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Fabric Storage Boxes (per your request

Fabric Storage Boxes (per your request
Okay, the fabric storage box tutorial is here. (Sorry for the little tease last friday and no actual tutorial. We were trying to get on the road for our trip to ID… things got crazy last week. But we’re here. And safe. And enjoying Idaho. I’m guessing there are probably 100 different ways to make fabric boxes though. (And last year, I even made storage boxes out of cardboard here, if interested.) So for today’s fabric boxes, I kept things moderately simple……and not too costly. Anyway, maybe some of you have made fabric storage boxes before……..but here’s my version. (And yeah, I’ll be making a few more. The boxes have side handles…….and a front window to slide in a content label. So what kind of stuff do you need organized? But what’s keeping those bins nice and upright? So make some for the kids room, for your craft room, for the storage shelves in your den, up in that one empty spot on the book shelf……..or even to throw in the car between the bucket seats. See? And that’s it.

J’ai testé l’art du vide © Jupiter Se défaire du superflu dans sa maison, alléger sa garde-robe ou son bureau peut s’apprendre. Une idée initiée au Japon par Dominique Loreau. Promenant son regard de minimaliste dans l’appartement de l’une de nos journalistes, elle a procédé à un “état des lieux” sans concession. mail organizer tutorial To kick off Spice up your Kitchen, I figured I should start things off with a tutorial to help you get organized. You know all that mail that piles up on your kitchen counters? Come on, fess up. Well mine was finally driving me crazy enough to do something about it. Inspired by this letter bin, I came up with a fun fabric version. Now you can coordinate it with your kitchen.

Affichage Bijoux bricolage avec Lulu Frost - Honnêtement WTF Yesterday, I stopped by the Lulu Frost studio for an exciting DIY session with the lovely Lisa Salzer and her crafty team. We had been chatting for weeks about finding creative ways to display and store jewelry – a problem we all seemed to struggle with. So after sorting through Lisa’s wide ranging collection of antique hardware, we were inspired to find a way to show off not only her found treasures but also our favorite Lulu Frost jewels. You’ll need: Start by taking a sheet of wood to a lumber yard or hardware store to have cut to fit the inside of the picture frame. Square(ish) Bottomed Hobo Lunchbag Tutorial Necessity being the mother of invention, I first made this bag because I wanted something that would have all the features of a plastic bag, except I wouldn’t want to throw it out. The features I really wanted were: ability to hold a square container in an upright position, tie-able, light, washable and squishable. Also cute. And so the Square(ish) Bottomed Hobo Lunchbag was born. Materials Needed:- Pattern paper- Ruler- 1/2 yard outer fabric- 1/2 yard lining fabric- matching thread

a craft blog: A Very Simple Bento Bag Tutorial : The Math Hello All ~~ I came across a very, very simple drawstring bento bag pattern; thinking it would be a delightful project to share as a tutorial. However, when the bag was complete, it seemed a bit small, barely fitting my 4.5" square bento box. So I worked on a 'formula' (did I tell you I'm a numbers geek?) Fabric Box Patterns and Sewing Directions  1. Download Patterns:Click on picture to enlarge on your screen.Right click on picture. Click on "Save Picture As"Save to your computer. Print at 100% scale in any photo/picture software. NOTE: all seams in this project are 1/4" wide

Anniversary sewing: picnic placemats 7 May It is a really ugly day here, with intermittent rain and constant gray skies — no way to spend a Friday, in my mind. (Especially because I was planning to plant the basil seeds that have been sitting on the kitchen counter for at least two weeks, now.) So I’ll look forward to brighter, more picnic-worthy days by showing you these placemats I made for Pete’s and my one-year anniversary. The pattern is Lotta Jansdotter’s Picnic Placemat, from Simple Sewing.

Picnic Easter Baskets I was at Target the other day… childless! It was awesome! I actually had a minute to browse without yelling various threats at my son. I think I even caught myself skipping now and again. So this is what I came home with… Making a picnic dress Several people have asked me how to make my Picnic Dress. It’s a bit too complicated for the step by step instruction on how to draft a pattern I gave for the draped t-shirt, but I hope this will be enough detail for anyone who is familiar with how dresses are made. You will need 4 yards of 45″ fabric and an 18″ zipper. These are the pieces of the pattern.

Adventures in Sewing: Picnic Placemats Some time sewing recently produced this gem of a project. Picnic placemats with a cutlery and napkin-holding pouch. They are placemats that you can roll up and put in your picnic basket, sure to add a touch of awesome to your picnic. I know picnic season is winding down in most of the country, but here in the desert, it's about to start next month and last until next summer.