to-follow patterns that produce classic, wearable, and super stylish handbags. She is a graphic designer by trade and started sewing about 10 years ago when her mom randomly gave her a sewing machine. She took off running and really never looked back! Alicia learned to sew clothing and bags using commercial paper patterns, which are traditionally populated with diagrams rather than photos. I’ve been a fan of Alicia and Swoon Patterns for a while now and know I’m not alone. Tools ListSewing machine and related supplies Rotary cutter and related supplies Scissors [sewn & photographed by holly jakob]