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AP Human Geography Resources – Google Drive

AP Human Geography Resources – Google Drive

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Map Men: teaching geography through comedy Mark Cooper-Jones and Jay Foreman tap into a rich vein of geographical quirks to teach through comedy ‘Maps are probably the best gateway into geography,’ argues comedian Mark Cooper-Jones. ‘They have become trendy, and cool. People are even putting them up on their walls.’ For any geography teacher looking for ways to make the world’s many maps, and the various strange geographical oddities they portray, funny and yet still educational, they should definitely watch Map Men. Short, snappy videos produced and presented by comedian map-fans Cooper-Jones and Jay Foreman, Map Men explores interesting stories about maps from the UK and overseas, merging snippets of educational information with quick-fire jokes and sketches.

Those Old Kentucky Blues Teaching Notes Case teaching notes are password-protected and access to them is limited to paid subscribed instructors. To become a paid subscriber, begin the process by registering here. 3D-printed micro-neighbourhoods give shelter to the homeless, by framlab new york city-based creative agency framlab have proposed a solution to the city’s rising population of homeless people in a series of 3D-printed micro-neighbourhoods made up of hexagonal housing modules. these units are designed to connect to a scaffold sturcture, pack densely, and create a second, active layer of lots alongside an empty wall. the front of an imagined cluster creating a cellular urban mosaic the ‘Homed’ proposal has been created by framlab to provide year-round housing that can withstand harsh, cold weather and provide a cool space during summer. whilst the exterior is composed of oxidized aluminum cladding, the interior offers a soft and friendly environment. at nighttime the cluster can showcase digital artwork, public information and/or commercial advertisements

Smart Web Solutions's Bookmarks (User mysmartweb) Already a member? Log in Sign up with your... Sign in with Twitter Independence Aviation - Englewood, Colorado Independence Aviation, LLC is based at Centennial Airport near Denver, Colorado. We also have a satellite location at the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport. Our focus in helping pilots and aircraft owners reach their potential and get the most out of aviation for growing a business or personal travel. Flight Training: We can help you master the art of flying. Whether it's your own airplane or one of our new cirrus aircraft, we can help you reach new heights in your personal development.

Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt Why A T-Shirt? We wanted to see the hidden world behind clothes sold in this country, so we decided to make a T-shirt. We wanted to make an ordinary shirt like the vast majority of the shirts sold in this country — not organic cotton, not hand-sewn in the United States. Genetic Science Learning Center Launch Tool The Genetic Science Learning Center is a great place to visit to explore and learn about cells, heredity, DNA, genes, natural selection, etc. The Learn.Genetics part of the site is geared to students, teachers, and the general public. It delivers educational materials on genetics, bioscience, and health topics.

The paraSITE - an inflatable shelter for the homeless that runs off expelled HVAC air The issue of homelessness is of global proportions and it is foolish to think that any one proposition will address all the issues associated with this problem. There are many different types of homeless people. The mentally ill, the chemically dependent, those who are unable to afford housing, men, women, families, even those who prefer this way of life are included among the vast cross section of homeless people in every urban instance. Each group of homeless has subjective needs based on circumstance and location. My project does not make reference to handbooks of statistics. public bookmarks for smartwebsolutions Pinboard 0.007 s recent ‧ popular ‧ tour ‧ howto log in smartwebsolutions

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