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Noisli - Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise

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The Ultimate White Noise ♥ I work as a video editor of mostly vocal content in an office cubicle. I often like to listen to music behind the video I'm working on, but that can sometimes be more distracting than helpful. I don't like just hearing the raw vocals when working with them for so long, because it sounds so unnatural. This noise generator is the perfect backdrop for everything I've got going on sonically at work. ♥ I work in a large open plan office space (read: cubicle farm), with poor sound dampening. Social Galleries Order by Date ascending | Popular descending Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | User Support Copyrigth © 2013 by 0 Views

CSS Fluid Image Techniques for Responsive Site Design “Responsive design” is not a single technology but a set of techniques* that allow web pages to serve the needs of both mobile and desktop users. The core components are: A responsive site may utilize one, some, or all of these technologies, depending on the intentions of its designers. I’ve covered the basics of media queries in past articles; now it’s time to look at fluid images, a technique first suggested by Ethan Marcotte. Web page text is fluid by default: as the browser window narrows, text reflows to occupy the remaining space.

20 best Illustrator tutorials Learn techniques for Adobe Illustrator across vector art, vector graphics, typography, pattern design and more. Adobe's vector design and art tool Illustrator can appear to have a daunting number of tools – tools that Adobe is adding to on a regular basis – but whatever you want to do with it, we have the tutorial for you here. Whether you want to create a stunning illustrations like Alexandra Zutto's owl (above), informative infographics or artful type, check out our list of the top 20 Illustrator tutorials, written by some of the world's leading illustrators and designers. This Video Will Touch Your Heart & Remind You Why Not To Judge Others. Must Watch! Wacoal Thailand, the Thai division of the intimate apparel company Wacoal, has recently filmed and released three powerful short films collectively entitled “My Beautiful Woman.” Each of these films are based on the true stories of women who went beyond the call of parenthood, love and community without the desire for any form of outward recognition. All three of the stories are emotionally powerful in their own respect and leave both incredible inspiration and several lasting messages for the viewer to take in. The film below truly stood out for me as it is a reminder to not judge or assume the story or life experience of another. All three of the films are viewable on the website that Wacoal Thailand has created specifically for the campaign, which you can view by clicking HERE. The site is primarily in what I would assume to be Thai (forgive me if I am wrong) and can be difficult to navigate for a primarily english speaking viewer.

55 Great Websites To Download Free Sound Effects Sound effects are used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media. These trick of sound are mostly achieved by combining technology, ingenuity and creativity. Sound effects are important for digital media because an appropriate sound effect can easily resemble a real occurrence for a situation. Backlink Checker Advertisment How Valuable Are Your Inbound Links? Let’s find out, right now! Enter your domain and click the button to check how many backlinks your website has, but also the value of each link. Easy breezy! How to make iCloud behave like Dropbox Local copies of files you store on iCloud are stored in the Library > Mobile Documents folder in your home folder. (See this hint for more about accessing that folder.) This can be exploited to convert iCloud into a general-purpose storage and sharing resource. This folder in your Library folder functions exactly like the Dropbox Folder on your Mac: anything stored in it will appear in the same folder on other Macs logged onto the same iCloud account. There is no restriction on what can be placed in this folder, so the data you can store and share via iCloud is not limited to files created by Apple or Apple-approved software.

Add the Andy Warhol Pop Art Effect to Photos the Easy Way Andy Warhol is considered by many to be the greatest artist in history. His pop art paintings were realistic, vivid, and detailed, while remaining simplistic at the same time. Luckily for us, we can recapture the pop art effect, made famous by Warhol, quickly and easily with digital photo editors. 30 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment A few moments later, the young woman pictured above had salt water in her eyes and sand between her teeth, but in this VERY brief moment, all was perfect. Moments like this are so fleeting, the human eye alone can hardly process how stunning an isolated moment like this is. That’s where the eye of the camera really becomes useful. Once in a blue moon you take a picture that captures a split second moment with stunning clarity. Now, more than ever, these photos are being taken and shared.

Download Royalty Free Loops Apple Loops Sounds Effects Beats Samples Wavs For Acid, Fruity Loops, Ableton, Pro Tools, Garageband Description : Unmixed synth!! Description : KEY: F# TEMPO: 140bpm Drake type pad Description : Am going offline for a while(a month) so i decided to uploaded more loops...give feedback and link in comment if use this loop.... :-) Description : Hi to Everyone, If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it !

Responsive Layouts, Responsively Wireframed Responsive layouts, responsively wireframed Made with HTML/CSS (no images, no JS*) this is a simple interactive experiment with responsive design techniques. Use the buttons top-right to toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Using simple layout wireframes, this illustrates how a series of pages could work across these different devices, by simulating how the layout of each page would change responsively, to suit the context. Responsive layouts? How To: Make A Kick Butt Resumé It’s no secret that the job market is more competitive than it has ever been. With the sea of recent grads applying everywhere that I am, I know that I need to do something to grab the attention of potential employers and get them to actually read my resumé. Please note: the designs in this tutorial are much more elaborate than you should use on your own resume, and are for illustration purposes. It’s VERY important to keep the position, company, and person reading your resume in mind when creating your resume. Simplicity is ALWAYS best! As a Marketing student, I’ve learned that you can never pay enough attention to a professional presentation.

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